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UX April 18


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UX portfolio

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UX April 18

  1. 1. Stephen Aris Transforming Business With: User Experience Service Design Research +44 [0] 7976 282618 Skype: stevearis
  2. 2. Problem solving Stakeholder management Workshops Business goals Service design thinking Platform agnostic Collaborative Vision Leadership Strategy Team building UX Evangelism Project approach Divergent thinking Brainstorms Expert reviews/ heuristic evaluations User Interviews Personas Ideation Sketches Prototypes Information architecture Wireframes Site Maps Content tone Card sorts Taxonomy User journey Research/ insight Competitive reviews User testing Delivery and management Agile iteration Lean UX Analytics Working with teams or as sole consultant to the business The right methods at the right time Business as usual
  3. 3. What have I been doing the last few years ? Large scale business transformation projects. Acting as the lynch pin between business, the user/customer and technology teams. Increasing revenue, workflow efficiency, usability Reducing cost and project risk Types of project: Browser/Desktop/Mobile/Enterprise/e-commerce/Service/Content •  UX project rescue and optimization •  UX discovery and strategy •  Greenfield product development and journey mapping
  4. 4. A few examples take a deep breath…….
  5. 5. Waitrose Ecommerce for Full Six London Problem I needed the business to have a shared vision and to understand how the right customer experience would impact on their business metrics and KPI’s. At the same time giving all stakeholders a voice so the business could see their opportunities and challenges in relation to the customer experience. A planning solution was needed that would frame the user experience in context to the business goals Finding the solution A cohesive strategic view of this multi channel retailers e-commerce offer was needed to break the cycle of tactical fixes to the online business – the user experience was getting lost and the business was loosing sales opportunities and causing frustration to their astonishingly loyal customer base. But where should they start? Creating an over arching customer journey formed the basis of this framework and formed ‘pillars of excellence’ that we could build upon.
  6. 6. Waitrose for Full Six London •  Lots of background, insight and analysis •  Lots of data analysis, and site assesment •  Lots of stakeholder engagement, interviews and contextual enquiry •  Lots and lots of post it notes •  Lots of extra calories Methods At the end the blueprint looked a little like this…..
  7. 7. Business KPI’s mapped against user journey
  8. 8. Over 100 recommendations for improving the customer experience against KPIs were identified from each sector of the user journey. Each was assessed in terms of complexity and customer benefit. Projects in the 'sweet spot' moved into scoping with full business support. Each then went on to wireframe and development.
  9. 9. Bupa Group/ Bupa International •  Leading their largest web transformation project to date. Full lifecycle legacy replacement. •  Results speak volumes. Additionally tasked with educating group businesses, selling UX, and building a team and methods that were faster, better, smarter. In the first month: 45% increase in transactions $ payments up 177% Self service administration increased 1300% with no promotion. Projected annual cost efficiency of £1.3 million ALL WITH NO FUNCTIONAL CHANGES
  10. 10. The legacy system Five international extranets for B2B and B2C claims, processing and management After unpicking it, and to gain buy in I described the sites ………….
  11. 11. Disorganised Trip hazards everywhere Functional but not fit for purpose Confusing language Like a teenagers bedroom, as sites were: Inefficient
  12. 12. Wire frame and prototype, no time/ money for user insight, I needed buy in first. The business didn’t want to talk to customers, I showed them how and the benefits that it would bring
  13. 13. Prototype and test with users internationally to validate the structure. Gaining insight here via extended test questioning. The business were truly amazed about what they learnt. Iterate and retest.
  14. 14. Managed the visual designers, curated visuals and content team. Coordinate stakeholders sign off *Visuals Charles Migut
  15. 15. The National Apprenticeship Service Problem Analysing data and interviewing stakeholders quickly revealed that the service did not understand their user base, user journeys were broken and tactical fix’s had no impact. A more strategic view of their future offer was needed. To provide insight I started by segmenting their user base. Which was broader than they first thought. Contextual interview to establish need and behaviour with: •  Existing candidates, •  Current Apprentices •  Partner organisations where there were touch points i.e. national telephone help centres •  Young and older potential target groups •  Small, medium and large employers •  Educational establishments and commercial training providers Three core user groups emerged for which I created personas. Finding the solution The UK Governments National Apprenticeship Service identified that they were under performing and not achieving policy objectives. They operate a complex public facing online system that manages and communicates to Apprenticeship candidates, employers and training providers.
  16. 16. Candidate personas
  17. 17. Candidate personas
  18. 18. •  Working independently with key business stakeholders to define and develop a new online proposition -Sky Living •  Additional involvement with Sky TV and Sky movies sites •  Two screen experience UX planning •  Outline app development User Experience Lead Foviance @ BSKYB
  19. 19. Analysis •  Current site usability tests •  Analysis of Hit box data •  Product development roadmap •  User interviews/ user research- guerilla style •  Stakeholder interviews •  Card sorting with editors •  Creative workshops and ideation
  20. 20. I hung out at cafes and hairdressing salons to gain insight into the target group, refusing to accept that the client was the user. Using women's lifestyle magazines as ‘props’ to aid my questioning. This evidence proved invaluable to the project
  21. 21. Helping the content team to plan.
  22. 22. National Grid Plc Assignments IOS, phone and tablet apps for the field force Internal ERP portals Mobile SAP Apps .Com retail journey enhancements and testing Scope and redesign of consumer self service applications to increase NPS Mobile and Desktop Application UI and interaction style guides Strategy and Innovation for the strategic applications group
  23. 23. Mobile workforce Time Accounting A complex time accounting app for for a highly distributed field workforce. IOS integrated with SAP Apps
  24. 24. Legacy system created confusion, additional processes and poor customer satisfaction resulting in regulatory fines. Business was convinced that design work would fix this. I proved them wrong BEFORE they made a very costly mistake. Consumer web self service
  25. 25. Insights Personas created from contextual interviews, analytics and reports. Helped business to focus outside in on the REAL problems
  26. 26. Consumer web self service Iterative prototypes helped evolve businesses vision and service proposition
  27. 27. User testing prototypes to validate assumptions
  28. 28. Strategic Innovation- Mobile real time planning
  29. 29. A suite of highly complex fleet management systems Digitising and refining a complex workflow BT for InfoSys
  30. 30. Customer self service, resource management portal. Data driven, complex workflows and reporting
  31. 31. Employee view, resource management portal. Work Approval and tracking, data driven, complex workflows and messaging
  32. 32. Sainsburys Plc Key enterprise projects •  Allocation and replenishment •  Post check out experience •  Online Driver Scheduling and logistics tools •  Store Risk Mobile & Hot Food Counters Risk •  In Store logistics screens Key consumer projects •  TU Clothing •  Grocery site redesign and re platform
  33. 33. Online delivery driver shift allocation Digitise a highly manual process Simplify the process, make significant time savings Over 18k+ hours lost annually Remove duplication, reduce effort Reduce risk of breaching working time directives
  34. 34. Method Understand and make the team aware of what the real life problems were faced in the field, and re align the project with the users at the heart. Sell the benefit of user centered design to product owner. Design a solution based on the research above. Rapidly prototype and test the concept with users ahead of build. Give the build team direction and guidance based on the above, whilst allowing them the flexibility to deliver.
  35. 35. Fairly light touch user testing with a working prototype to validate thinking and provide evidence based design to the product owner.
  36. 36. UI version looks something like this. System now live and deployed. One of Sainsbury's most successful UX projects to date.
  37. 37. Stock allocation & replenishment
  38. 38. Stock allocation & replenishment Reducing margin erosion through maximising fill price sales Improving store specific sku availability and range forecast. “The right stock in the right store at the right time” A highly manual and complex process System to drive £3bn sales and £1bn profit
  39. 39. Helping a long running failing project to refocus and reframe the problem. Whilst also providing UX tactical support Identifying the ‘system users’ against a backdrop of ‘we don’t have any users Creating a product vision to drive towards
  40. 40. •  Research •  Design thinking •  Storyboards
  41. 41. Summit Media Peugeot Citroen Selling new and used cars online. User journey strategy, conversion funnel and lead optimisation for ecommerce. Jaguar Landrover Classic part sales. Idea development and strategy
  42. 42. Defining a method to analyse user journeys through the retail and ecommerce sites in order to optimise conversion funnels. Groupe PSA
  43. 43. User experience framework and conversion funnel
  44. 44. JLR – Classics Division Selling classic car parts through a JTBD framework
  45. 45. Assist planning and reduce waste. Apps to reduce store risk at hot food counters. Recording food temperature checks and safety information for compliance. Sainsbury's - Hot Food Counters Risk
  46. 46. *Visuals Gareth Williams
  47. 47. *Visuals Gareth Williams
  48. 48. *Visuals Gareth Williams
  49. 49. Assist planning and reduce waste. Logistics planning, view of inbound deliveries to store Screens for back of store and web app Sainsbury's - Logistics
  50. 50. Keytree •  Customer self service applications for Severn Trent Water •  Mobile planning tool for Babcock •  Mobile applications for Menzies airlines •  Mobile Application for grocery distribution •  SAP fori ‒ News International.
  51. 51. Severn Trent Water •  Customer self service applications for Severn Trent Water •  Re design My Account. •  Payments, meter registration, moving home etc •  Complex environment re aligning the business, technology and design teams.
  52. 52. *Visuals David Wong
  53. 53. *Visuals David Wong
  54. 54. Babcock ‒ Planning apps for vehicle maintenance
  55. 55. *Visuals Kofi Brenya
  56. 56. *Visuals Kofi Brenya
  57. 57. Xreach ‒ Cyber Security Covert mobile communications platform for law enforcement, government, military and security agencies
  58. 58. Situational awareness system that enables field agents and all tiers of command to securely communicate and monitor each other from mobile devices
  59. 59. Modular, configurable command and control centre
  60. 60. Infrastructure dashboard
  61. 61. IOSVersion
  62. 62. IP voice and video comms, group messaging and file sharing. Location track and trace ++
  63. 63. Every story starts with Listening. More? Available on request