Paul Revere’s Ride Project                     By Paula L. Naugle             th      JPPSS 4 Grade Social Studies and Mat...
Protections from Adverse ConsequencesStudents were able to participate in a Skype video call successfully since they have ...
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Paul revereridelessonandrubric

  1. 1. Paul Revere’s Ride Project By Paula L. Naugle th JPPSS 4 Grade Social Studies and Math Teacher Bissonet Plaza (504)887-0470 plnaugle@gmail.comMy students and our buddy class in Kansas participated in an online collaborative project. Sinceboth classes were studying the Northeast region at the time, we decided to learn about PaulRevere. We did a Skype call where we took turns reading stanzas of Longfellow’s famous poem“Paul Revere’s Ride”. My class worked on the even stanzas and Mrs. Wells’ class worked onthe odd stanzas. Both classes worked on making a VoiceThread of the poem that incorporatedour students’ art work and recorded voices reciting the poem.Content and SubstanceTSW view a short digital story about Paul Revere to build their background knowledge.TSW listen to a recording of the “Paul Revere’s Ride” poem.TSW access a copy of the words of the poem, copy and paste them into a Word document andprint the document.TSW learn their part of the poem for the chorale reading via Skype with Mrs. Wells’ class inKansas.TSW illustrate their stanza of the poem.TSW vote to select the artwork from their group that will be used in the VoiceThread.TSW scan the selected artwork and upload it to a VoiceThread.TSW record their voices on the VoiceThread. (My students are the even stanzas.)Organization of Knowledge 1. Students will watch the digital story about Paul Revere. 2. Students will listen to a recording of Longfellow’s poem “Paul Revere’s Ride”. 3. Discuss the events of the poem with the students. 4. Each day of the week, the students will practice orally reading their assigned part of the poem for the Skype call. 5. Each student in the group will draw a picture to illustrate their assigned stanza.Product Focus 1. The students will prepare for the reading by practicing their oral reading. 2. Students will create a video of the Skype call. 3. Students will create original artwork to illustrate their assigned stanza. 4. The students will create a VoiceThread. 5. The teacher will embed the video of the Skype call onto the class blog. 6. The teacher will embed the VoiceThread onto the class blog.Clear & Compelling Product StandardsSee attached rubric
  2. 2. Protections from Adverse ConsequencesStudents were able to participate in a Skype video call successfully since they have done thisseveral times already this year. They used a good, clear voice and were aware of their pacingsince they have practiced their part many times. The VoiceThread recording was not saved forpublication until the group agreed that it was ready to publish.They practiced the choral reading daily in groups so that even the poorest oral readers wereprepared and they supported each other during the actual reading. Since Skyping is not a novelactivity for this class, they are confident with presenting to this audience (Mrs. Wells’ class).Affirmation of PerformanceSeeing the video of the Skype call and the VoiceThread on the class blog made the studentsproud of what they had accomplished. They were able to share their work with friends andfamilies.AffiliationTo achieve groups for this project, the teacher used the cooperative groups that already exist inthe classroom. The cooperative groups had been assigned using suggestions from Kaganstructures and are mixed ability groups. They work well together in their groups and supporteach other.Novelty and VarietyWhile this was not the first time that this class did a Skype call, it was the first time theyproduced a VoiceThread. They learned that different audio equipment produces varied results.The first time we recorded, their voices were too low to be heard properly. They learned that abetter microphone produced better quality. This was also the first time they scanned documentand upload them to another location.ChoiceThe student groups were formed by the teacher and the stanza they had to work on wererandomly selected. Choice was present when the students decided how to illustrate their stanza.Each group had to vote to choose the artwork from their group that they thought bestrepresented the stanza.AuthenticityThe students used technology and Web 2.0 tools to collaborate with their peers and withanother 4th grade class in Kansas. They had to work cooperatively in groups to create theirproducts and practice their parts. They had to sustain their effort for more than one class period.Their work was viewed by other people from outside their classroom.The rubric for this lesson is on the next page.
  3. 3. Name ______________________________________ Date __________________________Social Studies, Period _________ Teacher _______________________ Rubric for “Paul Revere’s Ride” Project CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Points EarnedCollaborative The student was The student was The students had to The student did notWork constantly engaged engaged most of be called back to the participate or did very in the work that the the time. He could task at hand. little to help his group was doing. strive to work better Seemed reluctant to group. The student worked in a group setting. get involved. The extremely well with student needs to others. learn how to work in a group.Voice During Voice quality is Voice quality is Voice quality is clear Voice quality needsSkype Call- clear and clear and and consistently more attention. consistently audible consistently audible audible throughConsistency throughout the throughout the some (70-84%) of presentation. majority (85-95%) the presentation. of the presentation.Voice During The pace (rhythm Occasionally Tries to use pacing No attempt to matchSkype Call- and voice speaks too fast or (rhythm and voice the pace of the voice punctuation) fits the too slowly for the punctuation), but it is to the group or thePacing group and helps the group. The pacing often noticeable that audience. audience really "get (rhythm and voice the pacing does not into" the choral punctuation) is fit the group. reading. relatively engaging Audience is not for the audience. consistently engaged.Artwork The student The student The student The student produced a drawing produced a drawing produced a drawing produced a drawing that represented the somewhat that did not represent that did not represent was his assigned represented what the assigned stanza, the assigned stanza stanza was saying. his assigned stanza or produced a messy AND was messy and Very neat and good was saying or could and colorless colorless, OR use of color. have been neater or drawing. incomplete. more colorful.VoiceThread The student used The student used a The student’s use of The student did a his best voice and good voice and voice and pacing poor job using his pacing while good pacing while could have been voice and pacing on recording on the recording on the better. the VoiceThread. VoiceThread. VoiceThread. Total Points Earned ______________