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SDM Birth Control & Contraceptive

  1. 1. Birth Control and Contracepton Information: Standard Days Method Page 1 of 4 Mental Health Reproductive Beauty Health & Pregnancy On-Line Fetal Menstruation Health Fitness Health Pregnancy Development Test Choosing Birth Control Types of Birth Control Emergency Contraception Family Planning Birth Control Standard Days Method Ads by Google It is important that both men and women are able to have some control over   Fertility Kit people think of hormonal and barrier-type methods of birth control when they think of contra   Ovulation Test number of natural family planning methods available to couples. Because they are easy   Ovulation Day effects, these natural family planning methods are becoming more and more popular. When   Ovulation Kits birth control to fall under this category is the Standard Days Method. Choosing Birth Control What is the Standard Days Meth Types of Birth Control Barrier Methods Female Condoms Male Condoms Using Condoms Condoms FAQs Diaphragms Cervical Caps Contraceptive Sponge Ads by Goooooogle  The Standard Days Method (SDM) is a relatively new method of natural family Lea's Shield you and your partner avoid unwanted pregnancies. Developed by researchers at the Ins Spermicides Health at Georgetown University School of Medicine, SDM helps couples to recognize whe This can help you to avoid having unprotected sex during fertile periods of your menstrual How Was The Standard Days Method Developed? The Standard Days Method was actually developed using highly sophisticated analyses of thousands of menstrual cycles lasting between 26 and 32 days. Data from more than 7,500 different menstrual cycles was compiled and recorded by computers. This data was then analyzed in order to find out when fertile days occurred during a woman's menstrual cycle. All aspects of fertility were taken into account, including ovulation and the 8/16/2009
  2. 2. Birth Control and Contracepton Information: Standard Days Method Page 2 of 4 Birth Control Pills typical lifespan of both sperm and eggs. Based on this information, SDM concludes that the most fertile days of a woman's cycle are Days 8 through The Pill FAQs 19. The Pilll and Controversy How Do You Use the Standard Days Method? Contraceptive Patch The Standard Days Method is fairly straightforward to use. All you need to do Problems with the Patch is keep track of how long your menstrual cycle is, in order to determine when Days 8 through Contraceptive Ring  When the first day of your period arrives, this is Day1 of your cycle. Mark this on your cale  Between Day 1 and Day 7, it is highly unlikely that you will become pregnant, so it is safe Depo-Provera intercourse without using birth control.  Between Day 8 and Day 19, you are at your most fertile. You and your partner should Lunelle should use an alternate type of birth control, such as a condom. Implanon  Between Day 20 and 32 you are unlikely to get pregnant, so you can resume sexual interc Norplant CycleBeads and the Standard Days Method Many women who practice SDM use CycleBeads to help them keep track of the days in Basal Body Temperature CycleBeads are a string of 32 color-coded beads, shaped into a necklace. There Fertility Charting around individual beads on the necklace to help identify what day you are on in your cycle. of beads on the CycleBead necklace: Standard Days Method  Red: There is one red bead on the CycleBead ne Ovulation Method stands for the first day in your menstrual cycle. It get your menstrual period. Rhythm Method  Brown: The brown beads signify the days during IUD highly unlikely that you will get pregnant.  White: The white, glow-in-the-dark beads represe Tubal Ligation your menstrual cycle (Days 8 to 19). Vasectomy As you move through each day of your cycle, you s different bead. When the rubber ring is moved ont Vasectomy Reversal will know to abstain from sex or to use a form of Birth Control Products Who Can Use the Standard Days Method? Birth Control and Libido The Standard Days Method can be used by the majority of women, however, before yo Lactation Contraception important that you meet the following criteria: Mirena  Your menstrual cycles are regular  Your cycle is between 26 and 32 days long (SDM is less effective if your cycles are sh longer than 32 days).  You and your partner are willing to abstain from intercourse or use protection during your How Effective is the Standard Days Method? When used regularly and consistently, SDM has been shown to be a highly effective birth used perfectly, only five out of every 100 women will get pregnant. This means that the m against pregnancy. If you do not follow the method consistently, or if your cycle falls outside of the 26 to 32 day r effective. With normal use, the Standard Days Method is approximately 88% effective in prev 8/16/2009
  3. 3. Birth Control and Contracepton Information: Standard Days Method Page 3 of 4 Smoking And The Pill Benefits of Using the Standard Days Method Emergency Contraception There are a number of benefits to using this type of natural planning method to help prevent Family Planning  SDM is very easy to learn.  This method requires no calculations, record-keeping, or physical exams, unlike the Ads by Google ovulation method.   Acne Pill  The method is very inexpensive. It can be performed without CycleBeads, or   Late Ovulation around twelve dollars.   Period  There are no associated birth control side effects.   Fertility Form Drawbacks to the Standard Days Method Unfortunately, the Standard Days Method is not meant for everyone. It cannot be used effect  irregular periods  cycles shorter than 26 days  cycles lasting longer than 32 days Effectiveness also depends upon abstinence or the use of contraception during may find it difficult to temporarily abstain from sex or using an alternate form of birth control. How To Get Pregnant Fast I Stopped these common mistakes and got Pregnant almost immediately! Temperature Cycle Testing Component Temperature cycling Qualification/reliability testing 8/16/2009
  4. 4. Birth Control and Contracepton Information: Standard Days Method Page 4 of 4 Copyright© 2009 All rights reserve Contact Us | About Us | Privacy Policy | Forums | Library | Add Your Link 8/16/2009