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2010 Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive's newsletter


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2010 Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive's newsletter

Published in: Education
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2010 Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive's newsletter

  1. 1. Steven Spielberg JewiSh Film Archive World Zionist Organization Central Zionist Archives Newsletter/ Winter 2010-2011 Adamah Adamah, produced by Siegfried Lehman and directed by Helmar Lerski in 1947, narrates the story of Benjamin, an adolescent Holocaust survivor, who immigrated to Palestine shortly after the end of the Second World War, during the years of struggle that led to the establishment of the Jewish State. With the help of the Ben Shemen community, Benjamin successfully copes with his past and builds a new life for himself in Eretz Yisrael. In 1960, the last known print of the film was lost as a result of a fire in Ben Shemen’s dining hall. Recently, seven out of eight reels of an additional copy were discovered in Europe. The missing first reel has been restored using existing footage from Tomorrow’s A Wonderful Day (a later version of the film) and with the aid of the original script. Adamah was screened at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque at a special screening on October 4th 2010, with the participation of many Ben Shemen graduates who were excited to identify themselves, their friends and their teachers on the big screen. Esther Levinsohn, widow of Richard Levinsohn, attended the event with her children. Richard was a graduate of the village and worked as production assistant and stills photographer on the movie. Esther viewed the film while in a transit camp in Israel. The film convinced her to study at the youth village, which had relocated to Kfar Vitkin as a result of the War of Independence. She met Richard in Kfar Vitkin. Yair Shapiro, first recipient of the Blumenthal Grant, presented his paper Narrative, Moving Picture And Autobiography: The film “Adamah” As The Success Story Of Siegfried Lehmann And The Ben Shemen Youth Village and screened the film at a conference on the history of education in Israel held in the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Education in June 2010. The conference was held under the auspices of the Israeli Association for the History of Education. The Archive has produced a DVD of the preserved and restored version of Adamah. In addition, it contains a Hebrew booklet documenting the history of the film accompanied by many production stills. The DVD can be purchased from the Archive. Click on the headline to read more: • Spielberg Archive On The Internet • Fred Werner And Ursula Blumenthal Grant • Staff• Presentation Of Archive Holdings • Presentations And Conferences • Cooperation Between Archives • Publications • University Courses • Feedback • Visitors To The Spielberg Archive • Films And Collections Received • Clients • Coming Soon • News Flash!