Dear editor,                                                                          n (Does the Intern
   The internet has positives and negatives, but what most people find hard to                                          ...
A few years ago WebPages were new and a wonderful thing
School violence always starts off with a bully. Bullies think
of themselves as that if they’re bigger and stronger than
Mikecool: hi
                                                                   Lucy: hi, who’s this?
Some people may say that the Internet is a negative thing,        personal information about a person available to others
Global communication is defined as way to access and
For the last 10 years, the Internet has gown so big, so huge,   The access to information using the Internet has made an  ...
Is technology going to take over your job???                                                                              ...
Remote and digital education
is a big revolution in education in
Australia. The aim of the program
is to contribute sustai...
E-commerce is the term that refers to how the trans-    unlikely able to get access to needs and wants other      anti-vir...
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Year 9 PBL Web2.0 project


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a sample of what 15 year olds can do with PBL/Web2.0 in 3 weeks!

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Year 9 PBL Web2.0 project

  1. 1. 011001100 1010011 0010110 010 100100 0 1 10 011 01 01 01 Wired 1 0 00 10 01 Generation 001 0110110110101001 010001 10 1001011 01101101101 1100 110 001 So what do you think? 010 01 1 01 01101 01 01 Does the Internet Destroy1010100111 0 01 0 or Develop the minds of 0 10 young people? 1 0 1 01 01 01 01 10 0 10 10 1010 1 01 0100 0 0101 01010 01001010 1 0 Minh Pham Nathanael Balido Ramesh Lakshman Abhiraj Singh Sharad Patel
  2. 2. Dear editor, n (Does the Intern et ure article ab out wired generatio ing the special feat To the Editor: This letter is regard le?) rnet develops ds of young peop lieve that the Inte dest roy or develop min generation and I be ect, I p has been research ing about wired n now, for this proj I think that the Internet develops the minds of Our grou rnet is used in our daily life. Eve rmation of a g people. The Inte et has updated info young people because it is constantly stimulating the the mind of youn ch because the Intern use the petrol pric e is ris- rnet for my resear shopping now beca mind by them playing games and going on websites ed to use the Inte money. ne people wouldn’t go s with their pocket variety of sources. Young e and their purchase e-bay and figuring things out. It also teaches them things for the petrol pric can go to sites like ing. They can’t afford to pay od ucts online. They al about the computer they would never of learnt in people can buy pr the Internet is glob schools. Thanks to e- commerce, young dget. Another positive aspect of g people for under their bu ople online so youn purchase products m municating with pe sites. The Internet also helps develop the minds by teach- and mmunication is co h social community ing them valuable search techniques. These genera- commun ication. Global co they haven’ t met before throug ople overseas who tions of young people know more about computer can interact with pe s online. than adults ever did. The Internet allows someone Make more friend opinion I think th at it’s not gatively but in my in the who may have moved for a job, school, or other rnet can be used ne me under stage 3 Some peop le say that the Inte vi dual. This would co - reason stay in close contact with the people they istake of each indi tionship is often re left behind. If someone is feeling lonely and shy in the Internets fault but it’s the m nal relationship. Interpersonal rela cial expecta- eory as interperso d on living up to so al development th his stage is focuse ilege of a new place they still have the ability to connect to mor girl” orientation. T ldn’t abuse the priv a familiar person when needed easier and more fre- ferred to as the “good boy/ od and know that he/ she shou the individual is go rnet for the right use. quently that with the phone or mail. Because of the tions and roles. If would use the inte of young person develops the mind the internet, then that r day to day life and . The internet people are able to choose who they want to ant resource in ou money from petrol be social with instead of being forced to have con- The In ternet is an import rmation an d it can save your et has updated info tact with people they may not feel connected to. If a people. The Intern but it’s wired. To the Editor, person goes on a trip for a short period of time they Internet isn’t weird are not going to try and socialize with the people es the Internet destroy This is a letter on this topic about “Do they are around, but with the internet they can just Your sincerely ” and this letter will be or develop the minds of young people? talk to people they already know. all around the world for Ramesh Lakshman focusing on the access of the internet Overall I think that the internet is definitely devel- in the article is that I everyone and anyone to use. My position oping the minds of young people all around Austra- minds of young people believe that the internet develops the lia and even the world. is one of the world’s in many ways, the reason being that it information. most leading ways to gather and share Abhiraj Singh great access to the All over the world, young people have To the Editor, ter- Internet, from as young as maybe 5 year s of age. Educators ing is Does the in ely to ha ve trouble answer returned back training programs for parents are most lik ter space and just can use the Internet and upload many The question that ? f you were in ou ldren they are led to the right lop young minds changed a lot. Chi educate young people, being sure that net destroy or deve that children have tural site and not being miss leaded to bad inappropriate sites. The s, you would think lieve it’s just not na tAlert”. NetAlert is to Earth after 20 year ort m ore active and I be their servant. Government has a program called “Ne ore things, more sp r master now not ongoing commitment used to do much m the internet is thei part of the Australian Government’s have in this way, t for all families, espe- for children to be n they to providing a safe online environmen ople but only whe have implemented such a e minds of young pe dia of knowlledge; cially children. The reasons why they et does develop th ce, it is an encylope I th ink that the intern ing resour achieve- tecting children online. internet is a amaz blishing it’s self on program are to share advice about pro use it properly, the rity above all, esta , it ng very important to , a profound secu r modern day guru As we all know, computers are becomi that has no bounds se . The internet is ou but our lives as years progresses, technolo gy is moving faster and found anywhere el fits of the internet for share of informa- m ents that can’t be fingert ips. Reap the bene sitives that things are going into a virtual world. As formation at your ver oversee the po ication, a subject written provides us with in whatsoever can ne use it. tion, this comes into Global Commun es as no negatives wn onto how you ignore the negativ th e internet comes do inds in this special feature, the internet allo ws young people to us.But once again, develops young m the internet gives ea t tool. The internet you communicate with family and friends from large distances. the internet is a gr however, the way The refore to sum up, to info rmation. Though is a gateway edented fast access tive.‘The internet rnet makes things much by allowing unprec a positive or a nega The World is a big place, but the Inte cides whether it is for everyone. use the internet de your conscience ac tive.’ smaller, convenient, cheaper and faster open to everyo ne but enter with Minh Pham Sincerely, Sharad Patel
  3. 3. 0 The internet has positives and negatives, but what most people find hard to 01 understand is that the internet has far more negatives that its positives. As in 01 every frame of life there are people who mind their own business and there are 1 10 jerks that purposely want to make your life more distort than it already is. In 10 other words that person is a bully. We must have courage to stand up to them and then we have to overcome the matter. The internet also has a form of 100 bullying it is known as cyber bullying. It is as bad; if not worse than traditional bullying. Cyber bullying which is carried out through an Internet service such 010 as email, chat room, discussion group and instant messaging It can also include bullying through mobile phone technologies such as short messaging service 0 1 00 (SMS). Cyber can consist of treacherous examples like sending unwanted mes- sages, Back-biting, spreading rumours & sending unwanted mail which includes numerous branches like sexual remarks, dirty jokes and racism. Anyone can be 1000 1 bullied online and the bully can act anonymously if he or she desires. People can also be bullied online by groups of people such as class groups or collective members of an online community. I greatly consider that cyber-bullying is mor- ally immature (immoral) and has the ability to not just destroy but almost make a The results showed that 79% of students have been cyber 10 0 0 child’s mind mental. A recent survey conducted by a year 9 student at a school in bullied in one way or another. I believe that the results Parramatta district showed that 1 in every 4 children is cyber bullied and at the showed a terrifying outcome. A parent’s worst nightmare same time a survey was conducted in Parramatta Marist High. may be that their child is a victim of cyber bullying. In 01 0 some cases of cyber bullying is the result of depression, loss of friends, intolerable behaviour and in rare examples 00 suicide/death. Cyber-bullying is a criminal act that shows a 00 person morality, judging by Kohlberg’s moral development theory, I can say that a cyber-bully has a low morality. The 00 0 00 government must act immediately; the net alert program 0 0 that is presented should be available to every family with 01 a computer. The net alert program is necessary because it 01 01 allows parents to see where their children have been on the 1011 internet, what they are doing on the internet, and also when 1001 they have been on the internet. 0010 101 0 0 what cyber-bullied kids look like 0011 001101 01 0 101 0 0 110 1 01 1 00 0110 0 10 1 0 0
  4. 4. A few years ago WebPages were new and a wonderful thing Country Revenue to have at home. Over - protective parents rushed out (Billions) Per Capita and bought the most expensive internet packages for their children. it was thought to be the future for education and China $27.40 $27.41 learning. South Korea $25.73 $526.76 In the current time some parents are not so sure about the Japan $19.98 $156.75 internet. Current chat rooms such as MSN,GMAIL, YA- US $13.33 $44.67 HOO ETC. have been c Australia $2.00 $98.70 Statistics show that many 16 years olds spend more than 20 UK $1.97 $31.84 hours a week on the internet in chat rooms, social network- Italy $1.40 $24.08 ing sites and playing games. Another big issue is pornog- Canada $1.00 $30.21 raphy there is shocking news that over 57% of teens have Philippines $1.00 $11.18 seen a form of pornography either a real site or just in the Taiwan $1.00 $43.41 form of pop ups and accidental downloads. Germany $.64 $7.77 Finland $.60 $114.70 Statistics found young people were “constantly con- Czech Republic $.46 $44.94 nected”, staying up to the early hours surfing the internet Russia $.25 $1.76 and leaving their mobile phones on all night in case they Netherlands $.20 $12.13 received a text message. Brazil $.10 $53.17 There is news of shocking cases relating to pornography such as teens turning out to be rapists and pedophiles. Over 25% of workers use their office computer to view pornography. This is a table relating to how much money is spent on pornography each year.
  5. 5. School violence always starts off with a bully. Bullies think of themselves as that if they’re bigger and stronger than you, they can do what ever they want like laugh at another person, play practical jokes on others continuously, hurt other people physically and emotionally, and in rare and some cases, kill them. In some cases, school violence can be involved from a person who can’t take any more bullying and fights back, or that the person who starts the bully- ing could be just doing it for fun. Bullies take pleasure in hurting people, school fights are posted up on the Internet all the time. The Internet is a great negative for school violence because for example, a fight occurred at a school, on the same day, a video of that same fight has been posted up on the Internet.This act can extremely put down the victim and leads into cyber-bulling, a reason why a person would bullying another could be for just attention, or in a case, peer pressure, being belonged to a group so they must do this as an initiation or along the lines of that. The bully shows very low moral maturity, bullies only think for them selves and seek attention a lot of the times, they don’t think of other people. The Internet should be used to develope young minds, not destroy, abusing the Internet in this mat- ter would be wrong. To resolve the school violence for young peo- ple, parents can do the following things. Its important for young people to feel like they can share their feelings with their parent’s, and know that their fears and anxieties are under- standable. Rather than waiting for them to ap- proach you as a parent, start the conversation. Ask the young person what they understand about these incidents and help them through. Help their moral decisions before they make them and lead them int o making the right decision. In Kolberg’s moral development theory, its best to make a decision on justice, in Kolberg’s theory justice is the sixth most highest stage to perform.
  6. 6. Mikecool: hi Lucy: hi, who’s this? Mikecool michael, call me mike School violence always starts off with a bully. Bullies think Lucy: don’t know u of themselves as that if they’re bigger and stronger than you, Mikecool what school do u go to? they can do what ever they want like laugh at another person, Lucy: dumdi high school play practical jokes on others continuously, hurt other people Mikecool Whats yo address physically and emotionally, and in rare and some cases, kill Lucy: can’t tell them. In some cases, school violence can be involved from a Mikecool: u wanna meet someday?? person who can’t take Sexual misconduct Lucy: alright {Are your kids talking to predators} Mikecool whats yo no. On the 5th February, at 9:30p.m, a twelve year old girl named Lucy: 0422987321 Lucy was on MSN as usual. She was chatting to her friends Mikecool Whats yo address till suddenly she got another person chatting to her. His name Lucy: 2 maximillan rd, tinglewara was Bob. Lucy didn’t know who he was so she asked him who Mikecool thnx he was. Bob did not say who he was at first but on the conver- Lucy: Mike r u there sation later, he said that he was 28 years old. This was part of Mikecool appears to be offline the conversation between Bob and Lucy. Lucy: Hello mike Lucy: Mike Two days later, Lucy was getting a lot of calls but when she Lucy: r u there answered, the other person would say ‘I’m Bob’ and would Lucy appears to be offline hang up straight away. This was annoying and scaring Lucy because Bob was always calling her and disturbing her all the time. Even at night around 2:30a.m. Lucy was always scared that her parents were going to find out and tried not to tell anyone. A week later, when Lucy was home by herself after school, before her parents come from work, Bob was knocking on her door and start threatening Lucy that he was going to tell her parents. Lucy did not want her parents to know so she started obeying Bob’s orders. Bob started blackmailing her and took Lucy’s facebook password. When Lucy went on her facebook account the next day, she who their children are chatting to same day, a video of that same fight To resolve the school violence for saw that someone has changed her account and added all because predators could be chat- has been posted up on the Internet. young people, parents can do the fol- these other predators. Lucy went some of her profiles and saw ting to your kids and your children This act can extremely put down the lowing things. Its important for young that inappropriate comments were left on their account from could be in danger. The internet victim and leads into cyber-bulling, people to feel like they can share her account and her mobile number was left on their account. is destroying the lives of teenag- a reason why a person would bully- their feelings with their parent’s, and Lucy was getting random calls and whenever she answered it, ers because they could be sexually ing another could be for just atten- know that their fears and anxieties are the voice would always say ‘I’m coming for you!!!’ misconduct by predators. tion, or in a case, peer pressure, being understandable. Rather than waiting belonged to a group so they must do for them to approach you as a parent, Lucy was so upset and she did not tell anyone that she any more bullying and fights back, this as an initiation or along the lines start the conversation. Ask the young couldn’t concentrate at school and dropped out of school. Af- or that the person who starts the of that. The bully shows very low person what they understand about ter a week, she fell into depression and did not talk to anyone bullying could be just doing it for moral maturity, bullies only think for these incidents and help them through. properly. Her parents are really upset and want her daughter fun. Bullies take pleasure in hurting them selves and seek attention a lot Help their moral decisions before they back. people, school fights are posted up of the times, they don’t think of other make them and lead them into making Lucy’s parents don’t want other parents to suffer like them on the Internet all the time. The In- people. The Internet should be used the right decision. In Kolberg’s moral and are warning every parents to see who their kids are chat- ternet is a great negative for school to develope young minds, not destroy, development theory, its best to make a ting to and to delete MSN and social community sites. violence because for example, a abusing the Internet in this matter decision on justice, in Kolberg’s theory fight occurred at a school, on the would be wrong. justice is the sixth most highest stage We come to a conclusion that parents should be aware of to perform.
  7. 7. Some people may say that the Internet is a negative thing, personal information about a person available to others for that your identity can be stolen, your home invaded online.) that can be used to trace where they have been and and your savings robbed without anyone setting foot in many cases piece together information about their lives inside your home. It can be used to be known as one of and habits which, if they fall into the wrong hands can be the most dangerous weapons ever created. Identity theft used to steal their identities, commit fraud or worse. The is one of the misused things of the Internet for that a information we leave on the internet has become a perma- person’s identity can be stolen and through the internet all nent footprint in the digital world, an example would be that you owned can be gone by those identity frauds out in Your birth date from Facebook, your address details from the world. Identity theft is a serious matter, it occurs when WhitePages, your Mother’s maiden name from Myspace, someone uses your own personal identity information such Your school details on bebo. By leaving all these digital as your name, credit card number and social security num- footprints behind frauds and thieves use the internet to gain ber, all this action is taken place without even knowing to access to all your digital footprints and therefore has suc- commit fraud or other crimes. The actions that are taken by cessfully stolen your identity. identity thieves are; rent an apartment, obtain a credit card, or establish a telephone account in your name. Overall the internet may be considered as a negative to many for the reasons of keeping away from danger and Identity thieves can be seriously skilled in the matters trying to stay safe as possible from those identity frauds out of holding information of ones identity, to the frauds there in the world. the information obtained is as good as gold. There are a number of ways that a thief can contain your information and some of these skills are dumpster diving, skimming, Phishing, Change your address, old fashion stealing and pretexting. Internet users may not know it but the thievery can be found out in the real world by retracing footprints. This is where internet browsers like many people do not know but in the digital world they leave behind a clear and systematic series of digital footprints (the trail, traces or “footprints” that people leave online. This is information transmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploading videos or digital images and any other form of transmission of information, all of which leaves traces of
  8. 8. Global communication is defined as way to access and Popular global communications such as MSN, Skype, According to the Vatican, Catholic Church teachings receive information around the globally, it is the ability to Myspace, Blogs and many more are used everyday globally. say that the Internet can be used for both bad and good contact and discuss issues with people all over the world. Statistics from http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats. purposes. All users of the Internet are obliged to use it in This is happening all over the world as people are taking htm show that there are over 1,335,110,631 users that have an informed, disciplined way, for morally good purposes. advantage of the Internet through the use of computers. access to the internet as of March 2008. Many people use To prevent bad use of the Internet parent’s could teach Global communication is used everyday, as it is becom- the internet in many ways but it also comes into their moral the young how to use the Internet more appropriately and ing extremely important because of the growth of new maturity on how they use the internet. Referring to the safely. technology. moral development theory of Kolberg, if the user was at a very low level of moral maturity they would take advantage Internet is the most massive easy way to start a mass media. Technology is changing rapidly fast, it has changed the way of the internet and do badly of it. If the user was at a high With a very low investment, anyone can have a web page on people work and how businesses are run, the way people level they would use the Internet in means to justify things, the Internet. This way, almost any business can reach a very learn and research in the world. This has opened up many maybe start a business or do well for their company they’re large market, directly, fast and economically, no matter the opportunities and broken barriers for people to com- working with. size or its location. With a very low investment almost any- municate with other people from far distances whether body that can read and write can have access to the World the person is across the street, suburb, state, country or Wide Web. even world. Global communication is classified as a great positive to the Internet because it makes life a lot easier, it makes the world a smaller place, allows establishments and maintains personal relationships and most of all it’s conve- nient, cheap, fast and effective.
  9. 9. For the last 10 years, the Internet has gown so big, so huge, The access to information using the Internet has made an * The access to view youth forums to questions you may you to have a private discussion to all your contacts you and so enormous that it has become the most powerful extreme impact and change to the society. This is stated of thought of, feature opinion blogs placed by people who have got educational tool the earth has ever known. Take this school because the information that is placed onto the Internet is decide their thoughts on current affairs our happening in * You are able to find great new interesting picture of for example, Parramatta Marist High, taking the advantage summarised and is related information to what you would their life and also the access to create your own blog to give certain things, for example landmarks such as the Great of the Internet, Parramatta Marist High have moved to a read in a 1000 page book, for example by picking up a out your opinion of what you may think. Wall of China. new learning system (for years 9-10) involving and encour- 1000 page encyclopaedia and reading it but finding at the * The opportunity to view the latest stats of your favourite * You are also able to find very effective information aging students to use the Internet to find their information end of the book you have completely wasted your time sport, the chance to view highlights and game scores of the throughout the Internet for many assignments or just and learn. They’re given learning projects that are happen- reading something that had no relevance to the topic you sport games you have missed on the television and to view for further knowledge ing out there in society. are searching for. But when you type your topic you are when your team can clash their biggest rivals in the sporting researching for through the Internet, in the click of the life. The Internet has become a positive researching tool to mouse a large list of related information to your topic is * The access informational videos many people may put people. It has become an easier way for all those who seek featured completely summarised and much better than what up through the Internet engine Youtube. You can have the for fast ways of how to access the certain information they you can receive from a book just in a matter of seconds. opportunity of creating your own account to be able to up- have wanted. Throughout the Internet there is a variety of The access to information has become a positive of the load your home made videos, informational videos or your information that contains many popular and reliable web- Internet for that there are many different types of greater own records to be viewed by the public. sites such as: the latest current affairs, local news, videos information placed within the Internet such as; * You can download the latest MSN messenger enabling and quality information. researching tools
  10. 10. Is technology going to take over your job??? John is a young skilled worker who technology has improved many skilled using the Internet gained a new job workers and has given a statement that It is generally believed that people are wondering whether Bob is an unskilled worker who had recently lost his job with high pays recently because he you can’t get anywhere in life today changing nature of work develops or destroys young mind. after working at a factory sticking the labels on the bottles. went to sites like www.seek.com and without the Internet. Changing nature of work is machines taking over unskilled He has been in service for 30 years with a salary of $5,000 found a job for his qualifications. jobs and technology such as the Internet being used in our an year. He was working with 150 other people till one day, He had a wide rage to choose from After looking at both views of chang- day to day life. Two people have given their comments on the manager came with 5 machines and fired every un- so John chose the job with the high- ing nature of work, we can see that their view of changing nature of work. Bob is one of the skilled workers from the factory. Bob had nowhere to work est pay. John’s experience with the technology has improved our society unskilled worker who has lost his job and been affected due because he had no qualifications and could not find a job Internet saw many companies offering and it is developing minds of young to the changing nature of work and couldn’t find a job be- on the newspaper. Since most the jobs were on the Inter- him employment. John is agreeing that people to get a great future. cause the job application are on the Internet and Bob does net such as www.seek.com. He was at home getting money not know how to use the Internet. John on the other hand from Centrelink but it wasn’t enough to feed him and is a young person in his 20’s and is a skilled worker who has pay his rent. He is currently going online to learn his way recently got a job with a high pay salary because he knows around technology so he could find another job. Technolo- his way with technology and went to websites to find a wide gy has destroyed many unskilled jobs however it has created range of jobs available for his qualification. a new market for both education and training.
  11. 11. Remote and digital education is a big revolution in education in Australia. The aim of the program is to contribute sustainable and meaningful change to teaching and learning in Australian schools that will prepare students for further education, training, jobs of the future and to live and work completed at any college or uni- in a digital world. A good defini- versity in the world. Students are tion of digital education is the use able to do so on their own sched- of electronic means to distribute ules even if they work 9 to 5. education or training for education there is also different technologies or business. This could be televi- used in remote education: sion, videotape, interactive video, audio-graphics, satellite video or * telephone any other electronic means. * broadcast video Remote education allows adult * Internet chat (such as MSN) students to take classes whenever * video conferencing and where ever they are. Busi- * net meeting nesses are able to offer training sessions to employees at several Remote and digital education sites. Middle school teachers has had trouble since its mak- can show the dissection of a frog ing with the testing of material. without having to do it in the The problem comes up when the classroom. High school students student is required to complete in a rural area are able to take assignments and testing. If it is advanced courses even though quizzes, tests, or examinations; there is not a teacher in the local Online courses have had difficulty school district certified to teach controlling cheating because of the course. the lack of teacher control.To sum Remote education allows adult up remote and digital education is students to complete their degrees a big revolution for the disadvan- or even get their high school taged and those who are living in diploma. Degree programs can be a poor or remote town/city/state/ country. Percentage distribution of public schools with students enrolled in distance education courses, : 2002-03
  12. 12. E-commerce is the term that refers to how the trans- unlikely able to get access to needs and wants other anti-virus program. This could make it easier, safe and smarter for action of information and money related transaction than what they grow. They so sometimes when they E-commerce at home or on the go. that can be done easily by the clicks of a mouse via are out of stock or the season’s foods aren’t available E-commerce is a positive feature of the Internet because it can be the the Internet. It also refers to how people can buy at the stores they need nothing but the Internet to do most convenient and time saving source. E-commerce is so sensa- and sell goods via the Internet; examples for buying e-commerce. tional that it even contributes to the environment, for example you and selling through the Internet include ebay.com. save on petrol or any traveling costs if you need any. The Internet is E-Commerce can also consist of creating a website Single parents, who are divorced, widowed or so straightforward to browse through over a million stores by just that promotes a store or a product via another web- separated and have more than 2 children struggle to clicking and typing. Finally it is also a positive feature, as I stated site; whenever you see pop ups, or advertisements do shopping regularly as they have insufficient time earlier, that working families, the people with disabilities, and the on the borders of a website remember that this is an this can be the result of a full-time position at work people suffering from medical symptoms and the scheduled who e-commerce promotion. In recent years, however, E- and as most parents know taking adequate care of 2 can’t afford to waste time to have all the benefits on their side. Now commerce has become much more complicated. E- or more children is extremely difficult. The lives of you should realise that an E-commerce is a positive of the interent. commerce businesses now propose highly structured people like these are so hectic that they really need online stores. Customers can now glance through the internet to do E-banking, E-shopping and paying thousands of products, place an order, select the the bills online. These single parents who struggle to preferred postage method and pay for their purchases find the necessary time to do E-commerce need the using their credit cards-www.bigw.com.au/online- internet to make life a lot lot easier. stores is an example of online stores. Online stores accept payment only from credit cards; Credit cards Those people who are unable to get out of their can include Visa, Mastercard, bank cards etc. house such as the people who have medical symp- E-commerce can be easier way to access to the toms, physical disability and those with mental peoples needs and wants. This means that you don’t disability are unable to go to the supermarket or have to get out of your house to go to the conve- specialty stores so in these cases the Internet is ex- nience stores and supermarkets. It saves time for the tremely necessary. The funny rule is that the Internet people who cannot afford to waste time on shopping, does not have trading hours, this means that shop- banking and selling. A sample survey was taken in ping online is the most convenient source of shop- 2007 by channel 7 news on the amount of people ping as the Internet is open 24/7. Isn’t that the most who work from 8-10 hours a day – did you know convenient shopping centre? that the results showed a whopping 61% of parents are away from home. These are the people who can’t The examples listed above are only a slight what afford to waste time include those who work from people go through everyday. The one important 9-5; parents particularly who have young and always negative on the internet lies beneath giving out your who are always busy. These people need to have ac- credit card numbers. When giving out credit card cess to E-commerce. numbers there are hackers & scammers who try and live on your money. They can use you as a slave Those who live in remote areas such as Dubbo, worker. The one way you can prevent this is by buy- Broken Hill, Tamworth and other such places are ing not downloading a recommended spy-ware and