Free phones from Google The EFF Can’t Get No Satisfaction from ...


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Free phones from Google The EFF Can’t Get No Satisfaction from ...

  1. 1. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Learn How I *Cracked* The Article Code Easily WITHOUT Paying Google A Dime And How I Raked In Hundreds And Hundreds Of Dollars Using The Power Of Article Marketing With NO EXPERIENCE, and NO TRAINING... Watch Me Teach You How You Can Virtually DOMINATE Any Niche And BEAT Your Competition Easily... The Secret Article Code Has Been Cracked... Imran Naseem
  2. 2. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Watch Me Expose Article Writers And Teach You Step-By-Step On How To Make 100% Pure CASH With Article Marketing…
  3. 3. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Secret Article C o d e
  4. 4. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Have you ever wondered always felt frustrated on your Article Marketing efforts and find that you are not making money? Are you sick of people telling you the same thing about Article Marketing – use so and so landing pages, use Article spinners or focus on less competitive niches and yet your Clickbank balance still looks like this.
  5. 5. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Its frustrating when you wake up and find you have not made a single sale after all the effort and time you put into your Articles. And trust me I have been there myself and there is nothing painful then seeing your Clickbank
  6. 6. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem account empty. That was the same with me and I decided to do something about this. So what I decided to do first was SPY on several successful Article Marketers to see why how they were being ranked on Google and what they were doing. So I locked myself in my room for a whole week and spied on successful Article writers to see what they were doing. After spying on these guys I was convinced I had cracked the Secret Article Code. What I found was that the top successful writers were all using a similar strategy to make money with Article marketing and they were still being ranked on the first page of Google for many months. For the purposes of this e-book and examples I will be talking about the most popular Article Directory on the web right now – Ezine Articles. Ezine Articles has a page rank of of 6 and has an Alexa ranking of just over 300. This means there is plenty of traffic to benefit from and a great opportunity to use this traffic to your advantage for your product/service.
  7. 7. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem So I picked several of the best Expert Authors on Ezine Articles to see what they were doing and how they were using Article Marketing to make money. I actually wanted to go underground and go inside their brain! After spying on these authors I came to the conclusion that these Authors were using different techniques to use the traffic from Article Marketing. For example, if you take a look at the top Expert Author List here you will see the main Expert Authors are using a combination of techniques. Different authors are using their Articles for different purposes. These purposes include - Using Articles to direct to Landing Pages (with Affiliate links) ● Build A List – using certain techniques, for e.g. by offering a free report ●
  8. 8. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Domain Parking – directing articles to parked domain names ● Traffic, traffic and more traffic – Unique content = Traffic, which helps ● you climb the search engine rankings. Adsense – Some authors are simply submitting articles for Adsense ● income After using my own system I finally cracked the Article code and here are ALL of my stats from my main account with Ezine Articles at the time of writing this e-book. As you can see I have a total of 14 Live Articles and from those 14 Articles I have generated over 6000 views and over 1000Clicks. This shows the true power of Article Marketing and why it will always work wonders if you have cracked the Secret Code.
  9. 9. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem If 14 Articles can generate me this amount of clues then imagine if I had 200+ articles and imagine the amount of sales I could make. These articles generated me hundreds of dollars in a fairly short space of time. I will show you the exact methods on how I submit my articles and how I carry out my research. I will also show you how even submitting ONE Article is enough to make you money if you follow my steps.
  10. 10. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem My Articles EXPOSED In this video I will expose all of my articles and how they rank on Google to show proof that Article Marketing works and the secret code is being applied. Complimentary Video 1 Click The Below Image To Watch The Video If you need to enlarge this video you can do so by double clicking at the bottom right of the video screen
  11. 11. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem
  12. 12. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem How Even Just ONE Article Can EASILY Make You A Ton Of Cash The “Buzz Marketing” Approach This method can also make you a lot of money in a short space of time. Did you know that even as something as small as ONE Article can make you a ton of cash every month? I call this the “Buzz Marketing” Approach which simply means write an article on the most popular product/service or something that has been getting a lot of *buzz* lately. For example, in the UK there recently has been an increase in car water prices and oil prices. This has led to the increase of “water 4 gas” types of products which have been outperforming on Clickbank and have sold well.
  13. 13. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Recently I decided to use the “Buzz Marketing” Approach for a something that has always been popular. I decided to write an article on the “Watch TV on PC” niche. It only took me just 10 minutes to write the article and research it and it netted me a cool $271.12 in just a few days. I explain how I did this in one of my free reports but let me go even further and explain how to do this if you are lazy and want to make money with One Article. This is one of the easiest ways to start making money online. I would head over to Clickbank which has over 10,000 digital affiliates. If you do not have a Clickbank account you can register for free As you can see above – this is the clickbank homepage and there are several
  14. 14. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem options. If I am going to use the “Buzz” Marketing approach I will click “marketplace” to see which products are currently doing well in the marketplace. As you can see here you can search the products by categories and their popularity. There are 9 different categories of products which a person can
  15. 15. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem choose from. Before I go into this let me explain a few terms as to they mean. High Gravity – This is basically simple. The higher this value then more likely the higher the number of units sold for the product. For example, the “Run a car on water” product as a gravity of just over 600 which means there have been lots of affiliates promoting this and thus has resulted in a lot of sales. $ Earned/Sale – This is how much commission you will receive. It is calculated by the net amount earned per affiliate per sale and this depends on factors such as charge backs and sales taxes. % Earned/Sale – Without confusing you this is simply how much commission the publisher is going to give to his/her affiliate. Common commissions are 75%. % Referred – This figure shows the percentage the publisher makes through his affiliates only and does not include direct sales. Using the Buzz Marketing approach I usually go for a product that has a high commission and at the same time has a high referral rate. Also a high gravity or a medium gravity rate can be in your favour but its not always the case. For example, I have even successfully promoted products with low gravity rates using this approach and they have resulted in affiliate sales.
  16. 16. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Anyway, next I would see what the current “buzz” was around the world. For this I would use sites like Yahoo! Buzz and Google Trends to see what was being talked about in the news. For example, the recent events surrounding gas prices has led to lots of products centred around this issue and therefore, lots of people have wrote articles about this. All you have to is type phrases such as “Running your car on water” and you will see at least one or two Ezine article links. As you can see above this author successfully used the power of “Buzz” Article
  17. 17. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Marketing effectively. His article went live on February 8th 2008 which was the period where the “buzz” for “running your car on water” was just starting. If we click on the link it takes us to his article. His article is over 300+ words and is divided into paragraphs. His title “Running your car on water” is perfect and it seems that he was lucky to be ahead of his competition. He also mentions this keyword in his article at least once.
  18. 18. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Notice at the end of his article he uses the Resource Bio/Box effectively. However, to draw the reader's attention he could have used something along the lines of – “Take advantage of this now, before it's too late with a FREE report”.... However, his landing page is a “Review type” of landing page (which are quite common) and have proven to work. Also notice that his landing page was done via a FREE website service called Weebly.
  19. 19. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem I have personally used this and it is excellent for high quality landing pages. It is very quick and easy and it is a goldmine to use Weebly because of the number of options available.
  20. 20. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem So what you need to do is focus on the “current buzz” and see which is a “hot” affiliate. I recently wrote an article on “3 Reasons to watch Satellite TV On your PC” This is the link to the article and this article – this ONE article alone generated me just over $271.12 in just a few days. For this article I mainly focused on the “Buzz” rather than the keyword research. I wanted to see how quickly you can generate money with just one article using the power of “buzz” not just in the news but also the Clickbank marketplace. This is the exact product I promoted from the “Computer and Internet” category. As you can firstly see this product is currently number one on the Clickbank marketplace under the “Computer and Internet” category.
  21. 21. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem If we go into more detail and analyse this product further we can see that it has a very high gravity and 92% of the sales have come from affiliates. Furthermore, we can see that the % sale is 75% commission, so if you managed to successfully direct someone to pay for this product through your affiliate link you will receive just over $33.85 for every person you referred. Also looking at the sales page of this product we can see that the sales page has not even been updated! Take a look at the video – its really outdated but this has proven to be a successful product. You can almost write any article using the Clickbank marketplace helpful indicators, such as gravity and % of referred sales. Let me show you another example. The best way to make money with “Buzz” article marketing is to identify an existing problem. This problem could be a long-term problem that people need a solution to and therefore, you can write an article on this problem and find a solution. Let me give you a good example. There has been an on-going problem with cell phones in recent years where more and more frustrated as to not being able to trace “private or anonymous calls”. However, thanks to a brainchild service it is possible for residents living in the USA to trace “cell phone numbers” and personal details. The cell phone
  22. 22. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem market is a multi billion dollar industry and almost 90% of people in America own a cell phone. So what is the solution to an existing problem? Well if we take a look the Clickbank marketplace under the “Society & Culture” we can see the product in regards to the problem. As you can see this product is the Reverse Phone Detective which claims to be able to trace private cell phone numbers. The commission is 75% and looking at the referred affiliate percentage 96% is quite high and the gravity. This proves that if we promoted this product it will result in a sale. So if you wrote an article about this and submitted it you would have a good
  23. 23. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem chance of being ranked on the first page of Google. Let's take a look at the competition. On Google if you type something like “how to trace an anonymous number” or “how to trace a withheld number” it would be quite easy to be able to rank on the first page in a short space of time because there are not many highly optimised websites that are targeting this keyword. As you can see in the example below an existing Ezine Article author is already on the first page on Google.
  24. 24. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Notice I typed in “How to trace an anonymous number”. If we click through the article we see that the article is over 270+ words and has an excellent “call to action” feature at the end of the article. As you can see the author is using a landing page from and promoting the same affiliate product we discussed above. Later on in this e-book I will be showing you how to carry out your keyword research. As you can see you can make EASY money with ONE Article using the power of “Buzz” Marketing. You can apply this technique for any niche you want to write an article on. It works – the more the buzz the more money you will make.
  25. 25. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem How To Easily Build A List Overnight Using Just Articles Articles can also help build a list overnight easily. I managed to build a list for my social networking site easily using Article marketing – with just ONE article. If you are launching a product or a service on the web then the best way to entice the reader is to give them something of value – I.e. a free report or a free newsletter. This way you can not only build up a lot of subscribers to your list in a short space of time but you can also build a reputation. I recently launched a social networking site targeted towards songwriters and the results were quite impressive to say the least.
  26. 26. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem As you can see I had just over 683 subscribers as a result of my article. Also my article was posted on people's blogs and websites with a link to my website. Here is a link to my article In my article I had a link to my site with a squeeze page or a “pre-launch”
  27. 27. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem page. The pre-launch page had an opt-in form which allowed people to register and be notified when the service would be launched. Let me give you an example of a current existing Ezine Article writer who is using this technique effectively. This article shows the techniques this guy is using.
  28. 28. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem As you can see in the article the Author is offering a free newsletter to the reader in exchange for their email address. Almost subconsciously the word FREE somehow gives the reader a sudden urge to click the URL link and take action. Using articles to build your list is being used by all the successful Internet Marketers. Therefore, if you can entice your reader with the words FREE report or FREE
  29. 29. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem video then you are most likely to build a good relationship and increase your list overnight.
  30. 30. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Keyword Research - The Correct Way The best way to write an article is to carry out the correct keyword research. Too many people fail to research properly. I am going to show you how to research properly in the next complimentary video. We will be focusing on targeting long tail keyword phrases with low competition. There are several keyword tools I use to get a fair estimation of the competition and how many times a certain phrase is being searched for. These tools are : - Seo Book Research Tool Word Tracker G Trends NicheBotClassic Google Keyword Selector
  31. 31. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Complimentary Video 2 Click The Below Image To Watch The Video The best way to do your keyword research is to target the long tailed keywords. For example, if your long tailed keyword was “how to avoid eyebrow hair loss”
  32. 32. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem you can change your article title to something like “7 Tips on how to avoid eyebrow hair loss”. Competition wise I usually target phrases that have a competition of less than a million and less than 500,000. The Best Landing Pages That Convert.. The best landing pages are the ones that “convert” the best. When writing my article I use certain techniques to entice the reader to click on my landing page – e.g by giving away a free report or a video or a free newsletter. But if the landing page is not right then people will not click on your URL. I usually split my landing pages into several different categories.
  33. 33. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem The Squidoo Landing Page – One of the best sites to use for landing pages is to use Squidoo This gives the user a lot of options and many successful Internet marketers use Squidoo has their landing pages for their articles. In fact I have used this type of landing page myself and have had successful results. Here is an example of one of my landing pages I have used for my article. However, despite Squidoo landing pages being well ranked on Google I prefer methods and other landing pages that give even better results! The Weebly Landing Page “Squidoo Lens Killer” - My personal favourite
  34. 34. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem service to use as a landing page is to use Weebly Weebly is a free website creation tool that used a widget-based interface. It is a quick tool to create quick high quality content websites or review type of websites. It is an excellent tool and I have used it myself. It allows you to add videos, adsense and Flickr and other popular affiliate tools. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about creating a landing page – use Weebly. Setting up your landing pages with this tool is a breeze. The Review Landing Page – This type of landing page basically works when you review 4-5 products and rate them from a star rating of 1-10. For example, if you wanted to promote different products on Affiliate Marketing you can write a short review of the product and give a rating from 1-10 based on how you think the product is in helping people make money. These type of landing pages are used when someone wants to review several products in one page.
  35. 35. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Blogger landing pages – Another free service which has always been popular with Article marketers is
  36. 36. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem This allows you to create quick pages fast and use them to promote your affiliate products. With Blogger you can ensure you be ranked highly on the search engines by using your long tailed keywords within the Blogger domain. For example, (Which at the time of writing this report is still available) WordPress Landing Pages – Another popular landing page to use is to use Wordpress landing pages. Wordpress is supplied by hosting companies usually through a “One click” installation or you can download it from the homepage. These pages are generally ranked better in search engines but has a very technical backend system unless you are familiar with html and basic coding I would just keep things simple for now and use Wordpress only if I have to. The “Domain Redirect” landing page – This is one of my favourite landing pages if I am too lazy. For this you do not need to do anything or create a page. You can simply register a domain name which is related to your niche and then redirect the domain name to the actual affiliate sales page by using your domain control panel and entering the redirect affiliate code. For example, when I wrote the article for the “Watch Satellite TV on PC” I bought a domain name that related to my long tail keyword. So therefore, I
  37. 37. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem bought the domain name and simply redirected it to the sales page. This is a good way to make money quickly if you feel you do not have time to do a landing page. Cloaking your “Hop Link”. Sometimes you might want to “hide” your hoplink. The simple way to do this is below. Or if you have a PHP server then you can use this.
  38. 38. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem The Best Niches To Target To be successful in Article Marketing you have to target the “hungry” niches. By this I mean target the niches which will have a paying market. I usually target the following types of niches that will have customers “dying to
  39. 39. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem pay you” - (Watch the video) Complimentary Video 3 Click The Below Image To Watch The Video
  40. 40. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem *Profitable* niches Weight Loss Niche Water 4 Gas Niche Watch Satellite TV On your PC Niche Tattoos Computer Software niche – registry cleaner etc. Weight Loss Dating Acne Marriage Movies and Music Anti-Virus and Computer Registry Pets Golf
  41. 41. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem How To Write Any 300+ Word Article In Just 10 Minutes If you are not good at writing Articles then I am going to show you an easy way to write your articles. It takes me just 10 minutes to write an article without using softwares or using “Article spinners”. The best articles are the ones that are straight to the point and the ones which are easy to understand. In this section I reveal the easiest way to write an article in just 10 minutes. I am going to show you how you can copy my exact strategy and write up to 20 articles a day. If you find it hard to write articles then this report is for you. I would rather write all the articles myself rather than pay someone. When writing an article on any niche I follow a basic format. This has worked
  42. 42. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem wonders for me. Generally, I write 300 word articles because they are easy to write. If I go over the word count that is good news – i.e. the more the content the better it is but it is not always the case. So, anyway let's say someone asked you to write an article on “How to be more confident”. Common sense would tell you that to be more confident you can make more friends, go out etc. So how do you write an article on this niche? Well the first thing I do is to go over to Google and type in “How to be more confident”. When I find a decent article or a web page I would do a “Quick scan”, jot down the main points and then use my own words and thoughts. Let me give you an example For example, on Google I find this article on a webpage which talks about how you can be more confident. The main keywords you can pick here are - – Teenagers who like girls might be shy and therefore, lack confidence – shy people lack a lot of confidence – Talk to people and make conversation – Learn more about manners
  43. 43. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem – Be more open to people and overcome your confidence And thats all that you need to write a 300 worded article. So how would I turn the above into an article? In The Summary Box (just put down what you told the reader and what the article is about) Firstly, I would do an introduction – which basically tells the reader what your article will be about. Because my article is going to be over 300 words I would divide it into 3 main paragraphs (100 words each) Introduction (100 words) – What is the article about. Why is the topic important? So if I was going to write an introduction on the above “niche” on confidence using those keywords I would put something like: - “There are many people who lack confidence. To some people confidence comes naturally but for certain types of people in society they find it hard to be themselves and therefore, lack a lot of confidence. Furthermore, the people that tend to lack confidence are always the ones who need help the most based on research. This article will talk about the main ways in which you can improve your confidence and how you can overcome your problems. Moreover, this article will also talk about the types of things you can do to overcome nerves and be “yourself” and not try to be someone else” (104 words)
  44. 44. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem As you can see I have done an introduction. I have talked about what the article is going to be about and why the topic is important. I have also talked about what the article will cover. This sets the scene and makes the article more interesting. Body The next paragraph is the body of the article. This also should be 100 words and here you go into the main areas. Talk about the problem and list the benefits and drawbacks. Then you recommend solutions to the problem and justify whether these solutions will help solve thee problem and give more information on what can be done. So for the example above, I would continue the article as follows. “There are different situations where different people lack confidence. For example, teenagers tend to shy away more when they like a girl and therefore, might lack the confidence in asking the girl out. However, some people have a problem in self confidence and are too shy. For example, this is often the case with a lot of girls who might lack a lot of confidence when talking to certain groups of people. Moreover, if someone is doing an individual presentation to an audience you will find some people lack confidence as they might not be used to these types of situations as opposed to people who are”. (107 words) As you can see I have covered the main areas and keywords I picked out from the article and put them into my own words. I am now going to finish off the
  45. 45. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem article and recommend ways in which the person can solve the problem. Conclusion This also should be 100 words and this should talk about recommendations and solutions to the problem. The recommendation will be your URL link or landing page that points to your affiliate link. “There are several ways you can overcome this problem. One of the best ways to overcome your confidence is to talk to more people about your problem and also join in conversations with people. Moreover, you should also engage in social activities and take part in games which will make you competitive and and the same time give you a sense of “belonging” in your group. Another way, is to be more open to people and also be prepared to take criticism. For example, some people might find that if they are given a negative feedback from someone then they might lack the confidence to do something. This can be avoided if you take the criticism and look for ways in coming up with solutions to the problem For a better understanding of how you can overcome your self confidence go to [[URL LINK]].” (142 words) As you can see the above article is over 300 words as was written in 10 minutes. It is THAT SIMPLE to write an article. There is no magic secret to
  46. 46. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem writing an article but if you follow the above structure then it will be easy. “But What If I can't write Articles????? I hear you scream... Well if you cannot write articles then you can hire someone for cheap. When hiring someone, however please make sure their English and grammar is good. You can hire someone to write you a cheap article for as cheap as $3.00 per article. If you go to a popular Internet Marketing/Web Design forum called Digital Point you can hire someone to write you good quality articles. You can also use sites such as Elance to outsource some of your work.
  47. 47. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem The Secret Article Code Blueprint To be successful in Article marketing I recommend the following blueprint that I personally use to pull in hundreds of dollars in a matter of days with Articles. This is a step-by-step Secret Article Code that I am about to reveal to you and that has been responsible for my success to this date with Articles. For the purposes of this e-book we will be talking only about Ezine Articles but you are welcome to use this same blueprint with other Article directories.
  48. 48. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem Watch the complimentary video below to follow my exact blueprint that I churn out $100s of dollars from my articles. Final Thoughts... You have come to the final page of this e-book and I want to thankyou for putting your trust in me and putting your faith in my product.
  49. 49. – Copyright 2008 Imran Naseem If you need any questions answering please email me at and I will answer your question and help you with your Article writing adventures. You will soon realise that making money with articles is easy as anything. Almost anyone can do this – its paper money! Imran Naseem