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How does a Website help Promote a Gynaecology practice


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How does a Website help Promote a Gynaecology practice
Examples of Features on Websites by Gynaecs which help Patients, enchant visitors and ensure they get more Visibility

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How does a Website help Promote a Gynaecology practice

  1. 1. How does a website help promote aGynecology practice Plus91 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Make Your Story Promote You• Information is Powerful• Your story, your ideas make you special – SHARE IT  GET MORE PATIENTSabout you services facilities photos
  3. 3. Make Your Story Promote You cont..• Let Patients know “What’s unique about you “• Provide details about the unique services and facilities you provide – QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, ETC. Focusing on Unique Technology Focusing on Unique Services
  4. 4. Online Testimonials Build Patient Trust• “I have never had any surgical procedure in my life so the prospect of‘major surgery’ was absolutely terrifying for me as well as the fear of how I would feel afterwards and all the fears that that brings. But Thanx to dr. Chavan. I am relaxed and fearless now.” WHOM WOULD YOU TRUST MORE• “I can only tell you that my surgery and post operative state is extremely bad. I am in fear that after few weeks of my surgery I will be able to be normal or not. “Terrible Experience” (from a random patient portal)
  5. 5. Showcase Facilities with Rich Media• Impress Patients with different aspects of your clinic – Show FACILITIES, FEATURES and Build TRUST AND COMFORT LEVELS• Use both images and videos efficiently
  6. 6. Maps Let Patients Locate You Easily• A map is worth a 1000 instructions• Let a map guide your patients right to your clinics door• Get benefitted from Google Places• Benefit from Location Based Searches.Google Business Listing
  7. 7. Simple Tools Help Patients Help You• Help patients help themselves• An informed patient is your biggest evangelist
  8. 8. Great Websites help Get More Patients•••••
  9. 9.