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Support Beyond Your Brand - from PlumChoice


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How Customer Value is Created by Extending Tech Support Beyond Your Brand

Published in: Technology
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Support Beyond Your Brand - from PlumChoice

  1. 1. How Customer Value is Created by Extending Tech Support Beyond Your Brand A Story about Brandy and Fernando
  2. 2. Your customers' connected lifestyles are complex – with a variety of interconnected products and services. Not just yours. In fact, any given connected consumer/ family in the U.S. has four to seven (or more) connected devices and services they rely on during any given day. Whether you’re a retailer or CE manufacturer (A), or a Telco/ISP/cable provider (B), your devices and services are a few among many, in consumers’ and small businesses’ highly personalized technology environments. Meet Brandy & Fernando whose connected lifestyles comprise many different technologies from multiple brands and retailers. 2 BRAND A BRAND B
  3. 3. Brandy & Fernando think your brand is making their connected lifestyles difficult for two reasons (1) your brand’s “stuff” doesn’t always interoperate as expected with other brands’ “stuff” and (2) you only support your own products and services. Simply put: you’re not meeting Brandy and Fernando’s expectations. 3 Your brand is affected by the other products and services in your customers’ environments. Your “brand goggles” are preventing you from seeing how to turn that into a revenue opportunity. BRAND A Retailer and/or CE Manufacturer Telco/ISP/Cable provider BRAND B
  4. 4. 4 Brandy & Fernando expect their technology to do what they want it to do, whenever and wherever they want. They need a trusted advisor to assist them at the moment things aren’t doing what’s expected. Your brand can be that trusted technical advisor. Extending tech support to other brands in your customers’ connected environments is an astute strategy for creating customer value. Your products and services are never used in a vacuum; your support shouldn’t leave a vacuum too. Brand-agnostic tech support creates value
  5. 5. CONNECTED HOME Simplify your customers’ connected lifestyles while creating a new revenue stream: Wrap your arms around their connected lifestyle environments with a continuous service experience. This gives Brandy, Fernando and all your customers a reason to rely on your brand as the one that gives them control and convenience as their connected lives pivot to incorporate a more expansive constellation of technologies. Brandy & Fernando’s connected lifestyles are expanding and becoming even more complex as the Internet of Things makes its mark. 5 Brand-agnostic tech support creates value
  6. 6. Learn more about © 2014 PlumChoice, Inc. All rights reserved. PlumChoiceis a registered trademark of PlumChoice,Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other product and company names and marks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners and are mentionedfor identificationpurposes only. Create Customer Value with the Power of PlumChoice PlumChoice is purpose-built to solve complex support needs, forging brand loyalty and increased revenues for our partners. A specialized technical services provider, PlumChoice optimizes the benefits people and companies derive from their personal technology experiences. Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, ISPs, telcos, cable providers, and software companies partner with PlumChoice to deliver highly differentiated customer experiences to consumers and SMBs through white-labeled technical support solutions that span the entire technology lifecycle. PlumChoice works with end users to install, configure, connect, enhance and fix both software and hardware products, and integrates numerous products within larger technical and connected home environments. PlumChoice solutions enable business partners to power the increasingly complex and heterogeneous personal technology environments driven by the “Internet of Things.” To learn more, contact Steve Thompson today at +1 617.668.3228 or Connect with PlumChoice Case Studies  Communications provider boosted revenues by 20% per customer with premium support  Computer hardware OEM drives differentiation by leveraging premium tech support  Improve Experience: Retailer improves customer experience with premium tech support