Music Video Evaluation


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Music Video Evaluation

  1. 1. The Music videoGrudge.. evalua ..
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Codes and conventions are a firm set of rules. These rules allow the audience to become familiar with a certain genre as they become adapted to seeing certain things. Andrew Goodwin has identified six key aspects of music videos that the audience should look out for. His theory would be one of the main things which has made my music video successful within it’s genre. These are his six key aspects of music videos; 1. GENRE CHARACTERISTICS (Related style and iconography present) 2. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUALS (Visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting lyrics) 3. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS (The visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music) 4. DEMANDS OF THE RECORD LABEL (Multiple close- ups of the main artist or vocalist) 5. REFERENCE TO NOTION OF LOOKING VOYERUSTIC TREATMENT (Voyeurism plays a major part, especially in relation to females) 6. INTER-TEXTUAL REFERENCE (Inter-textual references to other media such as films) To be able to explain the ways that my media product uses, develops or challenges forms and conventions of real media products I am going to go through all of the six Goodwins key aspects.
  3. 3. 1. GENRE CHARACTERISTICS (Related style and iconography present)I have picked out all of the genre characteristics out of mymusic video which identify the genre of experimental music;•Projections: I have projected images on to a wall of thesong lyrics as well as silhouettes of butterflies. This I believeidentifies experimental music quite well as it looks veryunique and has not been used in many videos. The blackbutterflies represent the artists feelings and I believe thatthey link in with the artist very well. Due to them beingprojected onto the artist herself they become as one, andthat is what makes it work so well.•Torch: Using a torch represents the little hope left withinthe artist. This also works well as a genre characteristics asit represents the feelings of the artist. I have been inspiredby a Danish experimental artist ‘Oh Land’, as I have seen theuses of the torch in her ‘Heavy eyes’ music video. I believethat it is a very simple but effective technique as it giveseverything a mysterious effect.• Layering: I have layered two video clips together whichboth can be viewed at the same time. This has created avery unique and interesting effect as they both get viewedas one, which is slightly confusing. This may also mean thatit has a double meaning. This I have not seen anywhere elseyet which represents experimental music.• Pen tablet: To start of my music video I have used ascruffy drawing of the artist looking in the mirror by usingpen tablet. This shows how the artist sees herself when shelooks in the mirror. Not only it has a deep meaning behind itbut to me it’s a strong introduction to the song as it is quiteexclusive.
  4. 4. •Heavy eye make up: The heavy run down eye make up tome represents experimenting. This is because it is over thetop and has been made by using water colours. It also fits inwith the genre well due to it representing the artistsfeelings.• A white dress: The white dress could be classed assomething that would fit into experimental genre as it doesnot fit in with the make up. The dress shows the opposite ofthe girls feelings, which could represent what she used tobe before. However, it could also mean that she feels like aghost as she cannot deal with herself, which tells us that sheis not inside her anymore/ trying to get away from herself.•Dark shots: Whilst watching videos of Bjork, Oh Land andJeffree Star I have noticed that most of their shots arerather dark, and this is where my music video fits in verywell as it is mostly dark, showing what reality really is forsome people.•Surrealism: Many of my shots look very surreal which givesmy music video the genre of experimental straight away.This could be proved by again looking at the three artistsnames which I have previously spoke about.
  5. 5. 2. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LYRICS AND VISUALS (Visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting lyrics) ‘Fall Foliage’ does not include that many lyrics within the song, however I have managed to get many shots which relate with the lyrics; •Lip singing: The lip singing at the very beginning of the music video is of the artist singing in the mirror. This lets the audience know that she is singing about her self. •Projections: The projections of the lyrics relate to the lyrics as the lyrics are actually being projected on to the wall. The body language of the artist also reflects the lyrics, as she acts them out how she is feeling. •Scratching a mirror: ‘One sear scratch is’ the artist scratches the mirror showing anger in her self whilst relating to the lyrics. •Laying on a mirror: ‘Lying in the door’ this line fits in with the visuals but not completely. It only fits in with the first word. Once again relating to the artist also, showing that she does not want to look at her self. •Falling in a pile of pillows: ‘Falling on the floor’ the artist falls into a pile of pillows. This shows her imagination, which is her being happy. The pillows represent heaven like place and are a softer side to the word floor. •Forest: ‘We’ll never find us again’ the artist is running away into a dark forest, relating to the lyrics as she thinks that if she runs away into a dark big place she will not be found. I believe that if I have not related the lyrics and the visuals the way I have the story line would have been rather confusing and would not work out.
  6. 6. 3. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS (The visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music) Due to my chosen song mainly being instrumental I had to adapt to it. And to do this I have related the music with the visuals quite thoroughly. • Scratching: I have made the scratching of the mirror slow motion for it to flow with the music. This relates very well with the music and creates something mysterious. •Falling into pillows: I have used the same slow motion effect for the pillow scene for the same reason of the video to flow. •Pictures in the pillows: the photos of the artist laying in the pillows change with the instrumental piano music. •Dark photos: There are photos of the artist being all over the place, they go in the rhythm of the piano which I believe that fits in very well, due to piano music being quite emotional. •Smashing the mirror: As the footage of the artist smashing the mirror appear the music changes into dramatic music, which builds up tension and mystery. •Spinning: As the artist spins around in front of the mirrors the music flows with the slow motion effect. •Laughing: as the music gets more edgy towards the end we can see the artist walking on broken pieces of a mirror and after that a scene of her laughing i slow motion fits in very well with the music.
  7. 7. 4. DEMANDS OF THE RECORD LABEL (Multiple close-ups of the main artist or vocalist) Due to my music video being about the artist it was not hard to follow this rule. All of my shots include clear images of the artist, which means she can be recognisable easily. These are my favourite multiple close-ups of the artist:
  8. 8. 1. REFERENCE TO NOTION OF LOOKING VOYERUSTIC TREATMENT (Voyeurism plays a major part, especially in relation to females) Notion of looking has played a huge part in my music video. This can be seen very often in my music video, because the song is about the artist being unhappy about herself. Meaning that her looking at herself should be one of the reasons she is unhappy. I have used many mirrors of the artist looking at her self, as the whole idea of using the mirrors was to show who the song is about.
  9. 9. 1. INTER-TEXTUAL REFERENCE (Inter-textual references to other media such as films) Without any intention my whole music video has came out looking like a horror movie. One of the main movies that this could be referenced to would be the film names the same as my artist ‘The grudge’. The white dress and the darkness of my video very much reminds me of this movie.
  10. 10. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  11. 11. Making my digipack I have wanted to putthe genre of the artists’ musicacross, which meant uniqueness. I havealso wanted to let the audience knowwhat the album is all about and thismeant me making the digipac a reflectiveof the songs within the album.So, to do that I have used all of theimages from the video, as ‘Fall foliage’ isthe main song of the album. Making itunique I have been inspired bySagmeister. I have cut out the pieces ofthe face from the front cover, making itlook like a broken mirror.The front of the digipack is the mostimportant feature within the digipac as itis an introduction to the audience. Thismeans that it has to be very attractive todraw people’s attention.
  12. 12. The same story goes to making apromotional poster, for the album to sell.The poster has to be extra attractive dueto only one image being used.I have used a photo from my music videoonce again, because of the same reasons.However, I did not use the same frontimage. This time I have used a photo ofthe artist lying on the mirror, as this letsthe audience know what the album maybe about. I could not use the same imageas the digipack front cover, due to itbeing too simple.If I have used the same technique of thecut outs on the poster it would have notworked that well, as the poster is nothand held. Due to the digipac being handheld, the audience are able to feel thecut outs and feel the uniqueness.
  13. 13. I believe that the combination of mymain product and ancillary texts isvery effective as all of the imagesused for my ancillary texts have beentaken from the music video.I also find it effective due to ‘FallFoliage’ being the main song of thealbum. This means that it not only itintroduces the album but the mainsong also.I am also pleased with the fact ofgiving away the experimentalgenre, for people who are interestedin this type of genre both my posterand my digipac would be familiarand easy to spot. Overall, all threetie in together extremely well.
  14. 14. What have you learned from your audience feedback?Through the process of making I have constantly been reflecting, revising and adapting thefeedback received from the audience. There is no doubt about the audience being in controlof my music video constantly, due to me having to appeal to them. As I have constantlythought about the audience I have not received as much feedback for improvement.However, the feedback which I have received I have always taken into consideration.Some of my most memorable feedback would be from the older generation as they aremore experienced and would not be scared to criticize my ideas. However, due to my musicvideo appealing to a wide range age group I have tried my hardest to get as much feedbackas I could from all the age generations. My very first way of achieving feedback would havebeen by me making a questionnaire to give out to everyone. The feedback received hasmostly been good feedback, which I was very pleased with.
  15. 15. The audience have taught me a lot, such asreducing the length of some shots as viewinglong shots can get boring. Also, I have re-shotquite a lot of shots to make them fit inperfectly with my video.My most successful change has been addingthe suicide bath scene which wasrecommended by one of the students in myclass. I believe that it fits in perfectly and thatthe story line has extended in a moreinteresting way.I have also taken into consideration the factthat the very first shot of the artist singing asway too long, looking back at the feedback ithas also improved my video due to me addingshots of the artist going all over the placebetween the singing shots. This has made itclearer that the artist does not know whereshe stands with herself and that she is all overthe place. Things that have also been improvedby the influence of the audience werechanging the order of some shots due to minorconfusion.
  16. 16. To gain constant feedback from all differentage groups I have used a networking websiteFacebook. This has let lots of different peoplefeedback their thoughts and changes thatcould be made freely. More than half of thecomments were positive, and no changeshave been made after the feedback has beenreceived.I have learned that feedback from theaudience is one of the main things that couldimprove things in line of everything not just amusic video. I believe that feedback fromothers is a way to perfection and it has helpedme get to where I am now, and that is athoroughly good music video which Ipersonally am pleased with, thanks to othersopinions.
  17. 17. How did you use new media technologiesin the construction and research, planning In terms of construction I have used Final Cut pro for editingand evaluation stages? my music video. This new technology was quite hard to get the hang of, but once I got used to it, I managed to successfully create my music video. Within this process, I have learnt many new things, which were very useful for my music video. Speaking of construction, I have also used other technologies which have helped me to get everything the way I have wanted it to. One of these things were to get the lip singing right. For this achievement I used my mobile phone to play the track whilst filming. Using my phone was a very good idea as I have managed to get the lip singing right the first time which I was rather proud of. This has also made my life much easier as I could get it done quickly and out of the way, letting me move on to the making of the rest of the video. The obvious new technologies would be using flip cameras to film my entire music video. With out the flip cameras my music video would not have been made. I find them very handy as they are easy to use and a reasonable size, which allows easy access of moving to different locations. I also find them very useful as the footage could be imported to the Mac within a few minutes, saving me time to edit the video together.
  18. 18. To create my digipac and poster I havealso used the new technologies. The mainprogram which I have used is Photoshop.Due to me studying two art subjects I knowhow to use it quite easily. However there is always a lot more to find out and learn. Photoshop is a very good program as it allows you to feel free with whichever move you want to make, from choosingyour texts, to editing own images, making work look as professional as it can get.
  19. 19. Research and planning wise I have mostly used the internet, this is because it holds a lot of information about anything and everything. Also, it is easy to use and takes less time than books, meaning that I could get much more research done in less time. I have used for most of my written research and for all of the moving research, such as examples of music videos. Looking at other music videos has helped me gain more initiative and greater ideas towards my creation. To collect research on what theaudience have thought of my music video, also known as feedback I have used a Networking website ‘Facebook’, I believe that this way many people would view it due to Facebookbeing a very popular networking website which gets used by every day.