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Housekeeping Management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Housekeeping Management

  1. 1. Housekeeping © COPYRIGHT PLN9 SECURITY SERVICES PVT. LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PLN9 Security Services Pvt. Ltd. Complete Security Solution In Association With Tyco
  2. 2. Introduction The house keeping department plays a vital role in attracting and keeping the guest as it maintains top quality decor and service in the industries. Housekeeping is the department which determines to a large extent whether clients are happy with services.
  3. 3. About House keeping A housekeeping service position, a houseman (or housekeeping) employee performs all the behind‐the‐scenes maintenance to ensure places and facilities are clean and functioning properly. At both large, luxury and smaller, privately managed , a houseman assists all company staff members in cleaning and preparing company areas for staff. The houseman must be able to move around quite a bit, be able to lift things and exhibit a professional attitude toward his work and the companies' management team.
  4. 4. Importance of Housekeeping Below are some points that explain in which way housekeeping department is important :  The house keeping department in a company essentially deals with the cleanliness. The guests feel comfortable in a environment which is clean and well ordered.  The house keeping department also takes care of the maintenance of the decorative items in the company in a perfect condition.  The house keepers also assist in purchasing of the items required for the company and also help the sales team.  The housekeeping department also includes gardeners, maintenance men, bellhops, laundry staff and floor managers, as well as, occasionally, customer service professionals.
  5. 5. Helps to increase the revenue Company staff spend more time in company than any other area, so keeping the environment clean is the duty of housekeeping department and the satisfied costumer , by this way housekeeping department helps to increase the revenue of the company.
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