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Uncensored student feedback

  1. 1. UNCENSORED STUDENT FEEDBACK (by students who have attended Dream Job College Tour Programs with Pete Leibman)“Pete has the keys to help you land your dream job, and his presentation will inspire you to confidently find yourdream job.” – Will Thrasher“Pete’s presentation speaks for itself- brilliantly succinct and accessible, immediately applicable, andunquestioningly valuable.” – Timothy Wisniewski“Pete gave me easy to follow steps that I truly believe will work.” – TJ Lynch“I feel like I learned the insider secrets on what employers want!” – Amy Williamson“Super encouraging… definitely motivated me to achieve more.” – Jill Heidenreich“Rocked me out of the career search lull I had been in.” – Claire Anderson“I liked how his advice was to be honest about what I care about doing and how that is the key to a successfulcareer… This presentation helped me to have peace and clarity about applying my strengths and talents to myfuture work” – Kate Jongsma“Pete has obviously found a profession that he is passionate about, and it shows in his presentation The best wayto be motivated in your future is by learning from someone who is motivated himself.” – Steve Fowler“The presentation was clear and full of examples that showed how the methods discussed could be applied. Manythought-provoking questions…definitely made me think outside the box.” – Caitlin Steiner“I like how he confirmed that I should follow my dream when everyone says I probably wont get it.” I’ll prove themwrong!” – Brittnee Radcliffe“Highly informative and inspiring.” – Justin Berry“I can’t be thankful enough that my school had Pete as a guest speaker!” – Elizabeth Olguin“Awesome information…I wouldn’t change anything… This presentation showed me that a lot of my perceptionsabout finding a job were wrong and came from people who didn’t have much success rather than from those whowere successful in landing their dream job.” – Michelle Sweeten“Short and to the point… very clear and direct.” – Nicholas Santella“Lots of personal stories from someone close to my age.” – Evan Wilson“Listen to Pete to compete in the job market.” – Tiffany Maglaseung“He was a great speaker and hit the key points with emphasis.” – Jorgia Hanlin, Sophomore Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  2. 2. “Great learning opportunity! Great enthusiasm! I wouldn’t change anything about the presentation.” – RyanNamoff“Pete gave me the courage to find my dream job by being me…” – Yesenia Ruiz“Brought humor and stories into a stressful time for finding jobs.” – Taylor Yuhas“Things we have heard before but described in a new light… Genuine speaker.” – John Brandon“I loved how I understood everything Pete said, and it built my confidence back up.” – Rachel Durbin“It rejuvenated my drive to succeed… inspiring to the highest degree.” – Jesse Graf, Freshman“The speaker was phenomenal, straight-forward and to the point.” – Sekinat Lawal“Fantastic speaker… very engaging.” – Hank Wiseman, Junior“Opened up new views of how to approach my dream job.” – Collin Akers, Sophomore“Very insightful and direct information that will be valuable in the future… couldn’t be any better.” – Theresa Cox“With Pete’s advice, I feel I can get my dream job… I really enjoyed the step-by-step process.” – Kerry Postale“Actually gave us a look as to what could happen after college.” – Bianca Harriott“I liked how we got the opportunity to listen to a real story about someone’s success.” – Samantha MacMillan“Very descriptive and informative. It was great, provided great tips about the process of interviewing.” – GeorgeQuieyas“I liked the personal story on achieving his dream job.” – Ryan Foley“It helped me understand the job process better.” – Eric Natale“Couldn’t have been any better.” – Savannah Thibault“He was honest, young, and successful, which makes me confident in myself.” – Christopher Kerrigan“It was great and I would not change a thing.” – Jared White“I liked the way he used real life examples.” – Jackie Khillah“I liked how he was relatable and credible.” – Mike Shaheen“It was creative and well put together.” – Kimberly Cummings“It was very informative and inspirational. Gave me more confidence in my job search.” – Brittany Witkus“I liked how enthusiastic he was. His age made it easier to connect with him.” – Yota Topalis Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  3. 3. “It was all useful information and he did a great job of explaining and relating it to college seniors.” – DaveBongiorni“I liked the entire presentation and the information presented.” – Brian Szlyk“I liked how the tips allied to our age group. The information about Facebook was eye-opening.” – SamanthaCovey“Watching this presentation really made me want to prepare for my life after college.” – Will Wescott“Absolutely amazing advice for real-life situations.” – Ashley Shoell“I learned a valuable lesson about how I need to get the job I want when I graduate. Pete highlights several pointsthat everyone should know. It’s a great lesson to be learned!” – Sara Ryan“I knew I needed to start looking for a job, but I didn’t know where. Pete helped me know where to start and howto really stay motivated to get my dream job.” – Leslie Gann“I now know everything I need to know to get my dream job. Thanks Pete Leibman!” – Olivia Arnoux“Pete Leibman gave the directions I didn’t even know to ask for.” – Lorien Lutz“Great advice for a dream job hoper.” – Elizabeth Donovan“This lecture was like no other lecture I’ve been to. It taught me about the do’s and don’ts of resume-building andwhat future employers fear and what they are looking for.” – Cearra Mechem“I was pleasantly surprised to see how relevant Pete’s seminar was. I feel confident that the concepts learned willhelp me find my dream job.” – Voni Yarborough“It was a great presentation without room for change.” – Dominique Gough“Very comprehensive and understandable.” – Britney B.“Easy to listen to.” – Christina Ramirez“I loved the catch phrases.” – Carol Boykins“I learned some things I have never been told.” – Onitwende Chioza“Could not have gotten any better that it was.” – Kharla Bethea“I loved everything. I’m a shy person and I share many of the preconceived notions about networking and finding ajob that the speaker seemed to have in high school and college. I’m so glad I was completely wrong. Thank you somuch!” – JoAnna Mills“If you have ever felt lost in regard to your career, Leibman will show you the way.” – Rachel Schwarz Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  4. 4. “Up until that day I was so confused on what I want to do with my life and what would make me happy, andhearing you speak really helped me clear my head. “ – Zak Banwart“I was not expecting to be impressed but I am. Pete gave a fresh, direct and hopeful set of clues to the workingworld ahead of me.” – Ariel Krietzman“The tips were really helpful and they sounded honest. Presentation looked like a presentation from a student’sperspective, helped me clear up some misconceptions I had.” – Srijeen Adhikar“Appropriate to my life, got me excited about my future. I’m going to do something amazing with my life.” - DanielSchaefeR“I liked the layout of the presentation, providing us with 6 simple steps and giving us great advice and detailsabout each step.” – Kristyn Bridges“The presentation was excellent! As a junior in college, I am starting to realize that the sports marketing industryis what I am enthusiastic about. I gained a lot of personally applicable advice by attending.” – Joe Kozak“I enjoyed hearing about your personal stories and getting the audience involved with the presentation…AMAZING!” – Abby Owens“I could relate to the speaker since he was so young.” – Dami Olotu“I liked the advice that he gave us that is not readily known. He also connected with the audience, and allowed usto believe that anything is possible with action!” – Krystyna Williams“The speaker was engaging and his personal stories were uplifting and relevant. His speaking style made me feelconnected… Pete makes me want to listen.” – Shelly Bhanot“I feel like I have something to work with now. It gave me the tools to build a future with.” – K. Chalas“Very entertaining and extremely informative. I liked that it was very positive.” – Adrienne Wagner“Very easy to relate to.” – Amanda WollraB“He spoke about a lot of things that I have dealt with, for example, people laugh at my goals and dreams.” – DevinCompton“It seemed possible and achievable.” – Paige Anderson, Sophomore“I liked how personal he was and he made connections that we could relate to.” – Grace Theisen“The energy and enthusiasm Pete had made me want to know more and go do something.” – Nina Mack, Class of2014“It was simple and made it easy to feel doable.” – Kim Cozzi“Pete really knows what he is talking about. I hope Pete can come again.” – Melvin Taylor Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  5. 5. “Your speech showed me that it is never too early to start chasing a dream.” – Ben Moss, Freshman“Best lecture I’ve heard in my 3 years at Hopkins.” Brett Schwartz“Inspiring! I’m going to the career center today!” – Nicole Sharer“It was very easy to follow and made finding your dream job easier/more feasible.” – Drew Holland“Showed it is possible to get your dream job…Enthusiastic.” – Tim McCarty“He involved us and told me things I didn’t know.” – Camille Kramer“Very eye-opening.” – Colleen McCaffrey, Junior“It kept my attention the entire time, very interactive which I liked as well!... It was great, inspired me to takeaction!”– Monica D’Ambrogi“Very personable and interesting to listen to.” – Candace Rossi“Very informative. Was able to keep the audience’s attention throughout…Information I have never heardbefore.” – Rachel Seria“Upbeat, fun speaker. Offered good advice about meeting people.” – JR Santaniello“I don’t feel as nervous about finding an internship/job as I did before.” – Catherine George“It was well-organized and made the process easy to follow and understand.” – Stephen Niemiec“Pete Leibman was very to the point and made me feel more confident about getting a career that I will enjoy.” –Heidi Culver“Very well-spoken- it was very conversational. No one was talking because he knows how to make people listen tohim. I’m a first generation college student, so I don’t really have anyone to get this information from. Pete reallymade the info. accessible and presented it in a way that I could relate to.” – Jessica Froelich“He was very easy to listen to. He related everything to the audience and got the audience involved… It wasgreat.” – Sam Bettis“I enjoyed everything about the presentation because it was very informative and made me not as nervous for the‘real world.’ Pete’s presentation made me realize how if you strive to do something, you can do it. I have morehope now for my dream job… I now know what it takes. I will strive more since I know the steps.” – ElizabethSever, Senior“I enjoyed how life events were used to explore the different steps.” – Erin Rutledge“Out of all the speakers that had come, this speaker is very convincing.” – Ana Medina“He knows what he is talking about.” – Carmen KramitzkI Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  6. 6. “As a senior, deciding on what to do after graduation can be overwhelming. However, Pete’s presentation mademe feel much more confident, and I realized my full potential.” – Sarah McCandless“The stories really brought things into perspective.” – Erin, Senior“Pete changed my outlook on the job market and gave me hope to get my dream job.” –Tim Hughes“Everything that he talked about helped give me confidence that I can get somewhere if I take action…Pete wasamazing. He connected with the audience and gave us what we wanted to hear. He gave great lessons that I willuse starting now.” – Raquel Puckett, Senior“Made me realize stuff about myself.” – Michael Grady, Sophomore“I liked that there was finally someone telling me that finding my dream job is possible. Who cares about theeconomy and other people not finding jobs? It’s good to hear that my future is up to me.” – Kayla, Senior“This presentation was one of the most beneficial/helpful presentations I have ever attended.” – Greyson Hurt“This presentation was a wakeup call. I need to prepare now.” – Jarrod Jones“Advice on exactly what to do… It was great!” – Megan Gould“Presented in an easy to follow delivery.” – Sally Lohn“He was very enthusiastic about what he was telling us and it was good information to know.” – Jillian Jones“Very motivational…kept my interest throughout the entire presentation.” – Jessica Singh“It was direct, informative, and I felt like it was very useful for me.” – Hilary Cauthorne“Confidence backed with experience.” – Oksana Mikutin“Analogies were great. Another half hour would have been helpful.” – Kyle Remnant“I liked the 6 steps. I thought they were very informative.” – Richard Morelle“Pete comes from a student’s perspective, rather than the typical job advice.” – Peter Loomis“I loved it!” – Brooke Cole“Introduced me to many things I didn’t know- could not have been any better. Pete Leibman changed my viewsand perspectives 180 degrees. I could not recommend him more.” – Dan Katz, Senior“Worth every second of my time. I kept learning until the very end.” – Josh Anderson, Freshman“I liked hearing real-life situations that were negative and positive and appreciate the tips that benefit my future…Pete Leibman enlightens the path to success for hopeful students and gives us confidence in seeking jobs that couldbe intimidating.” – Taylor English, Freshman Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  7. 7. “I liked how exciting it has made me for my future and the opportunities that are out there. I have a newfoundfeeling of excitement to pursue my dream job in the future.” – Gregory Dellores“I feel motivated to pursue jobs that I wasn’t sure I was qualified for.” – Carrie Burns“I appreciated that it was relatable and simple.” – Hannah (no last name provided)“I was reminded not to give up on my dreams, no matter what.” – Cody Sheckler“Pete explained things very well… concise and his examples were received well… very clear.” – Joshua Christensen“He seemed genuinely excited about what he was speaking on.” – Matt Litzinger“Pete is incredibly passionate about empowering students. He absolutely inspired me to follow my dreams.” –Jonathan Haag“Pete’s presentation gave me confidence to pursue my dream job.” – Nathan Short“Pete has a proven track record in making the impossible happen. These six steps provide a practical way forstudents , who might think their dreams are unattainable, to have a meaningful impact in their fields and in theworld.” – Joseph Joshua Meyers“I liked how simple it was. He made many seemingly tasks seem very doable. He was very relateable. I thought itwas uniquely presented.’ – Genevieve Benson“Pete’s definition of a dream job (combining your passions and talents) gave me a new perspective on my jobsearch.” – Hannah Lengel“The presentation as a whole was very easy to relate to… Pete’s tips on networking gave me a new insight on howI need to prepare and know what to questions to ask during the interview.” – Emily Bidwell“I really liked how passionate he was and how he seemed to care a lot.” – Randy Sterk“The real-life example of the speaker was very beneficial.” – Matthew De Renzo“I liked how simple Pete made everything. Everything was explained thoroughly” – Ben Reno“Pete gave me the confidence to go get my dream job after I graduate college.” – David Andersen“The concepts and examples presented were relateable. I have heard numerous presentations on this subjectmatter, and they were all the same, but this was unique and rather helpful.” – Janeille Brathwaite“I liked how real you were… you’re not going to sugarcoat anything…that’s what we need… Pete provided me withthe realization that people are going to tell you numerous things, all of which aren’t true. I am the key componentin finding my dream job.” – Alexandria Blum“He was honest.” – William Wilkerson, Senior Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.
  8. 8. “Practical and simple… This presentation made my goals seem realistic. I’m excited to succeed.” – DevonneFranklin, Junior“Speaker was prepared and kept it simple… Listening to the presentation was simple! Did this in the short-term;can’t wait for long-term results!” – Barbara Moore“It was common sense after you hear it, but it’s hard to figure out on your own.” – Zach Hethman, Sophomore Email Pete@DreamJobAcademy.com for more information on The Dream Job College Tour.