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Oral cancer Awareness: Symptoms & Tips


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April is Oral Cancer awareness month and Plaza Dental Group bring to you the preliminary symptoms and tips you should watch out to be proactive in such cases.

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Oral cancer Awareness: Symptoms & Tips

  1. 1. Oral Cancer Symptoms: 7 Signs You Should Never Ignore Plaza Dental Group
  2. 2. April: Oral Cancer Awareness Month  April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, approximately 43,250 people in the United States receive the diagnosis of oral cancer.  Most people are unaware of the importance of early diagnosis of oral cancer for a full recovery. This month, the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) invites you to do your part by getting screened and by raising awareness of the issue so that others will get screened too.
  3. 3. Oral Cancer :7 Symptoms Swellings, lumps or rough spots in your mouth, neck or jaw that do not disappear even after 3 weeks are one of the first signs that you could be developing mouth cancer.
  4. 4.  Ulcers or red or white patches that have a velvety texture are one of the first signs that crop up. If the patches do not heal in 3 weeks, it is highly probable that oral cancer is starting to develop. IInd Symptom
  5. 5. IIIrd Symptom  People who suffer from this cancer experience difficulty in chewing and swallowing, moving the jaw or tongue and speaking in the early stages. If this occurs, it is important to take prompt action and get it checked by a doctor.
  6. 6. IVth Symptom  Sores in the mouth, neck and face that bleed persistently and do not heal within 2 weeks need to be checked as they are also symptoms of oral cancer.
  7. 7. Vth Symptom  Constant bleeding in your mouth: This looks like a generic one but should be checked with your dentist.
  8. 8. VIth Symptom  Loss of feeling or pain in areas like your mouth, neck, face and ear are other indicators that oral cancer could be developing.
  9. 9. VIIth Symptom  Oral cancer patients also experience chronic sore throat in the early stages. The sore throat can also be accompanied by a lump in your throat. Once this symptom shows up, it is best to get it checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.
  10. 10. To Know More About Oral Health Tips  If you are interested in knowing more about oral health tips, Read Dr. Steffany Mohan updates or you may contact our team of highly skilled dentists, at Plaza Dental Group. We will happy to guide you in your consultations, as per your convenience.