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2013 The Truck Loggers Association British Columbia Workforce Initiative


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Patrick Marshall, Chair of the Workforce Initiative gave this presentation at the Annual Conference in January of 2013

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2013 The Truck Loggers Association British Columbia Workforce Initiative

  1. 1. British Columbia Forest Workforce Initiative Funding provided in whole or in part through the Canada – British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement
  2. 2. Who We Are British Columbia Workforce Initiative • BC Community Forest Association BCCFA – Kevin W. Davie • Central Interior Logging Association CILA – MaryAnne Arcand • Forest Safe BC – Reynold Hert • Interior Logging Association ILA – Wayne Lintott • North West Loggers Association NWLA – Bill Sauer • Province of British Columbia – Gail Brewer & Tracy Black • Truck Loggers Association TLA – Dwight Yochim • Western Fallers Association WFA – Dave Dazy Weimar • Western Silvicultural Contracting Association WSCSA – John Betts • Capital EDC Economic Development Company – Patrick Marshall
  3. 3. Who We Are Labour Market Partnership Project Steering Group comprised of people from: • BC Fallers Ltd • Central Interior Logging Association • Chihlkwayuhk Forestry Limited Partnership • Falltech Logging Ltd • Finning [Canada] Ltd • Interfor Coastal Woodlands • Island Timberlands Limited Partnership • North West Loggers Association • Province of British Columbia Forest Lands and Natural Resources Organization • Province of British Columbia Labour Market Branch, Ministry of Jobs, Innovation and Tourism • Steelworkers Local 1-1937 • The Truck Loggers Association • Tilt Contracting Ltd.
  4. 4. What We are Doing • Establish an integrated sectoral partnership, under the provincial Labour Market Partnership Program, to address existing and anticipated labour market needs for the Coastal Forest Industry cluster in British Columbia. • Support a British Columbia Forest Workforce Initiative at which all resources are shared and all organizations engaged in a common effort to present the Forest Industry as a fundamental work opportunity for British Columbian’s. • Ensure that, on the demand side, those segments that are experiencing growth will have the right numbers of workers, with the right skills, in the right places and at the right time. On the supply side, the objective is to ensure that prospects and workers engaged in fluctuating demand cycles are assisted in transitioning to new jobs and sectors, and as much as possible remain in their communities and region. • Increase the numbers of aboriginal people, youth, women, and newcomers employed in the Coastal Forest Industry workforce.
  5. 5. How are we doing it
  6. 6. What does the Industry Look Like Primary Harvest & Resource Extraction Secondary Manufacturing & Processing Tertiary Retail and Commercial Service Quatenary Government & Institutions Quintenary Non-Government Harvest It Make It Service It Regulate It Volunteer It 113 ‐ Forestry and logging 1131 Timber tract operations Timber tract operations 1132 Forest nurseries and gathering of forest products Forest nurseries and gathering of forest products 1133 Logging 115310 ‐ Support activities for forestry This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarilyengaged in performing particular support activities, related to harvesting timber. Illustrative example(s) Forest conservation services Forest fire fighting services (e.g., inspection, prevention, protection) Forestry maintenance (e.g., spacing and thinning trees, reforestation, mensuration services, measurement of trees) Silviculture LMPP in‐progress* Log hauling in the forest, without logging Pest control services, forestry Timber cruising and valuation 23 ‐ Construction Code Subsector 236 Construction of buildings Construction of buildings 237 Heavy and civil engineering construction Heavy and civil engineering construction 321 ‐ Wood product manufacturing 3211 Sawmills and wood preservation Sawmills and wood preservation 3212 Veneer, plywood and engineered wood product manufacturing Veneer, plywood and engineered wood product manufacturing 3219 Other wood product manufacturing Other wood product manufacturing Solid Wood LMPP in‐progress* 322 ‐ Paper manufacturing 3221 Pulp, paper and paperboard mills 3222 Converted paper product manufacturing Converted paper product manufacturing 333 ‐ Machinery manufacturing 3331 Agricultural,construction and mining machinerymanufacturing 3332 Industrial machinery manufacturing 3333 Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing 3335 Metalworking machinerymanufacturing 3336 Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment 3339 Other general‐purpose machinery manufacturing Other general‐purpose machinery manufacturing 337 ‐ Furniture and related product Manufacturing 41 ‐ Wholesale trade 417 ‐ Machinery, equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers 4171 Farm, lawn and garden machinery and equipment merchant 4172 Construction, forestry, mining, and industrial machinery,equipment and supplies merchant 4179 Other machinery,equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers 419 ‐ Business‐to‐business electronic markets, and agents and brokers 4191 Business‐to‐business electronic markets, and agents and brokers US 481 Air transportation 483 Water transportation 484 Truck transportation 488 Support activities for transportation 493 Warehousing and storage 52 ‐ Finance and insurance 521 Monetary authorities ‐ central bank 523 Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investment and related activities 524 Insurance carriers and related activities 541 ‐ Professional,scientific and technical services 5411 Legal services 5412 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services 5413 Architectural, engineering and related services 5414 Specialized design services 5416 Management, scientific and technical consulting services 5417 Scientific research and development services 5419 Other professional, scientific And technical services 55 ‐ Management of companies and enterprises 61 ‐ Educational services 611 ‐ Educational services 6111 Elementary and secondary schools 6112 Community colleges and C.E.G.E.P.s 6113 Universities 6114 Business schools and computer and management training 6115 Technical and trade schools 6116 Other schools and instruction 6117 Educational support services 91 ‐ Public administration 911 Federal government public administration CAN 912 Provincial and territorial public administration CAN 913 Local, municipal and regional public administration 914 Aboriginal public administration CAN 813 ‐ Religious, grant‐making, civic, And professional and similar organizations 8132 Grant‐making and giving services US 8133 Social advocacy organizations US 8134 Civic and social organizations US 8139 Business, professional, labour and other professional Participantship organizations US
  7. 7. Last 12 Months Progress 2.3 Faller Supply and Demand Study Working with Forest Safe BC to ensure that fallers and certified SAFE companies across the province needs are included in the labour market assessment. 2.4 Forest Workforce Design & Communications Working with professional communicators at major employers to ensure that look and feel supports new image. Also looking to “The Greenest Workforce” initiative . 2.1 Labour Market Information Just about to survey a sample of 35% of forest companies and operators to understand the state of the labour market. 2.2 Aboriginal Workforce Needs Assessment This Working Group is in contact with 100 people from aboriginal forest businesses and working to better understand their needs in terms of entry into the workforce and procurement.
  8. 8. Next 12 Month Outlook 2.5 State of Business Survey Discussions have commenced with EDABC with respect to partnering into the BC Business Counts program. This is scheduled for Spring of 2013 and is dependent on discussion with LMI consultants. 2.6 BC Forest Workforce Initiative An update is being developed for all of the forest associations that comprise this working group which will be delivered in the next reporting period. 2.7 Coastal Forest Workforce Strategy Anticipated Spring 2013 2.8 Aboriginal Community Needs Assessment Pending the approval of a communications plan prepared by the LMPP Chair for steering group approval. 2.9 Develop Terms of Reference for Sustainment of outcomes & results Anticipated Spring2013 2.10 Online Meeting and Site Utilities Pending the approval of a communications plan prepared by the LMPP Chair for steering group approval.
  9. 9. 6 Key Words • SAFE: A forest industry where the health and safety of all workers is an over- riding priority is critical to the health of the industry. Most accidents which cause injury and fatality are preventable. The Forest Workforce Alliance is dedicated to the elimination of death and serious injury in this industry. • INCLUSIVE: Forest Industry Labour Market Information: Includes both private and public sector employers and employees. Includes unionized and contractor business models. Includes coastal and terrestrial operating environments. Includes urban and regional based operations. This is an inclusive process that accounts for as many segments of the industrial economic account that will participate.
  10. 10. 6 Key Words • ABORIGINAL: The Forest Workforce Alliance acknowledges and encourages First Nation owned and operated business opportunities in forestry that provide increased employment, economic development and capacity building while providing continuity or expansion of business opportunities for all Forest Workforce Alliance participants. • AWARE: The Forest Workforce Alliance is committed to increased education and awareness of the forest industry in order to ensure that youth positively consider the forest industry when making career choices, and the public enthusiastically support that sector as a whole
  11. 11. 6 Key Words • FOCUS: The Forest Workforce Alliance seeks to sustain a focus on human resource needs of the industry and communities in which they operate with a focus on education and training, opportunities for British Columbians, strategic ongoing efforts to retain and recruit workers and ensure that employers are deploying human resource professionally approved best practices. • SUSTAIN: Publicly traded companies and Independent coastal logging contractors are committed to sustainability. They engage in economically viable and environmentally sound logging practices that benefit all stakeholders.
  12. 12. Funding provided in whole or in part through the Canada – British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement
  13. 13. Patrick Nelson Marshall | BC Forest Workforce Initiative | Chair | | mobile 250 507-4500 Capital EDC Economic Development Company | Victoria | British Columbia | Canada The BC Forest Workforce and Coastal Forest Industry Workforce Initiatives are Hosted by the Truck Loggers Association