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Ap fake tweet


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Ap fake tweet

  1. 1. The AP Fake Tweet&Other Social Media RisksPhilip Alexander CISSP-ISSMP, CEH, CHFIFounder - Data Privacy Network
  2. 2. Agenda Fake AP Tweet Rattles Stock Market Cyber Warfare Social Media’s Impact on Core Industries Phishing for the Weakest Link People & Politics BYOD Questions
  3. 3. Fake AP Tweet Rattles Stock Market FAKE Tweet from AP Twitter account: 1:07PM – 23 Apr 13Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama isInjured Dow plunged more than 140 points with minutes Was seen by nearly 2,000,000 followers Was re-Tweeted nearly 1,500 times
  4. 4. Cyber Warfare Impact of Cyber Warfare (Hacking) Rattles investors faith in US Stock Market Syrian Electronic Army Claimed responsibility for posting fake Tweet They also claimed to target:NPRReutersBBCAl Jazeera
  5. 5. Social Media’s Impact on Core Industries Dow impacted even though it wasn’t hacked.**Companies that outsource security to Social Networking sites
  6. 6. Phishing for the Weakest Link AP reports receiving Phishing email prior to fake Tweet Attachments Links People & Politics: A hole in a strong Defense-in-Depth posture RSA’s SecurID Breach Started with a Phishing Email: April 2011***OSI Layers 8 & 9.
  7. 7. People & Politics Education & Awareness Did the AP change their Twitter account password?Twitter reported being hacked back in February 2013 Least-Privileged Access From the CEO on down Web Filtering Block access to risky web sites***Security is not just the Security Guy’s job!
  8. 8. BYOD Support & Data Leakage (DLP) challenges associated with BYOD Thumb DrivesDo your systems allow USB Drives to be used? Smart PhonesCan your employees send/receive work emails from their personal CellPhones? iPad – iPodAre personal devices allowed at work?
  9. 9. QuestionsPhilip Alexander CISSP – ISSMP, CEH – CHFIFounder – Data Privacy Networkphil@dataprivacynetwork.comhttp://www.dataprivacynetwork.com