SDM option for Ghanaians


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SDM option for Ghanaians

  1. 1. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 1 of 7 About This Blog PHILIP'S SECTION GHANA BLO Recent Posts PHIL Archived Posts   Profile of Author THE STANDARD DAYS METHOD Blogs Home Submitted on 2009-03-21 17:52:59 (modified 2009-03-21 18:07:18) Advertisement THE STANDARD DAYS METHOD: EXPANDING FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS FOR GHANAIANS. How To Get The Standard Days Method (SDM) is an effective new natural Pregnant Fast method of family planning developed through scientific analysis of I Stopped these the fertile time in the woman's menstrual cycle. The SDM identifies common mistakes a fixed fertile window in the menstrual cycle, when pregnancy is and got Pregnant most likely to occur. To prevent pregnancy, users avoid unprotected sex by using a condom almost abstaining on days 8 – 19 of the cycle – a formula based on computer analysis of 7,500 immediately! menstrual cycles. Clinical studies have shown it to be more than 95 percent effective with correct use and 88 percent with typical use, well within the range of other user methods. The SDM is appropriate for women who usually have cycles between 26 and 32 d long (approximately 80 percent of cycles are in this range). The SDM is supported by CycleBeads, a visual tool that helps women track their cycle days and know when they are 7 Tips to Get fertile, so they can use a barrier method or abstain on fertile days to avoid pregnancy. The Pregnant I failed to get pregnant for 5 Standard Days Method (SDM) is a contraceptive method that is being included in family years, until I found planning and reproductive health programs in numerous countries. this secret. Most women who choose the SDM have not used a modern family planning method before; others have been dissatisfied with other methods. Almost all women who choose the metho do so because it is "natural" and does not have side effects. Follow-up interviews with both current and previous users found high levels of satisfaction with the method among women Ghana and their partners. Find Hotels, Compare Rates, International recognition of the SDM: The SDM has been recognized as a best practice by th Read Reviews & More. Try TripAdvisor! World Health Organization (WHO) and has been included in their “cornerstone” guidance documents. With funding from USAID, Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health, which developed the method and conducted its efficacy trial, has been studying and facilitating the introduction of the SDM into programs around the world since Is Jesus God? Scholars examine 2002. The method is currently offered in over 30 countries. the facts about Jesus' claims to be Why Offer the SDM? God Given its ease of use and lack of side effects, the SDM may appeal to couples who are not currently using any method, those relying on a traditional method, and those who are dissatisfied with their current or past method. Therefore, this family planning (FP) method i 8/16/2009
  2. 2. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 2 of 7 an important addition to the method mix that could help many couples prevent u pregnancy. Attracts new FP users and helps meet unmet need: Study results that appeared i 2008 issue of Contraception show that the SDM brings new women to FP. More th women who selected the SDM had never used FP before. Data on user characteri that the method reached a group of women with unmet need who did not want to of contraceptive hormones or devices. The SDM appeals to a wide variety of wom regardless of age, education, religion, or rural/urban residence. Improves access to FP methods: Including the SDM in the FP method mix enable reach women through a variety of service delivery approaches, especially at the c level. Evidence from a number of countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, the De Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mali, and Rwanda, shows that the SDM can b physicians, nurses, auxiliary nurses, and community volunteers, in both the publi sectors. Reduces cost: CycleBeads are relatively inexpensive compared to other methods. CycleBeads provides the equivalent of two couple years of protection compared t condoms, 30 pill packets, or eight Depo Provera injections. Because the method does not re supply and has no special storage requirements, it also contributes to contracept While trained providers, basic logistics systems, , they involve little cost to ongoin beyond small initial investments. Training requirements are also minimal: With a half day of training, providers with varied educational backgrounds can offer the Empowers women: Women who learn and use the SDM have increased knowledg bodies and their menstrual cycles. Studies have documented that with this increa knowledge, women’s self-confidence also increases. SDM use also leads to greate communication between partners. In many cases, this has made it possible for w openly with their husbands about how to manage the fertile days to avoid pregna Involves men: Because the SDM involves using condoms or not having sex on da the cycle, it is necessary that men are involved. Offering the SDM encourages an programs an opportunity to make serious efforts to reach men with FP informatio services and to incorporate gender issues into FP counseling. Studies in multiple have demonstrated that men are interested in the SDM and participate in method abstaining or using condoms during the fertile days, or by obtaining condoms and wives keep track of their fertile days. Improves condom use: SDM counseling regularly addresses sexually transmitted introduces condom use. Programs report that SDM counseling presents an opport comfortable context – to encourage and discuss condom use. Evidence from oper research in Guatemala and India showed that the introduction of the SDM improv counseling among all FP clients, regardless of the method chosen. Studies conduc countries found, that more than half of people who use the SDM use condoms on The SDM, like other FP methods, with the exception of the condom, does not pro HIV. Correct and consistent condom use should be advised for protection against Forms a bridge between the Faith-based organizations community and the public Faith-based organizations (FBOs), including Catholic, Protestant and Muslim grou health providers in developing countries. FBOs’ credibility in the community provi and comfortable entree to FP to those who might not normally seek such services sources. 8/16/2009
  3. 3. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 3 of 7 Many of these groups provide better quality care than government-supported ser have provided training in the SDM, and in some instances have helped integrate sector norms and policies. Conclusion The SDM has been introduced in many sub-Saharan African countries and in over worldwide and Ghanaians too have to use it to reduce the rate of abortion, to red rate, to build happy family and etc. It is included in many national norms, allowin communities to have more FP options. The SDM can help countries broaden the m reduce unmet need, increase contraceptive prevalence, and engage new stakeho supporting FP. BOAKYE PHILIP DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT KNUST EMAIL: _ Boakye Philip is undergraduate final year student of the Department of Geograp Development, Knust, with electives health and development and Urbanization an development. He has studied Sociology and Social Work for two years. He is the author of series”, social studies for junior high schools which is yet to be published. He has elective mathematics in Dadease Senior High School before. This article has no comments. Send Your Comment  NDC GOVERNMENT SHOULD MAINTAIN NHIS Submitted on 2009-01-12 05:14:13 (modified 2009-01-12 05:29:01) NDC GOVERNMENT SHOULD MAINTAIN NATIONAL HEALTH INSURAN Let me first of all congratulate President Mills for winning this election. Secondly, Ghanaians for making this election peaceful. The NPP government during their te brought in the national health insurance which almost every part of Ghana is now For the human resource to contribute effectively towards the development of an entity, its human resource base should be assessed. When the health of t improves, the community can produce more with any given combination of s capital and technological knowledge in certain growth sectors of agriculture, many others. The introduction of the national health insurance has improved the problem of ac utilization of health services which has increased productivity. Health facilities, th distribution, staffing, nutrition, immunization programmes among others have im Access and utilization of health services depends on the level of income of peo 8/16/2009
  4. 4. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 4 of 7 required to bear cost of transportation, attendance cost and without it one will access and utilize health services. But now, one will bear with me that cost of t attendance cost which are being paid yearly with little amount of money, has im and utilization of health services. Low income earners who live below the poverty line are noted for low or unde health facilities. Several studies have indicated that poverty have a negative utilization of health services. Looking at the eight goals of the millennium deve and poverty being number one goal, I think national health insurance should be the last to be put first. The price of a service and use of that service are, according to economic the related: as price is reduced, purchase or use of the service will increase. Now health services more than traditional medicine. Notwithstanding the above achievements made by the NPP Government, so m exist in the uptake of health services in Ghana. Firstly, the distribution of health services is not equally distributed. The skewed health facilities, which is to the disadvantage of the rural and urban perip jeopardizes the prospects of these groups enjoying good health to enable them the socio-economic development of the country. Secondly, there are poorly coordinated health systems in our country. This imp on efficient health service delivery. There is concentration of authority and national capital. Financial autonomy is denied in the sub-structures that have financial needs directly from the national capital. Last but not least, dimensions of distance to services, such as travel time, nature of transport, and cost have effects on revealed accessibility that is utilization of h in Ghana. Distance generally has an inverse relationship with utilization; th distance, the lower the utilization. I am urging President Mills and his people to maintain the national health insura at the above improvements in the lives of Ghanaians. After being able to maintai also like to recommend that President Mills and his people should help addre problems for us to build better Ghana and move forward. Boakye Philip Department of Geography and Rural Development Knust 8/16/2009
  5. 5. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 5 of 7 This article has no comments. Send Your Comment  DO YOU BELIEVE Submitted on 2009-01-09 06:41:30 (modified 2009-01-09 06:44:44) DO YOU BELIEVE? Do you believe a whole Member of Parliament standing in front of his people tellin they can decide to vote for him or not? This MP continued to say that he does no problem when it comes to basic needs in life and also explained further that, righ election he can travel outside the country in case of problem. He however said th should look at their life situation as compared to him as he was speaking. This whole issue happened in one of the towns in his constituency whereby I was witness. One thing I have realized in Ghanaian politicians especially MPS is that they do n their electorates and always forget that sovereignty resides on the electorates. T they get the power they forget the very people who sent them to parliament and them all sort of things that will make them hungry. I can surely tell you that, this thing particular is what has actually brought the NP opposition. I recommend to all Ghanaian politicians that they should always make sure that t who choose the MPS are not bribed to choose MPS that the electorates would not with. BOAKYE PHILIP DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT KNUST This article has no comments. Send Your Comment  IMPACT OF HIV/AIDS Submitted on 2008-12-17 16:02:06 (modified 2008-12-17 16:08:56) The Global impacts of HIVAIDS: looking at its situation in Ghana and the future Introduction At present, there is no known cure for HIV/AIDS. Worldwide, an estimated 33 mi are living with HIV, and 2.7 million were newly infected in 2007. Sub the epicenter of the pandemic, claiming 67% of the disease burden or approxima people. Women are increasingly at risk, already making up half of all global cases Women are especially vulnerable to AIDS because they may have limited ability t themselves from HIV infection. A woman may be at risk of getting HIV even thou 8/16/2009
  6. 6. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 6 of 7 faithful to her husband, because her husband has outside sexual partners. She m or no control over her husband’s actions and no ability to protect herself by havin husband use condoms. AIDS can have a very serious impact on the lives of women when it strikes a fam In many cases, women do not have a secure occupation that can provide a stead adequate income. Thus, if the husband dies, the surviving wife and children can b vulnerable. Below are highlights of the U.S. Global HIV/AIDS Response Led by the U.S. Presid Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) 1.68 million. Individuals in Africa receiving antiretroviral therapy through PEPFAR 2008 6.6 million. People provided with HIV/AIDS care and support as of September 20 33 million. HIV counseling and testing sessions for men, women, and children as 2007 197.8 million. People reached with PEPFAR’s comprehensive HIV prevention strat 2004 through 2007 1.9 billion. The number of condoms supplied worldwide from 2004 through 2007 The Global impacts of HIVAIDS: looking at its situation in Ghana and the future Reversal of economic development According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, it is estimated that by 2 HIV/AIDS will have claimed the lives of at least one-fifth of agricultural workers in Africa. In addition, caring for an individual with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa c much as one-third of a family’s monthly income. Looking at this global impact an the population of Ghana living rural areas (about 70%) with major economic acti farming and also having high levels of poverty rates, one can easily see that it wi serious impact on our economy. This is because, children will be dropped looking after their HIVAIDS infected parents, agricultural productivity will be red infected persons will not be able to go to farm regularly or even at all, family inco risk since some part will be used to cater for HIVAIDS infected persons. Critical shortages in the healthcare workforce The lack of trained health workers is a major barrier to scaling up HIV/AIDS serv particularly antiretroviral therapy. Human resources for health is a vital part of th response because mobilizing communities to care for people living with HIV/AIDS monitoring the distribution and use of antiretrovirals and other medications, requ health workers. In Ghana, one thing I have realized is that distribution of skilled 8/16/2009
  7. 7. Blog PHILIP'S SECTION Page 7 of 7 workers is not evenly distributed. In addition to this, access and utilization of hea very appalling giving rise in high mortality of HIVAIDS. Also, the poorly coordina systems in Ghana impose a burden on efficient health service delivery. There is c of authority at the national capitals. Moreover, the number of students admitted universities is not enough to solve the problem of untrained health workers. So lo critically, one can realize that Ghana has a long way to go to curb this problem. Growing up orphaned and vulnerable children More than 14 million children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. These n almost double over the next 10 years. Support for orphans and vulnerable childre as they are at an increased risk of psychological distress, economic hardships, ex trafficking, and HIV infection. In Ghana one serious consequence of AIDS deaths is an increase in the number of orphans. An AIDS orphan is a child under 15 who either their mother or both parents to AIDS. In reality, given the predominance o heterosexual transmission in spreading the virus, many children will lose both pa number of AIDS orphans would rise quickly from 36,000 in 1994 to 390,000 in 20 BOAKYE PHILIP DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT KNUST EMAIL: This article has no comments. Send Your Comment    This blog is maintained by an external party. GhanaWeb is not responsible or liable for its contents Contact the author in case of questions or complaints. Contact the abuse department in case of violation of the rules. 8/16/2009