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Business model story


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Business model story

  1. 1. What is a Good Business Model?“A good business model beginswith an insight into human motivationsand ends in a rich stream of profits “ By Joan Magretta* From why business models matter (2002)
  2. 2. Concept of business model story
  3. 3. Beginning of Bible , Catholic만일 속죄 금을 부과하면 무릇 그 명령한 것을 생명의 대가로 낼 것이요[출애굽기 2장 30절]교회에서는 "모든 신자는 일년에 적어도 한번은 고해성사를 받고 영성체 하여야 한다"(교회법 제989조)는 교회법에 따라 꼭 고해성사를 받도록 강력하게 권고하고 있다.[카톨릭 신문]
  4. 4. Indulgence ? or Confession?• 면죄부(indulgence) – 종교적 관점카톨릭 교회가 신자에게 죄를 사하는 대상으로 기부를 받고 교황의 이름으로 발행한증명서• 보석(release on bail) – 사회적 관점보증금을 납부하고 도망하거나 기타 일정한 사유가 있을 때에는 이것을 몰수하는 제재조건으로 법원이 구속된 피고인을 석방시키는 제도 (형사소송법 94~ 105조)
  5. 5. Online Redemption Dot Net• 속죄(redemption) – 종교적 관점어떤 사람이 지은 죄에 대하여 그 대가를 치르고 속량 받는 일• 개인회생제도 – 사회적 관점재정적 어려움으로 인해 파탄에 직면한 개인 채무자의 채무를 법원이 강제로 재조정해 파산을 구제하는 제도
  6. 6. Scenario of Online Redemption . Net Text 입력 Text 분석 SMS/메일발송 Bad point 변환/축적 Bad Point Show No 봉사신청 속죄? Yes 봉사? 기부되었습니다 기부?
  7. 7. Similar website 1(http://MySecret.TV)
  8. 8. Similar website 2(
  9. 9. Similar website 3(
  10. 10. Similar website 4(
  11. 11. Similar website 5(
  12. 12. Definition of Business Model• By Timmers*• An architecture - Product, Service, Information Flows• Description - Various business actors & their roles - Potential benefits (for VBA*) - Sources of Revenues *VBA is Various Business Actors *From Business Models For Electronic Markets
  13. 13. View of Timmers’s definition.• An architecture of Product Service Information Flow Redemption Certification Redemption Confession Data Social Service Bad point convert Context Analysis• Description Various Business Actor Potential Benefit Source of Revenue -종교단체와 자원봉사단체 -개인봉사확대 -자원봉사DB확보 -속죄 메일 서비스 -개인기부금조성 -기부금축적이자 -자원봉사 등록 및 연결
  14. 14. Timmers’s Classification * Classification of internet business models
  15. 15. Definition of Business Model• By Amit & Zott• Business Models as a Unit of Analysis - Content - Structure - Governance of Transactions• Designed so as to create value• The exploitation of Business Opportunities *From Value Creation In E-Business
  16. 16. Source of Value Creation * the four sources of value creation in e-business that emerged from the data analysis
  17. 17. View of Amit & Zott’s Definition • New links between participants Novelty • Relies on personal security and site trust Valu Efficiency Lock-in e• The speed and facility • Manifested as switching costs• Approach convenient and easy • Opportunities for Customization• Cheap interconnectivity of virtual and Personalization community • their individual needs a variety Complementarities • Combination of on-line and off-line social service transaction • Alliance capabilities of partners
  18. 18. Recently Business Model Definition• By Ostenwalder, Pigneur, and Tucci• A business model is a conceptual tool - That contains a set of elements and their relationships - Allows expressing the business logic of a specific firm• It is a description of the value - A company offers to one or several segments of customers - of the architecture of the firm - its network of partners for creating , marketing and delivering this value and relationship capital - to generate profitable and sustainable revenue streams *From Clarifying Business Models : Origins, Present, and Future of the Concept
  19. 19. Origins, Present, and Future I• Nine Business Model Building Blocks• The components proposed by the different authors
  20. 20. Domains Addressed in BusinessModels (part 1)*From Clarifying Business Models : Origins, Present, and Future of the Concept
  21. 21. Domains Addressed in BusinessModels (part 2)*From Clarifying Business Models : Origins, Present, and Future of the Concept
  22. 22. References•PAPERSThomas W. Malone, Peter Weill, Richard K. Lai, Victoria T. D’Urso ,George Herman, Thomas G. Apel and Stephanie L. Woerner (2006)“DO SOME BUSINESS MODELS PERFORM BETTER THAN OTHERS?”Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Christopher L. Tucci (2005)“CLARIFYNG BUSINESS MODELS: ORIGINS, PRESENT, AND FUTURE OF THECONCEPT”Joan Magretta (2002) , “WHY BUSINESS MODELS MATTER”Rapael Amit, Chrstoph Zott (2001), “VALUE CREATION IN E-BUSINESS”Paul Timmers(1998), “BUSINESS MODELS FOR ELECTRONIC MARKETS”•WEBSITEhttp://MySecret.TVhttp://absolution-online.comhttp://ivescrewedup.comhttp://dailyconfession.com