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Copy of tags messaging


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Copy of tags messaging

  1. 1. edit the details of an uploaded content laterText to be added in the red box → “Max 20”.font should be 2 points smaller than the word Tags and the color should be paler/lighter.Message to be displayed on hovering over the icon. The icon should have a blue background andnot green as shown.“Your tags may not necessarily be displayed on the presentation view page since we show only the top 25 tags.Also, there may be a delay in the tags showing up (due to caching). “Once the user submits his tags, the success message should have an additional line saying “There maybe a delay in your tags showing up (due to caching).”Also have a java script at the client side to ensure that he cannot add more than 20 tags. If he tries to, then dontallow him to. No need to display any error message
  2. 2. on the slideview pagechange the text in the red box to → “Top 25 Tags”.