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ECOFORUM - Gundars Strazdins - 77 things to consider before becoming freelance PM


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Презентация использовалась во время выступления Евы Бендарчик, спикера международного ЭКОФОРУМА "Мир управления проектами" и представил тему "77 дилемм менеджера проекта на фрилансе?"

The presentation was used during the Ewa Bednarczyk's speech, who was the speaker of the International ECOFORUM "World of project management" and present the topic "77 things to consider before becoming freelance PM"

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ECOFORUM - Gundars Strazdins - 77 things to consider before becoming freelance PM

  1. 1. 77 THINGS to CONSIDER before becoming a FREELANCE PM Gundars Strazdins, IPMA D, IPMA YC Latvia
  2. 2. Who am I? Gundars Strazdiņš
  3. 3. Freelancer Project Manager Events management Graphic designer Expert on Visual Communication Gundars Strazdiņš
  4. 4. Freelancer Business owner Since Janv 2012 Gundars Strazdiņš
  5. 5. YOU wanna start FREELANCING CAREER in Project Management ?
  6. 6. Benefits> Risks
  7. 7. 77 THINGS to CONSIDER
  8. 8. 1. FREEDOM Am I not gonna be afraid if it?
  9. 9. FREEDOM TO 2. Choose your clients / customers 3. Choose your partners 4. Choose your staff / team 5. Choose your pricing 6. Say NO or YES 7. Choose how much to deliver 8. Freedom to choose when to work and when not
  10. 10. 9. Freelancer = Businessman Freelancers should have a business-oriented mindset
  11. 11. 10. MONEY does not come easy You would have to work (maybe) even harder than in your corporate position
  12. 12. 11. Your income will not be regular Most of the time / most likely
  13. 13. 12. Your income can be pretty darn unpredictable 13. Most likely you will earn more 14. ... but not always!!! (You might trade-off freedom for less money)
  14. 14. 15. You have to make sufficient enough savings - prepare to burn some $$$
  15. 15. 16. Catching non-payers can be a part of your duties! 17. No one pays for your dinners (unless you have some GREAT cutomers) 18. You might have to do your own accounting 19. You have to calculate your own taxes (and pay them) 20. Corporate travel? Pay up! 21. You might have to do legal stuff (contracts etc) by yourself 22. You are the one who follows the changes in legislation or business environment
  16. 16. YOUR... 23. Mother will not understand what you do 24. Father will not understand what you do
  17. 17. 25. It will be impossible to explain your Grandma what exactly you do
  18. 18. 26. You have to SELL yourself constantly (to get new customers)
  19. 19. SELLING YOURSELF 27. You have to network a LOOOOT (a LOOOOOT) 28. Linkedin can be your best friend 29 ... and your own blogis your best online real-estate 30 ... although do not forget that you cannot be good for everyone 31. Bad comments will eventually come 32. Opportunity? USE IT! 33. Invited to a party? GO! IMMEDIATELY!
  20. 20. 34. You have to educate yourself
  21. 21. 35. You have to pay for your own education 36. If you do not know something - IT IS YOUR PROBLEM 37. You have to constantly look for solutions 38 ... but you have the freedom to choose the appropriate solution
  22. 22. 39. You might have to work during the nights 40 ... and weekends 41. The thoughts about work do not end after 5pm 42 ... but you can take muuuuch longer vacations (work hard - play hard)
  23. 23. Are you a company guy / gal?
  24. 24. Are you a company guy / gal? If yes – Freelancing might not be 4 u
  25. 25. 43. No regulations, corporate cultures and other corporate stuff - YEES 44. No corporate culture and other corporate stuff - NOOOO 45. No free drinks 46. No corporate parties 47. No free stuff at the office (pizza, coffees etc) 48. No casual Fridays 49. You might be alone for some time (no colleagues)
  26. 26. 50. You get to form your own team (usually)
  27. 27. 51. There is no one near you to blame for your mistakes 52. There are no excuses! 53. There are only SOLUTIONS! NOW! or ASAP! or SOON! 54. Following deadlines is your responsibility! 55. Bad hair day? Better arrive late, than ugly 56. ... but not too late. Avoid being late to meetings 57. Cancelling meetings on short notice is not a sign of professionalism 58. You might be able to give honest feedback to customers / team members
  28. 28. ACTUAL WORK 59. You can work wherever you want (usually) 60 ... but you need a nice place to meet with your clients 61. Coffee shops might become your best friends 62. ... and bed - nothing beats working from bed :) 63. ... and waking up at 11am - a pleasure
  29. 29. MIND READER
  30. 30. MIND READER 64. You have to have some psychology skills 65 ... in order to understand what your customers actually want 66 ... and to understand your team members
  31. 31. REPUTATION
  32. 32. 67. Your reputation is the KEY to future success
  33. 33. MANAGING REPUTATION 68. Social media no nos and yes yesses 69. Be clear about your selling point - customer MUST KNOW why he hired you! 70. You might have to study your customers business for some time 71. You might have to be available all the time 72. ... but at a certain point you can educate your customers about your availability
  34. 34. Useful TOOLS 73. Laptop will be the most important organ of your body! 74. Get a reliable car ... or comfortable shoes ... or a bike
  35. 35. FINISHING UP 75. It might be hard to "try freelancing for a trial period" 76 ... or leave for something else for a while and then return back
  36. 36. Thing No.77
  37. 37. Thing No.77 You have to commit to the thought that FREELANCING is freakin` GREAT
  38. 38. THANKS! Follow me On Facebook or Linkedin Gundars Strazdins 77 THINGS to CONSIDERbefore becoming a FREELANCE PM