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Vitrum Browser for iPad


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Try new user experience with Vitrum Browser for iPad

Vitrum Browser for iPad

  1. 1. Vitrum – reinventing browsing on your iPadUX design innovations
  2. 2. Work with specific group to achieve maximum productivity - its even more handy than using a few windows on your desktop browser. Vitrum Tabs groups with preview
  3. 3. It just takes a few characters to get the results in the most relevant order with Smart Address bar. Vitrum Smart Address bar
  4. 4. Pinch on web page to see opened tabs and tab groups. Its as easy as zoom out photo inPhoto app to see full album on your iPad. Vitrum Pinch to see opened tabs
  5. 5. Amazing finger gestures works great with fullscreen browsing, just give it a try andyoull see that iPads touch screen makes browsing and navigation even easierthan you can imagine! Vitrum Amazing finger gestures!
  6. 6. Vitrum uses every pixel to show you content, so toolbar will be shown only when youneed it and there is not fullscreen mode, it is fullscreen browser. Vitrum Full Screen Browser
  7. 7. Vitrum has modern and beautiful design which will highlight your personality, but its not all onlyabout design.It is a very powerful tool for web browsing with download manager, unlimited tabs, privatemode, passkey lock, user agent switcher, multi touch gestures and more.
  8. 8. Download Vitrum Browser for your iPad an give it a try, by the way it has unbelievable price - its FREE! Vitrum Browser for iPad either love Vitrum or you hate Vitrum,but you definitely don’t forget it!