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MQ Support Arrangements Sem 1 2010

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Are you Ready

  1. 1. Are you ready? Preparing for Semester 1, 2010 Learning and Teaching Centre Macquarie University
  2. 2. Curriculum renewal • Changes to Units and Codes require additional preparation and processing of both iLecture and Blackboard Units • Already, hundreds of heavily amended units and new units are in the handbook, and will further increase our workload in 2010.
  3. 3. Preparation Matters • The majority of users, do no reset or request units by the published deadline. • Only 3% of staff who created new units in 2009, sought any professional development or unit design support from the LTC • The LTC processed around 12,000 ticket requests in 2009. 95% are issues based.
  4. 4. Resets and New Units must be requested by JANUARY 2010. to avoid delays in 8th
  5. 5. Online Services • Recover lost staff details • New Unit Request • Preparing your unit for teaching • Add staff to your unit
  6. 6. Self-Help Information • Getting Started with Blackboard qa_getting_started.htm • Self-help learning about Blackboard and iLecture
  7. 7. We are open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
  8. 8. Helpdesk • In the two weeks prior to semester and the two weeks following, the help desk processes thousands of requests. • The fastest way to get help is to lodge a ticket online at - ltchelp/HelpTicketForm.php • We do no offer phone support during this time. Average response 2009, 2 hours. Some operations may take up to 72 hours.
  9. 9. Face to face help • 'Drop in Help' sessions during this period - staff can attend a session and go though any issues or questions they have about Blackboard - Visit http:// Workshops.php • Blackboard BootCamp for new users of Blackboard - it is highly recommended that staff attend these sessions - Visit http:// Workshops.php
  10. 10. Drop Everything Help • If staff need assistance with learning to use the online support tools or the helpdesk, they should lodge a ticket in the first instance. The first available person will contact them. Please note that during this period that may take up to 72 hours. Some issues cannot be fully investigated or actioned over a weekend.
  11. 11. Peak Times • 2 weeks before semester, we are processing requests submitted before January 8th, and enrolling students. • Week 1 - Priority: enrollments • Week 2 - priority given to sessional staff arrival and course preparation • Week 3 - priority processing outstanding new units and resets.
  12. 12. Educational Development • Staff wishing to seek advice from Educational Developers should speak to their Director of Learning and Teaching or the Associate Dean Teaching and Learning who assists the LTC in prioritising unit development and projects in the first instance.
  13. 13. Educational Development • Each faculty has a dedicated Educational Technology representative, whom attend Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee meetings in association with the Academic Development representative. • Educational Development enquiries can also be sent to the Educational Development Group Manager individually.
  14. 14. Boot Camps • Blackboard BootCamps • During Orientation Week and Weeks 1 and 2 of semester. • Other training sessions are offered on a department/faculty needs basis - please speak to your Educational Development representative for more information and to arrange additional Boot Camp Training
  15. 15. For more information, please visit