CashFlow Express #3 Featuring Marck de Lautour with SBD Housing Solutions


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The nation's most read real estate magazine is now producing a financial newspaper to help investors get on track for financial success! It's time to make 2013 your year...

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CashFlow Express #3 Featuring Marck de Lautour with SBD Housing Solutions

  1. 1. Ca$hFlow EXPRESS No. 1 / Vol. 3, 2013 PRICELESS Join Marck de Lautour on his Property Tour in Kansas City Marck de Lautour leads investors on a foreclosure tour in Kansas City, Mo.CashFlow in the Mid Westwith SBD Housing Solutions KBy Stephanie B. Mojica, staff reporter pening more and more, often as banks desperately try to unload foreclosure ansas City, tions, manufac-I properties at auctions on the court- Missouri, turing, service, nvestors from around the world are boasts all the house steps. distribution and flocking to the Mid West to pur- characteristics that “The banks need the cash and value government sec- chase rental properties at discounted investors are looking it is getting today. Lenders are fast tors are heavilyprices. The values can be outstanding. for when buying for learning, and statistics prove that they representedIn fact, just this year, Missouri real es- long-term holds: atate entrepreneur Marck de Lautour, a lose about 50% of the value of the • Investors can growing population,native of New Zealand, bought a 12-unit note if they take a property back and expect 10-14% a diversified econo-apartment complex valued at $300,000 have to sell through a REALTOR® on yield rates on investment homes my and an educated workforce.for just $10,000. the open market,” explained de Lau- • Rehabbers can expect 25-30% tour, who started SBD Housing Solu- The following are some additional Six of the units were occupied with highlights that make the “City of equity in homes after repairthe tenants paying $400 a month in rent tions in 2002 in an effort to capitalize on the growing number of financially Fountains” such a popular stop for • The median rental rate is $1,000and de Lautour and his staff members savvy real estate investors: at SBD Housing Solutions were able to distressed homes in the Kansas City, • Typical investment property is a 3recoup nearly 25 percent of the initial Missouri area. • Stable economy with lower than bed / 2 bath and 2 car garage home Though most real estate investors average unemployment • Kansas City is home to profes-investment the very next day! He freelyacknowledges that this doesn’t happen will not regularly strike a dream deal • Diverse employment base: educa- sional hockey, soccer, baseball andevery day, but stories like this are hap- tion, technology, telecommunica- NFL football franchises Continued on pg. 7 INSIDE: Learn about the National Association of Residential Property Managers
  2. 2. Funding Available for real estate investors WELCOME By Linda Pliagas, publisher/investor W elcome to a new issue of our financial newspaper, CashFlow Express. This is our third edition. When we began the publication last year, I wasn’t sure where this path would lead us. I just knew we needed to have an- other avenue for disseminating important invest- ment news, tips, and information in addition to our quarterly real estate magazine Realty411(www. Pacific Private Money makes lending easy. We fund loans on non-owner The real estate industry and the financial mar- occupied single family, multifamily, mixed-use residences, and challenged kets are fast-paced and ever changing and, in an townhome or condo projects. effort to keep up, we decided to add CashFlow Express into the mix. We’re fast. We’re friendly. And, we’re ready to help you get the funding you In this issue, we are excited to feature Marck need right now. de Lautour on the cover. Marck is a the owner of Let us fill you in on all the details SBD Housing Solutions. He locates and secures phenomenally discounted deals in the Kansas City market. Investors from around the world (415) 883-2150 rely on Marck to find them foreclosures that have the potential to be steady income producers, once PRIVATE MONEY LOANS they are spruced up. Living in Coastal California where the average 1604 Grant Ave., Novato, CA 94945 California Department of Real Estate Brokers #1897444 3 bedroom / 2 bath home is about $650,000, I was amazed to see solid homes for under $65,000! I was reminded of the reasons why I chose to start investing out of state back in 2005. The numbers Ca$hFlow make more sense outside of my expensive zip EXPRESS code. Ca$hFlow EXPRESS Many of my colleagues questioned my deci- sion to begin investing long distance, but I as- No. 1 / Vol. 2 2012 Passive Income for Today & Tomorrow FREE sured them that, with the right property manage- Chris & Ruth No. 1 / Vol. 1 2012 Passive Income for Today & Tomorrow FREE ment, my funds and property would be safe. Long Property Flipping Experts 6 Investor Spotlight distance landlording works well for me and my contents Investors Manifest a Share their Secrets on how to rehab and flip properties for Big Profits in this great Foreclosure Market Learn How to Create Stock in the Southern California Area. family thanks to the dedication and hard work of BEFORE AFTER Market Wealth Today “Cashflow” Mindset 6 Myths About Land Trusts our property managers who live in the area. 1 Discover Kansas City, Mo. 8 Trading Stocks & Stock Splits By Doug Carver Organizer Pasadena and Burbank estate investing, trading stocks, building a strong MLM business, etc. You will not Having owned multifamily rentals in five states I Cashflow Meetup Groups succeed. It’s like trying to grow corn in a field of sand. The seeds will not germi- now, I know how crucial finding an honest and 9 Coffee with Sensei Gilliland Upcoming Property Tour Event Rehab Tips by the ‘Property Find Money 2 Publisher’s Note nate and you’ll end up with next to noth- professional property manager is, this is why I’m can remember my first time play- ing Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow ing to harvest in the fall. Flip Pros’ of Southern CA for Deals... board game about eight years How, you ask, does this relate to the so delighted that we have NARPM as a sponsor I t’s not easy to be a flipper in team consisting of personal and vir- By Ginger Macias ago and how it Cashflow game? Southern California. The prices tual assistants, private investors, hard H are steep, the competition fierce, money lenders, and other real estate Well, after playing 12 Inside Our Expos & Mixers ow would you like create started a chain and the deals are few and far between. brokers. 5 The Main $treet Millionaires Check our website afor of REALTORS of Events inyour one and every List”? I “We have lot Calendar and Yet, professional rehabbers Christian own “Money Southern California Only. have success- the game a bunch Yepez and Ruth Ortiz not only find a brokers who bring the deals to us be- of events that continues in this issue. NARPM stands for the National As- way to make it work, but they profit cause they know we are serious all- handsomely month after month while cash buyers.” explains Ortiz. “We ful real estate entrepreneur I know has one. Your money list is simply to this day. What stuck of times, I learned others struggle. also have virtual assistants who are your list of customers who will do Free! Known as the “Property Flip Pros” business with you on a consistent looking for deals and submitting offer with me most was not the the “how to” of Yepez and Ortiz credit their success on Chris & Ruth’s “Property Analyzer” after offer.” “How To Start Your Flipping Business” Receive their many years of real estate educa- So many offers are made, that they and profitable basis. This list is your and guidevaluable asset in your real estate most to sociation of Residential Property Managers. business; without it your business “how to” of playing the getting out of the tion (they have been attending semi- may completely forget about the prop- will not flourish, with it your busi- 14 Learn About NARMP nars and bootcampscall Simply together since 6 CA Realty Trends with 2005). They also acknowledge their Continued on pg. 9 rat race, but I still Continued on pg. 6 game but the people that I met at the event. These was not able to NARPM provides important education and Personal Finance News from the Publishers of Realty411 Magazine - were not like the normal take what I learned people in my life that from the game and GCA Equity Partners 15 CashFlow Resources would tell me I was crazy Dougthe Cashflow gameChris Hanson dis- Carver (left) and apply it to my real- training to the property management industry. By Tyrone Jackson companies and products with which play to group members. you are familiar. for trying to start my own life financial situ- Yes! If you’ve ever opened a can of real estate business or ation. However, I Property management is the crucial element of You can be Coca Cola on a hot summer day and that financial freedom was impossible realized that the time I was spending with rich from felt refreshed and invigorated, why without a steady well-paying job. The my new Cashflow friends was changing Passive Income for Today & Tomorrow owning real people I met were excited about learn- the way I thought about money and my success for investment properties so please utilize not own the stock? It’s a product you estate and trading stocks. know with a story you understand. ing and expanding their knowledge on financial future. I no longer viewed the We’ve all heard the story of the When I say “a story you understand,” how to achieve financial freedom. They stock market as a giant rigged system for their website to locate a member property manag- little old lady who lived modestly I mean to say that you understand were active investors in real estate and losing money. I began to see the tremen- and worked as a school teach- how the Coca Cola the stock market. They were small busi- dous opportunities in the sinking real es- er for 40 years. She never Corporation makes ness owners with a passion and vision tate market even as many people I knew earned more than $35,000 per year, owned a modest home, money, or to ex- press it in Wall for creating more financial success in their lives. Overall, they had a mindset were losing money on deals that had gone bad. Overall, I saw for the first time op- er. Be sure to visit their site at FOUNDER PUBLISHED BY for prosperity that I like to call a “Cash- portunities all around me to create wealth to learn more about their organization and to find and shared her life with two Street terms, you cats. Once she died, her rela- understand how flow” mindset. even as the newspapers talked constantly Linda Pliagas tives discovered a $150,000 Manifest Media Partners the company earns A lot of people complain that Kiyosaki of the “Great Recession.” a member property manager in your area. If you life insurance policy and $1.5 revenue. The more does not provide the specific details on Today as a result of my ongoing in- volvement playing and organizing local million in stocks that she left to the elementary school’s Coke that Coca ADVERTISING bottles and cans of how people should implement his strat- egies to create financial freedom in his Cashflow events in Southern California, EDITORIAL STAFF scholarship fund. The national media loves Kelly Global Marketing Cola sells around the world each day, books and programs. Truth is he never spells out a step-by-step “how to” for I have a thriving real estate investing business. It was after speaking with one are a property manager, be sure to schedule The of my Cashflow friends who was a real NARPM Broker/Owner Conference on February building long-term financial freedom. Lori Peebles to air these stories. It seems there are several old ladies 310.994.1962 the larger the com- pany’s profit. Over What he does teach is far more impor- estate investor that I was encouraged to tant, and that is how to create a “Cash- start wholesaling distressed properties. It Isaac Newkirk III who fit this seemly unique EVENTS & EXPOS the past ten years Coke stock (symbol profile year after year. How could that be? KO) has risen from around $40 per flow” mindset. Kiyosaki describes it in his book Cashflow Quadrant moving turned out to be a great decision. More recently, I’ve begun to learn how to suc- 19th and 20th on your calendar. Keep in mind that Stephanie Mojica Lawrence Ruano share to a high of $71 — $1000 in- your mindset from the E (employee) and cessfully trade in the stock market using you do not have to be a NARMP member to attend Investing in stocks is not the vested in Coca Cola stock ten years world’s most challenging task. In ago would be worth $4,100 today; S (self-employed) side of his Cashflow options. As a self-proclaimed real estate COPY EDITOR fact, at its core, it’s very simple. The Roberta Eastman $10,000 invested in Coca Cola stock quadrant to the B (business owner) and “zealot”, I never would have dreamed of this important event in Las Vegas. truth is that the stock market creates would be worth $41,000 today. I (investor) side of the quadrant. In lay- investing in the equity markets. Howev- Isaac Newkirk III millionaires every year. Investing in If you spend more than $100 per WEBSITEman’s terms, it’s the mental shift from someone who seeks financial security at er, after playing Cashflow 202 with my Cashflow friend ,who is an active trader, stocks, with wealth in mind, is easier year eating fast food, why not own PHOTOGRAPHERS than you think. the stock? Over the past ten years McDonalds stock (symbol MCD) has Robbie Diggs all costs to someone who can confidently and knowledgeably take measured risks. and learning about his trading system, I was able to see the opportunity before I want to welcome all of our advertisers, read- Invest In What You KnowGreen Sam me. I now fully expect that investing in ers, friends and fans to our brand new CashFlow risen from a low of $15 per share to a This is a simplistic definition but a very high of $95 per share. TO REACH US, CALL: important one to understand. Without the the markets will be a huge part of my fu- John DeCindis Wanna be a good stock market in- correct mindset, it really doesn’t matter ture financial success in addition to my vestor? Keep it simple and start with PRODUCTION Continued on pg. 12 310.499.9545 on pg. 2 how much you learn the “how to” of real Continued Express edition. I’d like to also encourage you to Lori Peebles DISTRIBUTED BY: Personal Finance News from the Publishers of Realty411 Magazine - connect with us online. Our media company is the Augusto Meneses Professional Distribution Solutions administrator of many online social networkingCashFlow Express is published in Santa Barbara County by Manifest Media Partners. © Copyright 2013.  groups reaching nearly 30,000 globally. Be sure to connect with us on socialAll Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. The opinions expressed by writers media to receive daily updates on industry news, as well as information thatand columnists are not endorsed by the publishers and/or editorial staff. Before investing in real estate, stocks, may help you advance in your career as an investor or real estate professional.bonds, mutual funds, gold, or securities, seek the advisement of a trusted financial advisor, attorney or tax Again, thanks for reading our publication and hopefully I will meet you soonconsultant. Investing in any asset and market sector is risky business and may result in loss of capital. Pleaseinvest responsibly. PRINTED IN THE USA ~ GOD BLESS AMERICA at one of our live events. In the meantime, please let me know if I can help in any way. I enjoy hearing from all of our readers. Connect to our virtual network ~ Search for us here: Best Regards, Linda Pliagas publisher: 310.994.1962 | e: Be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ CashFlow Express • Page 2
  3. 3. NARPM® property managers have heightened expertise and industry knowledge to assist them in doing the best possible job. They are real estate professionals who know first- hand the unique challenges of managing rental property in today’s constantly changing economic and legislative environment. They know how to manage those challenges to everyone’s benefit. NARPM® members have access to numerous educational Why Use A NARPM MEMBER? ® opportunities, making them experts in the rental industry; they adhere to the highest Standards of Professionalism and Code of Ethics; they can maximize rents and income for you; and they will manage the property efficiently, professionally and economically— freeing you up to do other things, like relax. www.narpm.orgThe NARPM® Broker/Owner Conference is intended for the Owners and/or ManagingBrokers of Property Management Companies. Sensitive topics will be discussed includingemployment issues, technology innovations, and company structure.Dates: February 19-20, 2013Location: Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NVYou do not have to be a NARPM® member to attend.Visit for more information and to sign up.
  4. 4. Why Should You Invest In AMobile Home Community? 3 3 3 3 3 3 Learn how I made over 3 $500,000 in profit in two years by buying 3 one distressed community 3 3 Log on to any websites below to get more information on investing in Mobile Home Communities and toMike Conlon, President/CEO score a free copy of Mike’s new book: Unconventional Wealth Creating the New Mainstreet Millionaires AFFORDABLE COMMUNITIES GROUP This advertisement is an offer for an educational product is in no way an offer to solicit or sell any investment or security. All investments contain risk, including potential loss of principal. Please consult your CashFlow Express • Page 4
  5. 5. book review UNCONVENTIONAL WEALTH: UNCONVENTIONAL WEALTH: The New Main $treet Millionaires Mike Conlon In this book, Mike Conlon will show you an unconventional path to prosperity in this very difficult economy by providing quality, ethical, and affordable services to America’s largest and fastest growing consumer group. In order to prosper on this path, you don’t need a college degree, only the willingness to work hard and learn. Mike has the unique ability to provide Americans with a realistic, no B.S. view of the Teaches Investors to be financial world today – one that comes from his years of street-wise investment success in three different businesses – financial planning, mid-sized apartment complexes, and mobile home communities that have made him a true Main $treet Millionaire. Main $treet Millionaires He has bought, rehabbed, and sold over $50 million worth of commercial multi-family $treet Millionaires (affordable apartment complexes and mobile home parks) involving 15 projects The New Main over the last ten years. He was a leader in the financial planning business in the 1990’s and early 2000’s as he grew a financial planning broker-dealer from $1.2 million in gross revenues to $40 million in six years and then sold it to a large national insuranceUnconventional Wealth: The New Main $treet company; he also managed over $100 entrepreneurship? Yes. Is it a step-by-step guide that million of client money in his own financial planning practice before becoming The New Main Millionaires by Mike Conlon completely disillusioned with Wall Street can lead to financial independence? money machine. He is a 1990 graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. $treet Millionaires MIKE CONLON { A Book Review by Isaac Newkirk III } It is all that and more. It is essentially an exposition Mike’s basic investing premise has brought him success over the last decade and he foresees even more opportunities over the of the wherewithal to succeed. Mike Conlon looks next 10 years. Unconventional Wealth gives readers insight into the skillz they need to“Main Street Millionaire” is a term that author Mike within and carefully charts his own experiences. He become Main $treet Millionaires.Conlon uses to describe looks without and notes where the experiences of oth-those of us who achieve ers can be illumi- MIKE CONLONfinancial freedom using “unconventional path Mike Conlon’s book Unconventional Unconvention-to prosperity.” That path al Wealth begins Wealth is a guide through the maze of with a reality lon doesn’t trust the official government figures, andis through entrepreneur-ship. While the overarch- entrepreneurship. He gets you focused check: a look at he suggests that you shouldn’t either. Besides, he avers,ing message of the book is how things were the way things used to be will never again be. He sees on the prize: learning the skills you and how they’re “two distinctly separate economies emerging — thevery positive (the fact thatfinancial freedom is within need to survive in your chosen field. going to be. That daily struggle of the working poor and the insulatedthe reach of all of us), some old adage of “the bubble of the rich.” It is for each individual to decideof his predictions are dark proof of the pud- which segment he’ll reside in. Remember that adageand dreary (sixty percent of the population will be ding is in the eating” has never rang truer as Conlon about pudding and the eating thereof? As Conlon care-amongst the working poor during the next decade). describes how “small department stores, niche re- fully lays out his case for financial freedom, it’s hard not to acknowledge that, yes, these points make per- Unconventional Wealth: The New Main $treet Mil- tailers, upscale restaurants, etc. have been replaced fect sense.lionaires gets to the core of what it takes for an in- by tattoo parlors, pawn shops, internet cafes, checkdividual to realize financial freedom; it explodes the cashing/bill pay stores, dollar stores and other ‘low One of his major points is that college is a huge wastemyth of a society that chooses (primarily through end’ types of stores all over America.” The reader is of money. Some august journalistic mediums (includ-education) which of us is going to be blessed with forced to realize that the society we thought we knew, ing the New York Times) have recently been runningthe good life. no longer exists. But isn’t the job market improving, you ask? Con- Continued on pg. 11 Is it a self help book? Yes. Is it a testimonial to ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW YEAR? T NUM MARKETINEG SE RVICES GELATI P TALIZE ON TH AN D CAPI MA RKET CashFlow Express • Page 5
  6. 6. Myths about - advertorial -Realty Trends in CaliforniaGCA Equity Partners, LLC Announces 3rd Quarter Results for its GCA California Real Estate Fund •12.26% Annualized Net Return to Fund Investors for the Quarter Land Trusts •12.04% Annualized Net Returns to Fund Investors Since Inception By Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust•S&P 500 Index Up 2.5% During Same Time Period (4.7% Annualized) I write and teach a lot about the many to increase their account sizes with us last benefits to using a Land Trust to holdGCA Equity Partners, LLC announced quarter.” title to real estate investments. There isthat its GCA California Real Estate Fund According to data from website Yahoo a lot of misinformation in the market-provided investors with an annualized Finance (, place about Land Trusts and a lot ofreturn on contributed capital of the S&P 500 index was up approxi- bad advice given regarding these12.26% for the quarter end- mately 2.5% (4.7% annualized) title holding trusts. After usinged September 30, 2012. from March 20, 2012 through these trusts for over 30 years I haveInvestors who have September 30, 2012, consis- found that the myths outnumberparticipated in the tently underperforming the the facts. In this article I will dis-fund since incep- GCA fund during the same pel some of the myths that I heartion have realized time period. over and over.a 12.04% total return, Wondering what else GCAannualized through the Equity Partners is up to? Stay MYTH: My lender will not letsame date. up to date on Facebook and me close my deal using a Land The Fund earns money property is located. Twitter. Be sure to visit their so- Trust (LT)for its investors primarily by cial media pages for their latest news TRUTH: This depends on if you are us- TRUTH: Wrong! Many accountants willmaking short-term loans to borrowers and updates. ing borrowed funds from a lender that tell you this, but they are incorrect. Thewho buy distressed real estate to rehabili- must qualify you in the secondary mar- beneficiary of the Land Trust is not “do-tate and resell. Loans are typically struc- About GCA Equity Partners ket. If you must meet secondary market ing business” in the state where the prop-tured so that the Fund receives monthly The Fund, a California State registered of- guidelines it is true that you must close erty is located...the Land Trust is...andinterest, as well as a portion of the appre- fering, offers investors an 8% annual pre- the deal in your name, but you can put the Land Trust is not required to register.ciation for each project funded (known as ferred rate, but targets total annualized in- the property into a land trust the day af- Note: California has a law that says if“contingent interest”). Investments in the vestor returns in the low double digit range ter closing. Once you have 10 secondary you transfer more than 49% of ANY en-Fund are diversified into multiple loans through its combined interest and shared market loans (the maximum allowed) tity that owns property in CA or is theand each loan is secured by the property to appreciation (contingent interest) lend- you must use a portfolio lender and they beneficiary of a Trust that owns propertydecrease risk and increase safety. ing model. Investors must be California will let you close using your land trust. in CA, they have the right to tax you. “Many investors are looking for alter- residents, meet certain income and/or net Note: Bank of America WILL let you MYTH: Land Trusts are expensive tonative investment options to increase re- worth requirements, and limit their invest- close four secondary market loans using set up and maintainturns and diversify their portfolios beyond ment in the Fund to no more than 10% oftraditional stocks and bonds,” said fund their net worth as defined by the State of a land trust to take initial title. However, TRUTH: Not true. If you follow my ad-manager Charles Tralka. “That fact, along California. More information about GCA you must use an Illinois Land Trust and vice to put each of your properties into awith our continued strong performance, Equity Partners and the GCA California the property must be in Illinois. separate Land Trust and you hire an at-brought multiple new investors to the Fund Real Estate Fund is available at www. MYTH: Do I have to get a tax ID num- torney to do this for you, it WILL get ex-and caused many of our current investors ber for my LT? pensive. But you do not need to do this. TRUTH: The answer is no. Nor do you You can learn how to set up and admin- have to register your Trust Agreement ister your own Land Trusts (as many as Investor Spotlight: with anyone. MYTH: You can’t do a Short Sale us- you need/want) for only the continuing cost of recording each deed. Marko Rubel ing a LT. MYTH: Land Trusts must have incor- TRUTH: False. You can and I have and poration papers and the State noti- there are many advantages to using a LT fied. Meet the Founder of for this type of transaction. TRUTH: Wrong again! Land Trusts are not registered like corporations “Unlimited Funding Program” MYTH: Is it true that I must record and LLC’s on a state-by-state basis (in my Trust Agreement to make it val- M id? fact, they are not registered at all...any- arko Rubel is the nation’s leading where!). This is one of the many reasons TRUTH: No, and 99% of the time you authority on pre-foreclosure and distressed property investing. to start your estate planning with a Land would not want to record your trust His “Unlimited Funding Program” has enabled investors to buy Trust for each property you buy. agreement. However, there is that 1% properties and profit WITHOUT using their credit or savings. reason that you might want to record. MYTH: It is illegal to hide the owner- More on that in another article. ship of property. >>> Special Gift for CashFlow Express Readers: TRUTH: I love this one. WRONG! It is MYTH: My attorney says Land Trusts FREE “Unlimited Funding” Business Kit – Claim your copy here: not illegal to hold title to your real estate are illegal in my state in a Land Trust to conceal the owner- TRUTH: This is probably not true. Al- ship (I call this being private about your Rubel is also one of America’s top educators, who is still an active, full- most all states recognize the validity of business). The president of the United a LT or a similar type entity (Title Hold- time investor participating in over 300 transactions. Using his proprietary States, Barack Obama, owns his home in ing Trust, Common Law Trust, etc.). automated systems, he earned profits exceeding $1,000,000 in a single Chicago, IL in a Land Trust with his at- My experience is that a vast majority of year. When Rubel arrived in the United States he virtually had nothing. torney serving as the trustee. If it is good lawyers do not understand Land Trusts enough for our president, it should be In fact, he couldn’t even speak English. When he started investing in and therefore do not recommend them. good enough for you! real estate, he was destined to fail because his credit was non-existent Too bad for their clients...they are miss- and he had no money. He turned his destiny around by discovering and ing out on 50 reasons to use a LT (I have written a booklet called “50 Reasons to This is certainly not a complete list of perfecting the strategies that leverage other people’s credit. After a few misconceptions about Land Trusts, but Use a Land Trust” and will send it to hundred successful transactions, he perfected the system and created is enough to digest for now. I will write you for free if you send me an email at: the Unlimited Funding Program. more on this subject in future articles. If you want to buy properties without using your credit, talking MYTH: If I use my LLC as the ben- Feel free to contact me if you have any to lenders or jeopardizing your savings, go to Rubel’s website at: eficiary of a Land Trust I must reg- specific questions. My number is: 866- ister the LLC in the state where the 696-7347. Or, Be sure to visit today to learn more and receive his free tips and insights. CashFlow Express • Page 6
  7. 7. CashFlow in the Mid West, pg. 1like the 12-unit apartment complex, ents are looking to build a portfolio of $950, dropping theirmany single-family homes and multi- income producing assets.” payment down fromfamily properties are selling at foreclo- Buying any property at auction can the $1,300 that their Photographs from left to right, clockwise:sure auctions for as little as 30 cents on be a risky proposition, but SBD Hous- mortgage had escalated to. Immediate Marck de Lautour, owner of SBD Housingthe dollar. cash flow to the investor and the people Solutions, leads our investor group on a tour of ing Solutions has a detailed process the foreclosure market in Kansas City, Mo. The Buying a $150,000 home for $33,000 that minimizes risk to clients. All prop- get to stay in their home… it is a true group inspected numerous single family homeson the courthouse steps is fairly com- erties include title insurance. win-win.” In the Kansas City area, de perfect for an investor’s rental portfolio. Photomon in these economically challenged Also, the investor has immediate Lautour has noticed a growing number above: Marck provides tips to investors in the of already occupied duplexes and four- group, who were both local and out of state.times, which offers even inexperienced possession of the property, which elim- Below: SBD Housing Solutions specializes inreal estate investors an opportunity to inates the 30-day closing and rehab can plexes showing up at recent foreclosure top quality rehab work. “Right now is a great time to buy and we’re preaching buy and hold,” said de Lautour. “We can still flip in this market because we’re buying so cheap, but we always analyze our homes on a case by case basis...“make a profit. “There’s no way you begin immediately. auctions. Whethercan buy cheaper than at the courthouse “Some of our best success stories an investor buys asteps,” said de Lautour, “And obviously have been Rent Back to Owner deals, single family homewhen you’re buying that cheap, the cash where we buy a property and then rent or a multi-familyflow kind of takes care of itself.” property, the team SBD Housing Solu- at SBD Housingtions is a full service Solutions is therereal estate firm that to help him comespecializes in buying up with the bestinvestments for their cash flow plan pos-investor clientele. sible. The average client The SBD Hous-of SBD Housing Solu- ing Solutions teamtions not only enjoys a takes more of a12 to 15 percent return Financial Serviceson investment, but the approach to the in-bonus here is the in- dustry. Even though foreclosures, the economy in Kansasstant home equity of the investor owns the home outright, City is strong but does not seem to be$25,000 to $30,000 they say they treat their client relation- on a dramatic upswing, de Lautour says.that can be converted ships more like a partnership, where we Conservative investors can expect tointo cash if needed. are simply trying to build wealth for wait three to five years to maximize theSBD Housing Solu- their clients. return on their investment properties.tions has an A+ rating with the Better it back to the former owner. Sounds “Right now is a great time to buy and About 90 percent of SBD Housing So-Business Bureau and has built a solid like it goes against logic, but with so we’re preaching buy and hold,” said de lutions clients hold properties while thereputation that is drawing American cli- many adjustable rate mortgages, we Lautour. “We can still flip in this mar- other 10 percent rehabilitate and flipents as well as international investors find that good honest people just gave ket because we’re buying so cheap, but the houses.from as far away as South Africa, Hong up on trying to work with the banks and we always analyze our homes on a case Investors may have different exitKong and New Zealand. are simply looking to get back to a fair by case basis. There are so many vari- strategies, but one thing they can all “We have a huge repeat business cli- rental rate for their home” explained de ables in real estate investing, we have agree on is that Kansas City is a marketentele, which we’re pretty proud of,” Lautour, “a classic example would be to look at the whole picture before mak- worth entering.said de Lautour. “Although we can ser- a home that sold for $135,000 in 2006, ing a decision on what makes sense for For more information about SBD Hous-vice the investor that is just looking to we buy it on the steps for $45,000, but that individual owner.” ing Solutions, call (816) 994-9401 orbuy one or two homes, most of our cli- rent it back to the former owner for With the increasing number of home visit CashFlow Express • Page 7