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Calibree : Calibration-free Localization using Relative Distance ...


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Calibree : Calibration-free Localization using Relative Distance ...

  1. 1. Inroads in Toll-free Phone Service Instant routing Assessing program companies as small as one-person oper- ations. Kall8 offers one of the most without expensive success flexible toll-free services available, equipment Many toll-free services now feature allowing businesses to receive, route, Cut Costs While an advanced call tracking system. A It became apparent in the marketplace track and manage incoming calls. call detail database with predefined that there was a real need for a cost- While benefiting sales, marketing and reporting by toll-free number, source effective service that allows companies to customer service departments, it does Improving Business Efficiency geography and time period allows cor- instantly change where an incoming toll- so without any costly equipment or spe- porate leadership to make important free call is routed. For example, if calls cially trained technical support person- business decisions based upon call vol- are coming to an office that is not nel. ume, such as expansion, reduction or manned at a particular time, routing Toll-free services allow small compa- by Barbara Silverman-Hauke changing business hours to meet them to an off site line, cell phone or nies/home businesses to operate like demand. another employee can help a business their larger corporate counterparts. Marketing departments in large cor- I increase sales and provide better service Without the expenditures of a recep- porations utilizing these services have without missing a beat. But the reality tionist or costly in-house equipment, a already found the service irreplaceable of today’s business climate is that com- n tough economic times businesses rush to decrease costs to weather business can always take important calls in terms of managing advertising and panies no longer have the time to wait and send others to voice mail or to the storm. All too often the cost-cutting leads to a direct decrease in promotional campaigns and assessing for a telephone company to make a cen- another employee. Business people who campaign success. tral change or the funds to buy and used to hand out office, cell and home productivity. The savviest managers find ways to reassess many core Marketing people used to have to maintain large amounts of equipment phone numbers, or risk missing impor- jump through hoops to gain the statis- operational expenses, leading to the that brings routing in-house. tant calls can use one toll-free phone tics necessary to assess the success of At the heart of a small number of number that follows them throughout selection of new technologies and promotions. Instead of paying for mul- the day. these innovative toll-free services is a tiple numbers and engaging consulting services to reduce expenditures and Among the most popular benefits of simple set of Web pages allowing companies to mine data from special- such services is the ability to choose authorized users to manage all of their gain productivity. ized telephone systems, enhanced toll- who is allowed to use the toll-free toll-free numbers. Routing rules can be free service enables non-technical mar- One way to do this, surprisingly to numbers. As is the case for call rout- established based on time, state, area keting personnel to access call detail. ing, calls can be immediately and auto- code and even individual number. The many business owners, is by taking Since this detail is stored to a database, matically accepted or rejected based on rules can be changed at a moment’s it can be linked to CRM and advantage of innovative and produc- state, area code or full phone number, notice to meet emerging needs. Since eCommerce data sources for purposes an essential tool for keeping costs the system allows for different levels of tivity-enhancing toll-free services now of campaign return-on-investment and down. access, employees can be granted access sales-lead time analysis. on the market. Toll-free services are Toll-free numbers can be programmed to change and view only the elements Many corporations fear needing to nothing new. For decades companies so that they can be accessed only by the pertinent to their job functions. change routing parameters to handle partners, sales leads, customers and have offered 800, and its 866, 877 unexpected results during a campaign, employees the numbers are designed to as it would require costly equipment These features have already proven and 888 derivatives, allowing cus- support. By significantly reducing toll- programming or weeks of time for a immensely beneficial to companies of all free number use by unwanted callers, tomers, partners and employees to telecommunications service provider to sizes. companies find they have more money complete necessary changes. This is no call without incurring long-distance to use toward improving the position- longer the case, as they may simply ing of core business operations. In the case of a service’s large corporate charges. What makes toll free servic- meet challenges by altering routing on- When businesses are looking for bet- clients, enhanced toll-free service has line in real time. es more cost effective and productive ter ways to increase revenues and man- enabled sales, customer service and age costs, while at the same time stimu- now is the ability for non-technical alliance management teams to publish a lating sales, it makes a lot of sense to single toll-free number, yet route calls to employees to route, track and manage Cost-effective evaluate these affordable and results- appropriate employees based upon the options in real-time via the Web. for any size business oriented toll-free services. caller’s telephone number or region. Most importantly, the routing is done without Large corporations are not the only R the cost of a receptionist or the always- businesses currently utilizing these annoying endless automated phone-tree Barbara Silverman-Hauke is Vice newer toll-free services to increase pro- system. When a specific employee is out ductivity and sales leads. Since you can President, Marketing for Kall8 of the office, a simple visit to the Web get such a service for as little as $2 for (, a Seattle-based compa- page can have the incoming toll-free calls setup and $2 per month plus usage for ny that is quickly gaining popularity as a routed to another location. a single toll-free number from a compa- low-cost, high-productivity telecommuni- ny such as Kall8, it is affordable for cations service provider. 40 41 January/February 2004 z HBJ w w w . h o m e b u s i n e s s j o u r n a l . n e t