Public affairs brief_to_navy_recruiting_leaders_may_2012


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  • Simple and relevant is the only way to reach an audience who already suffers from message overload.   We've been using these in much of our communication already, but it will help to get it in even more communication through various activities and messages again this year.
  • Public affairs brief_to_navy_recruiting_leaders_may_2012

    1. 1. NRC Leadership Conference Public Affairs CDR Alvin “Flex” Plexico
    2. 2. Recruiting Outreach and Awareness ProgramFriends of the Navy Background:• Encourage leaders with or without military experience to share key Navy messages through speeches, blogs, letters to the editor & media interviews.• Repurpose existing Navy key messages.• Provide a toolkit of information to include key messages, fact sheets and other information relevant to candidates’ interests.• More than 150 candidates based on their influence and potential interest in the Navy.Examples:• Dean of the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech (Dr. May)• Dean of the Dental Medicine at Harvard University (Dr. Donoff)• President of the Maritime Alliance (Mr. Jones)• University of Michigan President (Dr. Simon)• Dean of the College of Theology and Ministry at Oral Roberts University (Dean Mathew)• Dean of Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Dr. Waitz)• Dean of the College of Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology (Captain Scott, Ret.)• Senior Vice President of Costco (Mr. Toomey)
    3. 3. Friends of the Navy/ Centers of Influence•
    4. 4. Navy speeches and localized messages for each NRD
    5. 5. Key Navy messages… America’s Navy is a Global Force for Good and “good” can take many forms…  Bombs on a terrorist hide-out.  Bullets to protect innocent civilians against extremists.  Bottles of water to those in need after an earthquake.  Bachelor’s degrees (advanced training and education).  All good things take GREAT people! Our Sailors serve from the sea on the land, in ships on the water, in submarines under thewater, and fly in planes and helicopters over the water. Why what we do is important:  About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water.  About 80 percent of the world’s people live near the ocean.  About 90 percent of all international trade travels by sea . We protect and defend freedom around the world, and we also offer great opportunities for agreat career here at home. Our mission is to meet America’s threats far away, so those threats cannot harm us here.
    6. 6. Public Affairs Best Practices Publicize your recruiters as hometown heroes and a local example of our “Global Force for Good” Social Media  Communicate with your recruiters and future Sailors  Inform centers of influence & and possible prospects Communication is the key! Submit weekly report with at least one news product along with future events Attend monthly conference call  Share lessons learned with CNRC HQ & other NRDs