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Top 5 Google Local Maps and Local Search Strategies and How to Get Found Online


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Nowhere to be found in Google Local Maps? Learn the Top 5 Google Local Maps and Local Search strategies to get found locally and get new customers using local search. In this latest podcast by PME 360, Ryan Paul Adams and Ron Rodi, Jr. reveal some of the top local search strategies you can implement to get found online in local search.

1. Local Data Consistency and Establish a NAP
2. Microformats and Where to Use Them
3. Geo-Targeted Landing Pages
4. Getting Reviews
5. Mix of Content Using Google's Tools
6. And What to Look For When Hiring a Web Designer or Marketing Agency

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Top 5 Google Local Maps and Local Search Strategies and How to Get Found Online

  1. 1. Top 5 Google Local Maps and Local Search Strategies andHow to Get Found OnlineRon: Good morning!This is Ron Rodi, Sales and Business Growth Consultant with PME360. On the line, I have Ryan d OnPaul Adams with me.Ryan, good morning!Ryan: Good morning, Ron!Ron: PME360 works with local small and medium sized businesses to power their growth online.And we power local small to medium sized business by providing local internet marketingservices, strategies and consulting. ices,Today, we’ll talk about why that local search is still important.We really believe that small to medium sized businesses are the life of our nation’s economy. lifeWhat Ryan and myself do is work with these local small to medium sized businesses to really hat mediumhelp navigate the complex landscape that has become local search and local internet marketing.The businesses that we work with obtain growth. And today, we are going to talk about someof the local search changes, strategies and what you can do to help start your 2013 off on the andright foot.So Ryan, why is local search so important and what changes have occurred?There have been a lot of activities and I am excited about today’s topic.Ryan: I think this is a good one. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to this for our client and I think his dedicatedit’s exciting to share it in this format.Ron: Just to go through some statistics of why local search is so important.It’s obvious that Google and the other search engines have revolutionized the wa in which we waydo business and the way in which we as consumers behave, collaborate, shop and such. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  2. 2. There are over 10 billion unique searches in each month, done online. That’s in the UnitedStates alone. Of those searches, there’s been a tremendous shift to local search, and just to go tothrough some quick statistics, it’s been shown that 20% of desktop queries now have localintent. So that’s a pretty good amount of people that are searching for localized keyword termsand localized businesses –whether it’s a geographic location, a zip code, a street name. whetherPeople are starting to search longer tailed and those longer tails are contained in local search longerterms. 5% of those terms include a city and state.2% contain informal terms like neighborhoods. Like if you are in the Chicago area, you’re you’searching for a pizzeria in Old Town or perhaps you are searching for a bar in Lakeview orWrigleyville, 2% of those searches have local intent. ,Then 50% of those mobile queries have local intent. So t there’s really a big shift. And just lookingat these statistics, 10 billion in excerpt, what can we surmise from those numbers? se excerpt,Ryan: Doing the math, 10 billion searches per month on Google is just massive. It’s just amassive numbers. And it can be absolutely life changing for a local business just to be in front of fora small percentage of those searches in a local market.I can’t think of any other marketing vehicle out there that could put you in front of these manypeople that quickly – unless you have a million dollar budget for TV. And even that isn’t budgetguaranteed to work as well as this does.It’s just a massive opportunity here. And that’s just Google search. We pulled our data from justGoogle, Yahoo! and Bing, right?Ron: Yes, that’s correct.Ryan: That doesn’t even include people who are on and can see an ad for a localcompany in some other way. So there are other opportunities out there.There’s even more than what they’re showing here.Ron: So in other words, this doesn’t factor in those searches being done within social media beingsites and YouTube. It’s only Google searches. Then, this is pure, raw data.Ryan: This is just pure search. That’s it. It’s a massive opportunity for local businesses.Ron: So what can businesses do to ensure that they can cap capture a little piece of this. Because,really one of the things that we’ve run into in the past is that there’s been a high barrier toentry for businesses to be able to compete. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  3. 3. But really, what we’ve learned about local and what PME360 has done is to remove those high removebarriers to entry for these local small to medium sized businesses.So if you had to come out with a list of 5 quick and easy things to do to start the new year –whether they are quick, whether they are easy is of course up to the individual. individual.But what are the 5 things that the business can do to try to capture some of this traffic?Of course, I know that we have a formula for it. What do you think those 5 things could be?Ryan: I can share some of my top process here. But if you want to do this the right way, haveyour local business found in your local market and get new customers, then these are the steps thenthat I would take.The number one thing is, you can do this without a website. You can actually get new clientsand prospects without a website.But if you really want to do this, you need a website. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.I don’t think you need to go and build a 100 100-page website, or even a 20-page website. Start off page wwith what you can afford to do, like 3 to 5 pages. And here’s what I’d focus on that website.First is making sure that you’ve got a good a call to action up in the header area – up on the topright. It could go like this, “Call us today for XYZ and then, phone number”. It must be in an easyto read format.Make sure that the “1” is in front of the phone number. The reason I’m saying that is ifsomebody is on a mobile device and they’re outside of your area (but they’re still looking towork with you), if you don’t have that “1” in front of your number, then most cellphone carriers orkwon’t complete that call.So it’s the little details that matter. I see it all the time, people don’t put “1” in front of theirphone number. So if the website is set up in the right way as far as a mobile device recognizingthat site, people can click on that number right on their mobile device and connect them rightthrough your office. So include that.Next is a good webform containing your offer on every page. Again, have a good one. Have a page.good offer to pull them in. Don’t be afraid to offer a discount or something to entice them topick up the phone or complete that webform.These are more general ideas. Some of them don’t ne necessarily relate to local. Thes are stuff hesewe use for a lot of different things. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  4. 4. Ron: But one of the few things that the business has to mention is where they are located. Inaddition to having their phone number and call to action on the top, you want them toreference where they are located. You want to mention your neighborhood, proximity or your ocated.location within some of the wordings and verbiage on the site,But let’s go back to the first point, creating a new website. And I don’t want to throw you offtrack here as I appreciate where you’re going with the other things. eBusiness owner says, “Here we go. I’ve got to create a new site.” My question is, how complexis that for a small to medium sized business?Let’s say they’re working with a third party firm. Possibly they are working with PME360 orsomeone else. What are the things they should look for and how quickly they expect thewebsite to be up and running?I think that’s what we run through a lot. Businesses think that it’s a huge undertaking. Yes it is a undertakinglot of work. So maybe we should focus a bit more on that. eSo I want to create a website. I want to make sure it’s more local. I want to do the things I needto do to attract local customers. Can you shed a little light on that?Ryan: One of the biggest questions you can ask you web developer, if they’re saying they tions your ,understand local search and they understand how to build a website for your local market, is if understandthey have ever worked with microformat.Just simply ask them and I think you’d be able to weed out 95% of the posers or the pretendersand the spades. Because if they don’t know what microformats (schema, hCard, hReviews) are knowat this point, then they are not the right choice to develop this website. Because they don’tunderstand the local landscape.Ron: So that’s good. That’s very good. Can you delve more into that? Microformat as supposed at’sto what? Perhaps you can elaborate more on that. We don’t want to get technical here butwhat are some of things to sniff out?Ryan: So the next step on my list here is to create what we call a NAP – your name, address andphone number. And this is really, really important. It has to be consistent everywhere that it’s consistentgoing to appear online.So decide right now, how you want to be known online. You might already have a Google+ knownLocal listing. So Google your name and see how Google is treating you and see how they Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  5. 5. register your name online as you might want to run what they already have. Because it is mucheasier to run with the name the way Google sees you right now versus changing it.Ron: Sure. And this is just an example, if some people are asking questions. Well, my businessname is my business name and my phone number. Well, these are small details such as if youare LLC, if you are LTD, if you are incorpo incorporated of so and so.So these small details are what you’re referring to, right?Ryan: Yes. You don’t want Google to see you as two separate businesses. So if you are Fred’sRoofing Company and if you spell out the “company” and you don’t want to use the LLC at theend.You want to be known as Fred’s Roofing Company right? You don’t have Chicago or Portland in ouyour business name. Fred’s Roofing Company – that’s the N part of your NAP. Your name. naWe’ve established that moving forward.Ron: Consistency all throughout. Whether it’s your website, the directories or where you’relisted with Google – everywhere.Make sure that you determine how you’ll be known and roll with it.Ryan: Google can establish a really tight relationship between your website and all of theselinks, citations, directories and everything else that’s out there. Your profiles should all match.Ron: So you’re essentially making it easier for Google to recognize you, right? In layman’s term. recognizeThere is no confusion.Ryan: Think about it in a customer’s standpoint, Google’s trying to make a better userexperience for the people who pay the bills for Google.Google makes money when users click on ads on search engines. So they’re looking at it, we arenot doing it just for Google purposes, we are doing this for customers looking for yourbusinesses. They want to see consistency. They don’t want to see 10 different business namesfor the same company.You don’t want confusion in your market.Ron: User experience.Ryan: All goes back and ties back to that. And it makes Google’s life a lot easier if they can esestablish that consistency really quickly. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  6. 6. The next part of that is the address. Make sure you established how you want to be known you’veonline with your address. Again, do a Google search and see if you have data out there and ,what it’s already listing as your address.Ron: Just to interject, let’s say your business is at one time was using a PO Box or you’ve movedlocations or you’ve moved down the street. You want to make sure that you’ve gone in and tcleaned those information up.Again, user experience.There should be no confusion as to whether this company is located in 4th Street or on 3rdStreet.Ryan: This data has to be consistent. Every directory, every local listing, every website you listing,appear on – that address has to be the same. This takes time. This takes effort. This is not easyto do but it has to be done.Ron: And there are a number of directories that are just auto populated. So you have to go in auto-populated.and verify those directories. And that takes a little bit of time. eFor example, Google+ Local could have your business name, if you are a business owner whohas yet to claim your listings, then that’s what you want to do. And you want to do thatmultiple times for other directories, correct?Ryan: Yes, you got it.And, phone number. I’ve seen this mistake made a lot: call tracking numbers.Lots of local businesses have hired a third party service to do some marketing for them. Andthey’re using a call tracking number tha not their actual phone number. that’sAnd again, this just creates confusi in the market. Because you got multiple numbers that go confusion tto the same business but they are just not consistent.So establish what phone number is going to be part of your NAP. And that’s the one you want that’sto appear everywhere, moving forward.Ron: So you’re saying to get rid of call tracking?Ryan: I’m not. You can use call tracking. Though, it has to be used in a certain way.The way we do it at PME360 is we have developed a system to dynamically insert the calltracking number into the site. So we can provide call tracking data and really zero in on how Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  7. 7. well your website is performing, how well your blog is performing and how many phone callsyou are getting. Our system allows us to get that data, too.But the search engines will still see your actual NAP and your actual phone number that wewant for data consistency. It is only when an actual visitor comes to your site will yo phone yournumber be switched to a call tracking number. That’s the only time that it will change for an number.actual visitor.But for bots and Google, they just need a regular phone number. There is nothing wrong withdoing that. What you’re trying to do is provide a way to track what’s going in on your site. provideRon: But at the same time, you’re providing the actual phone number that’s in your name,address and phone number – the NAP that you’re talking about.Again, user experience and consistency are there. At the same time, you can do call tracking,great! Because I know a lot of businesses have done that. And some businesses have 12different call tracking numbers. But you want to use the main number and figure out a way todynamically switch the number.Ryan: And you don’t want to use the call tracking number anywhere else. You don’t w want to useit in a listing or your social media account. You want to make sure that the phone number thatyou’ve established as your main nu number is the one that you use in your citations, local listings ions,and elsewhere.Ron: That’s important. That’s a huge thing right there. Because I know a lot of business are businessesusing call tracking numbers to call track. But you can’t just use that in your citations. That’s very track.important.Ryan: And so you’ve established your NAP, now you make sure it’s inserted to your site, in theright format. So that Google can establish a clear relationship with that NAP and otherdirectories.The other places that use the microformat data can identify that this is Fred’s Roofing Companyin Chicago, Illinois. All that data matches and it is in the right format. I can find it easily on yoursite.The formats I’m talking about are schema and hCard. I would recommend putting both of those king your site. One in maybe a sidebar. Then, one in your footer. aybeRon: It’s not something that’s complex but it’s something that the local web marketingcompany that you’re working with should know and should be able to do. These are just tips tolook for while you’re doing it. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  8. 8. It sounds very technical but at the same time, it’s not. You just have to make sure you are doing tit properly. I’ve seen so many websites being built and the business owner says, “Well, okay. Ijust built my website and they’ve got the finished product. And it’s completely worthless.”Ryan: For example, there’s a big company in Portland that has grown substantially and they doweb design. And they claim to do internet marketing as well. They do some other things. Andtheir whole focus is local businesses.So I looked at some of the sites they’ve been doing. And the designs are nice. They do a greatjob.These are all local businesses. These people all need new customers in the local market.Ron: They need new leads. They need more web presence. They need to be found wherepeople are searching locally, right?Ryan: Absolutely.So I went and I did some local intent searches online to see whether these sites are coming up.And none of them where being found in Google Maps. Some of them were being foundorganically as they have the right keywords in place. But as far as local optimization, it’s really lypoor.I went back to the site to look again and they really don’t have any data.Their data was inconsistent for one and the data wasn’t formatted in the right way. So it’ssimple things like that. Maybe it leads to all of a sudden your entire internet marketing localstrategy will come together just by making these changes.And then I noticed that a lot of their listings and business names were different in one site. Andthen the address is written a little bit differently.Ron: It’s been a recent shift, isn’t it not? It’s been a recent change. Google and search enginesare giving a lean towards local.Would you say that these are new rules or newer rules? Would you call them rules? What mwould you call them, best practices?Ryan: Google and all the search engines are really trying to figure out local search. And they’retrying to figure out how to make this experience better for people who use these searchengines and the importance of these things that I’m talking about they’ve been around for awhile. But you could rank organically. You still probably can for some of those terms withouthaving to do some of the stuff I’m saying. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  9. 9. But if you really want to stand out in local search presence and be found mobily. Then you can’tnot do this.You just won’t be able to compete.This leads me to another point. This landscape relating to internet marketing and searchengines is a rapidly evolving landscape.For small business owners to keep up with it…Ron: It is impossible.Ryan: This is all I do. This is all that my team does and we still cannot keep up with every singlething that changes on every single directory. It’s just crazy. There is just so much to this.And while I’m giving you these tips, I don’t necessarily know if you’re a smart business owner mthat you even attempt to do this stuff yourself.Not that you should look at hiring us, but you must leverage your time and your resources thebest you can. What do you want to focus on – is it becoming an internet marketer and learning tall this stuff or finding somebody to help you do this?Ron: Really, finding a company that focuses on small to medium sized businesses. I mean, wesaid it in the beginning, these businesses are very important to the economy. And like you said, arefinding a partner and what to look for.Sure, by all means, people should look at us. They don’t have to. But people should at least at least,least sign up for strategy sessions. Talk about what they need to do. We will be more thanhappy to give them some tips on how to go about this.Ryan: Absolutely.If you are a smart business owner, you’ve got to find ways to leverage. And internet marketingis one of the easiest things you can leverage your time and outsource to somebody else. outsourceGet it off your plate. Get it to somebody who can handle this. Because you are going to bespinning your wheels trying to figure it out.But if you want to attempt to keep doing this, I’ll give you a couple more points.The next thing you need to build this website and expand it is to get started building geo ng geo-targeted pages. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  10. 10. You talked about neighborhoods and zip codes. And think of all the areas outside of your citythat you want to target for new business. Think of all the services that you offer. Now you wantto combine all the services you offer with a targeted page around the area you are trying to getbusiness from.So for instance, if I was trying to target Decatur and I wanted to target Fred’s Roofing Company,I should create a page on my site around Decatur roofing contractor.Decatur roofing contractor would be the title of the page. Decatur, Illinois – whatever you aretrying to target, zip code and then in the page, I’d have good content about what I did for theresidents of Decatur.I would also include information about the area, directions to my nearest office from Decatur.You can pull that from Google Maps. And maybe a review for positioning. If it’s formatted in theright way, perhaps the search engines would pull tha in if you use an hReview format. And, thatthere you go.Ron: I’ve got a question. And this is for the business owner who’s listening.I’m targeting Decatur. But I also want clients from Champagne, Kankakee and wherever elsewithin that area. So are you saying that I need to develop a geo targeted page with all these ng geo-targetedcontent and with all the things you’ve just mentioned for each and every area that I’m trying totarget?Ryan: Yes, for each and every area. For each and every service that you offer. So if you a a areremodeling company that offers bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, decks and windowsthen you need a page for every single service for that area.You will do this over time as you are not probably going to do it all at once. But that’s what youshould think about. This is one the big things that most local businesses are missing.And I don’t typically give away this type of information.Ron: Yes. This is good stuff.Ad you’ve mentioned, the key point there is over time. And I thing you want to w work with acompany that evolves and has your best interest in mind.This is not a one and done type shop. If you want to create a website and you just want to getstarted then that’s great.But if you’re ready to start trying to drive business, drive traffic monthly and do a lot of things trafficthat might be a fit for you, too. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  11. 11. As you mentioned, this could occur over time. It does not need to happen on day one.Ryan: I think most companies should look into building internet marketing, local searchmarketing into their budget. And then, continue to grow it and expand on with good content continuelike geo-targeted pages, blogging, social media, integrating all that in a mix of content. targetedWhich would be my next piece of advice: providing a good mix of content in your site as yougrow.Do this with photos and videos. You can optimize YouTube videos for geo locations. You can dothe same with photos.This is a little tip that we use. We have this theory. And although, we are not 100% sure if it’scorrect. But the theory is that, the more of Google stuff that you use, the better results you get.Ron: Now, I know you are on a roll here. Because that’s not part of the stuff you normally talkabout and give away.So hey, happy new year! Let’s get people started off right, here.I know it was an Aha! moment for you. I actually felt the energy coming from your brain whenyou thought of that one.Ryan: Google won’t outright come out and say this is true or not. They won’t confirm or deny itbut you think about Google as a business. Their primary business is search. But they’re buildingall these other tools.Ron: …portfolio and other products.Ryan: Google+. They have all these other products that they’ve spent time developing.Ron: Google Drive, Picasa, Google Translate. ,Ryan: Wouldn’t it make sense then that you use Google stuff, that perhaps your marketing andyour website will rank a little bit better and will be found a little bit better?I think it does.Ron: I think you are right.I think you can tie this back into as a small business owner how to leverage someone who just smallknows all Google’s products because I know I have a hard time keeping up with Google’sproducts so I think you are right. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  12. 12. And also at the same time, offering this info with the notion that it’s very difficult for a business difficultowner to do this by themselves and to try to understand all these products.Ryan: Absolutely.Even YouTube is massive, It’s a massive Google product. I don’t have the statistics right in frontof me but the amount of time and searches sspent on YouTube is just crazy.But every YouTube video can come up organically in search as well. So if you are optimizing veryyour video correctly, you can get found through your videos, as well as your website, as well asa directory – on the same page.Back to my point on Picasa. It’s a photo albu It’s a photo organization tool that Google has . album. ldeveloped.If you geo-target your photos, upload all your photos in Picasa and before you do that, you canedit the settings on your photo. You can also edit them i Picasa as well. Put your NAP into the inphoto settings.So you got another citation source and now you’re using a Google product. Then pull theseimages into your site. Don’t just put your images in and upload from your desktop. Use thePicasa tool which Google wants you to use to get found online. oogleYou can integrate photos from Picasa right in there.And, last two things before we go here: links and citations.Let’s touch on them a little bit.A citation is basically your NAP: your name, address and phone number on some other sites. Soyou want lots of citations that are all consistent. There are tons of directories, lots of local sites,social sites and lots of other places where you can get citations.And also you can get some links from there as well. No all of them allow links back to your site. Not llowSo at the very least, you get the citation which is still valuable for local search.The more citations you have, you can rank better on Google+ Local and other local sites.And then reviews are huge.Ron: I was going to say, that’s the last one we’re missing – the reviews. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  13. 13. Ryan: Nobody really knows how well reviews influence the ranking of your site on local searchbut if you are getting lots of user generated content, which what a review is, out there on Yelpand other review sites, it can only help.Ron: It is very important to make sure that you have accuracy on all of those sites, correct?Ryan: Exactly.Your NAP is perfectly displayed on the site. And you have all these user generated contentabout you like,“Hey, Fred’s Roofing Company is awesome! We used them last year.”Confirming to the user again, that this is the right decision. And also, you’ve got all this greatcontent, Google is going to look at that and see that there are a lot of people talking a about you.And so, you must be good.Ron: A little bit of a tangent or talking points on review sites such as Yelp. As a business owner,yes it’s great to have those sites. It’s great to have those reviews. But you also have to makesure that you are actively seeking reviews from clients. lySo Yelp is really a user experience review site and you are not sure what you are going to getfrom those review site. So good or bad is what’s going to happen there.More often than not, you are not going to influence that review. What I’d suggest is using athird party platform where you actually go out, take the time to have a third party company likePME360 to call your satisfied clients and generate third party reviews and have those reviews thoposted on its own website, on its own platform. nRyan: I think you need a mix of both. You need to consolidate that within your site so you’llhave a review page or testimonial page on your site. And link right out to your Yelp profile andZagat – a Google-owned review site. ownedLink right out to your profile and if there are satisfied clients, they might leave a review. utFacilitate that process.But also be proactive and this is where we talk about reputation marketing.Be proactive. Call your clients up. Ask them how the job went. Ask them how things went. Ask themthem if they wouldn’t mind if you use that in your marketing and collected that review.Post that up in your website in a hReview format or if you have a service that we use. an eview Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  14. 14. We can facilitate that for you. You just have to give us the names of the people you want tocontact.Never ever post a review you collect on one of these review sites directly like Google+ Local orYelp. It’s a violation of their terms of service. You cannot do it.Ron: Say that again.Ryan: If you collect a review in your office, you cannot go in and create an account for that viewperson on Yelp and post that review on your review page.Ron: In other words, you cannot go and create reviews yourself.Ryan: No. There ways for facilitating that process. And it’s something we’ve been doing for a while. And somethingit works awesome.Ron: So those are some ways. I hope you’re all taking notes. It’s as easy as that, right? I know it’s a lot ofwork. Again, that’s why you should consider leveraging a professional firm to do this all for you. alAnd we’ve talked about in the past. We’ve talked about what our offer is.We are offering a 45-minute strategy session – that is free of charge and with no obligation. We can get minutewith you to talk about your business. Talk about your goals and what you’re looking to do. It’s whatsomething that both Ryan and I can help you with.Go ahead and take a look at our website, akeRyan, I know as far as building this website, our plans start as low as $595 a month. That amount covers th.building a website, just to get you started.We also have plans for the advanced business that really wants to dominate. Again, check out ourwebsite. Everything is transparent and online there.When you are ready to get started, raise your hand. We’ll be more than happy to have this discussion raisewith you.Look it may not make sense to work with one another. It doesn’t mean you are our next client. It justmeans that you are interested in talking and trying to determine if we are the right fit for each other. Sowe encourage you to do that.We appreciate your time today Ryan. I kind of cut you off there. I hope you don’t have anything more. ur Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses
  15. 15. Ryan: I would just say that if you are going to pursue this, if you want to go down this road, then you hatreally want to look at having a good website and getting a reputation going online, I think it’s crucial.That is all about reviews and web presence. It’s not just reviews or web presence, which are local listings s presence,and going social. Having the reputation is a combination of a lot of things.So make sure that whatever strategies you want to implement that you are including that.And the other things we talked about may be advanced for some people. But still, just get going. The somelonger you wait, the harder it is to catch up. You’ll just be behind competitors that have a 3-yearheadstart on you. Those who have been doing this. .So I would stress that you put it into action.Ron: It is something that can be affordable, right? It is something that you can implement and developover time. And it’s something that works.We’ve seen it. We’ve helped businesses. We’ve changed their lives.Ryan: Money loves speed. The faster you can implement these things we talked about, the faster youget new leads, new clients and grow your business.If it takes you a year to build this out because you are trying to do this by yourself, then you are another becauseyear behind. So just figure out a way to get speed into your business, to get this thing going andimplement. You’ll reap the rewards for sure.Ron: Ryan, good chat today. Thank your time.Ryan: Thank you. Powering Growth Online for Local Businesses