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  1. 1. 1994Mark Hughes(HFF)Mark Hughes1%”Cruise with Hughes”1993Mark HughesGeri Cvltanovich()Carol & Alan Lorenz()1992Thermogenics®3102,100199132%4%6%Marina del ReyMark Hughes”Mission for Nutrition/Get on Board”19924Cell Activator®1990Mark Hughes10
  2. 2. 19891988Herbalife ®Diet Disc1987Mark HughesMark Hughes1986(NASDAQ)Jim Rohn6PasadenaPaul AnkaMark Hughes”My Way”(Millionaire School)Mark Hughes1986Susan Akin1985(Medical Advisory Board)Mark HughesMerv GriffinXtra-Cal®1984HBNKindermins®Schizandra PlusInglewood La Clenega Blvd. 98001983
  3. 3. Mark Hughes(Herbalife Journal)Herbalifeline®1982(Corporate School)1981(President’s Workshop)1Mark HughesCulver CityBuckingham Heights Parkway 57411980Mark Hughes19802(Supervisor Workshop)Jim RohnMark HughesN.R.G.,,