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Digital Reputation


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Digital Reputation in teen social networks. Why I teach it in high school.

Digital Reputation

  1. digital This is your life © Dean Groom 2008
  2. Digital Footprints People used to think that on the internet no one knew who you were. We read the internet and were annonymous But today, we leave a trail behind us Electronic payments, registrations etc,
  3. In 2008 we now deliberately leave our digital footprints in the sand. We leave our mark to say “I was here”
  4. For teenagers raised on reality TV, it seems perfectly natural and even necessary to disclose opinions, and information, where they went last night and what they looked like when they got up this morning.
  5. Pew Internet Project, says two thirds of online teens are “content creators” which means they use videos, photos, blogs and message boards to divulge personal information about their lives.