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Presentation given to the Center for Closely Held Firms.

The focus of this presentation was on highlighting different perspectives on IT and gaining an appreciation for it's strategic and operational role. We conclude with strategies that can help an organization manage its IT.

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  • [twitter] We are also given the ability to now choose where we engage due to multiple platforms that can provide the same services to users [/twitter][twitter] The question becomes – why your (org) platform? [/twitter]Background Image Source:
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  • Technology Strategy & You

    1. 1. Technology Strategy & You Paul M. Di Gangi, Ph.D. --------------------------------------- #InfoSysProfessor #LoyolaMaryland
    2. 2. Today’s Schedule8:00a How do you view Technology? Cost vs. Innovation Models Balanced Technology Scorecard {Break} Value Disciplines Value Chain Decisions Q&A 10:15a
    3. 3. QuestionWhat does technology do for you?
    4. 4. Question How do you viewtechnology in your organization?
    5. 5. “The greatest IT risk facing most companies is moreprosaic than a catastrophe. It is, simply, overspending.” ~ Nicholas Carr
    6. 6. Pathways of IT2/7/2012 Carr., N. (2003) Harvard Business Review “Does IT Matter?”
    7. 7. IT’s Infrastructural Ubiquitous Non-competitive Low Switching Costs
    8. 8. IT’s Proprietary Unique A Competitive Weapon Costly
    9. 9. First v. Second~ Mover Advantage ~
    10. 10. Question How is technologytreated in different areas of your business?
    11. 11. QuestionIs technology assessedin the same way across your business functions?
    12. 12. Learning from the Balanced Scorecard Kaplan, R. S. and Norton, D. P. (2005) Harvard Business Review “Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance”
    13. 13. BalancedScorecardApproachDefinition: a methodology that converts an organization’svalue drivers, such as customerservice, innovation, operational efficiency, and financialperformance, to a series of defined metrics Schwalbe (2010)
    14. 14. I N N O VAT I O NFinancial Custainability COST ustomerOperational S
    15. 15. O BJECTIVESWhat are the key technology objectives for this scorecard section?A SSESSMENT What is the acceptable range for performance? How do we assess performance of this technology? When do we assess the performance of this technology?S CALABILITY & EVOLVABILITYHow well does this technology handle scalability? (Fast v. Slow)Can this technology evolve as new features and requirements are placed on the technology by management or stakeholders?
    16. 16. What do we need to demonstrate our financial health to stakeholders? What types of systems go here?Financial
    17. 17. What do we need to efficiently and effectively manage our operations? What types of systems go here?Operations
    18. 18. What do we need to connect with our customers? What types of systems go here?Customers
    19. 19. How can we retain knowledge and grow as an organization? What types of systems go here?Sustainability
    20. 20. QuestionHow often do you review your IT portfolio?
    21. 21. Stress Break
    22. 22. Question What role does therelationship between IT and competition play in your ITinvestment decisions?
    23. 23. Business Must Drive Technology 1. Assess state of competition 2. Determine business strategies 3. Identify business processes 4. Align technology tools
    24. 24. Run Grow TransformTBM 3GS - Overall Cost -Focus & - New Differentiation Leadership Differentiation -Bottom Line -Top Line -Top Line Management Management Management (Focus on Innovation)
    25. 25. Value Disciplines Operational Excellence Customer Intimacy Product Leadership Best Total Cost Best Total Solution Best Product Southwest Harrah’s 3M Walmart Ritz Carlton Apple Core Processes Core Processes Core Processes Supplier Relations Customer Relations Product/Service Production Operations Marketing & Sales Support Enhancement Role of IT Role of IT Role of IT Automation Personalization Support design of new Supply Chain Integration Mass Customization product informationIT Infrastructure Emphasis IT Infrastructure Emphasis IT Infrastructure Emphasis Management of large-scale Facilitate access to disparate Enable team-oriented transaction volume pools of customer data data networks Treacy, M. and Wiersema, F. (1993) Harvard Business Review “Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines”
    26. 26. Rhetorical QuestionHow can IT help in managing your business?
    27. 27. The Value Chain
    28. 28. Takeaways
    29. 29. Technology StrategyProprietary Content & Ubiquitous Infrastructure
    30. 30. How can we effectively use tech…
    31. 31. IT depends on your strategy!
    32. 32. Thanks for Listening Questions Connect Recommend