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Elli Koulos bio

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Koulos 2007

  1. 1. Elli Koulos is the Human Resources Manager for the Central Region’s Enterprise business. In thiscapacity, she partners with the region’s business leaders to help develop the next generation of leadersfor the company. Key areas of focus in her role include talent management, ensuring effectiveimplementation of HR processes, helping to drive the organization’s recruiting and diversity plans andproviding excellence in employee relations. New in her role, Koulos is living Microsoft’s commitment toproviding flexible work arrangements by participating in a job share for this role.Koulos’ tenure with Microsoft originally began in 1992 when she filled the role of Human ResourcesConsultant for Microsoft’s U.S. Sales and Services group in the Central Region. At the time, the fieldsales force was in its infancy so her partnering efforts with the leadership of the region focused onrecruiting top talent for all sales positions and the newly formed Microsoft Consulting Services. Inaddition, she worked as a Human Resources Generalist where she provided a variety of people relatedsupport across all areas of the business. Her experiences in human resources expanded as the regiongrew and developed until she resigned her position in 1998 to spend more time with her young family.During her eight year absence from Microsoft, Koulos worked with several young and growingcompanies to help them design and implement human resources policies and procedures. These effortsinvolved the development of detailed and comprehensive recruiting procedures, the development andrefinement of performance management systems, creating comprehensive employee handbooks andmanagement training. The industries with which she worked included pharmaceutical and consultingservices. In addition to these consulting projects, Koulos continued her affiliation with Microsoft as anindependent contractor for the U.S. Human Resources team.Prior to Koulos’ years at Microsoft, she worked as a Human Resources Consultant for SoftwareAlternatives, Inc. There she helped grow young software consulting firm through aggressive recruitingefforts and created and implemented new human resources policies. Concurrently, Koulos worked as anAssociate Professor for DePaul University’s School for New Learning, a non-traditional Bachelors Degreeprogram for adult students. For over ten years, she taught an admissions oriented workshop andprovided counseling to returning students. Koulos’ passion for people development, career planningand education was fully realized in this and other positions she has held in her career.Koulos holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family Services from Eastern Illinois University and a Master’sdegree in Education from Loyola University of Chicago. She and her husband Michael have two childrenand live in Naperville, Illinois.