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Recruiting top talent venture july 15


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Recruiting Top Talent - Advice/Thoughts for Small/Medium Size Business Owners

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Recruiting top talent venture july 15

  1. 1. Paul McClatchie Director Cpl Resources Attracting The Best People In The Future Your Personal Brand as an Employer
  2. 2. (Quick) Intro
  3. 3. What We All Want! • “New hires that hit the ground running” • “Quick learners!” • “People keen to learn and hungry for a challenge” • “Someone in it for the long term” • “Initiative – pick up a task and run with it!” • “Committed, I hate clock watchers!”
  4. 4. Mistakes Business Owners Often Make* • Rushing through the process • Taking a shortcut at each stage • Picking the best of a bad lot • Using salary as a significant factor in their decision.
  5. 5. Hallmarks of a Great Hire  Work Ethic and Focus  Great attitude  No gossiping or complaining  Solutions not problems  Self-development  On time – demonstrates focus  Exceed all activity targets
  6. 6. Increased Productivity 100 100 100 150 185 225 Low Complexity Jobs Medium Complexity Jobs High Complexity Jobs Average Performer Top Performer Average Performer Top Performer Average Performer Top Performer Journal of Applied Psychology
  7. 7. Brand “Me” Why personal Branding Matters It’s why potential employees choose you (or not) Check out your online profile Employers will ‘Google’ you Online Influence
  8. 8. What do people encounter when they join your team?
  9. 9. Learn what you need to be at your best
  10. 10. Your Top Talent Wants… • Challenge • Opportunity • Lack of bureaucracy • Accountability • Other top talent • Mentors
  11. 11. Suggestions… • Write out on a blank piece of paper, if this person was to do an amazing job in every way, what would the job spec look like • Develop a ‘River of Talent’ • Develop a strong interview framework based around competencies • Is this person going to add revenue or save money? • Delegate and Excite • Build up a reputation for developing people
  12. 12. Points To Consider… 1. When is the last time you got your team involved in hiring? 2. Does your selection process make it easy for people to want to join your organisation. 3. Do you know what your interview process says to your potential hires. 4. Are you a good place to work? 5. Hiring and holding talent starts with you.
  13. 13. QUESTIONS Name: Paul McClatchie Title: Director, Careers Register Phone: 01 500 5913 Email: Twitter: @careersregister Website: