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Play Ventures | How to Properly Pitch Your Start-up

  1. PITCH PERFECT How to properly pitch your start-up
  2. ABOUT PLAY VENTURES • Premium early stage VC fund investing in gaming and gaming services start-ups • Invest globally in Europe, Asia and the North Americas • Invest early into the most promising pre-seed and seed stage mobile & PC free- to-play game studios and games services start-ups OUR PORTFOLIO COMPANIES
  3. Pitch Checklist for Seed PitchWHAT DO INVESTORS WANT TO KNOW? Investors want answers to questions: q Is the team right? q Is the product right? q Is the market opportunity valuable? q Is there traction? q Is there urgency?
  4. Pitch Checklist for Seed Pitch CHECKLIST FOR YOUR SEED PITCH DECK q Your Story and Team q Company Mission q Market Opportunity q Product q Investment Opportunity q Appendix q Reading list (before you start pitching)
  5. Your Story & Team
  6. TELL YOUR STORY • Investors want to know you • Use a slide to introduce your team but remember that your story is more than a slide • Tell them how you met your co- founders, why you have this idea • Make it memorable
  7. Henrik Karlström Lead programmer Juha Paananen CEO Teemu Ikonen CTO Henric Suuronen President *Acquired by Groupon Experienced Founding Team
  8. Company Mission
  9. COMPANY MISSION • Important because you’re selling your company, not just a game • Your company mission should tell investors: • What you want to achieve with the company • What types of games you’ll build • What your ambition level is • How you’re different from what’s out there
  10. To be the “Blizzard of Mobile” creating games you play for years and not just days and weeks. Vision
  11. Market Opportunity
  12. MARKET OPPORTUNITY • Tell investors why they should care: • How big is the market? • How much is it growing? • Is there an unmet demand? • Is there an un-solved problem?
  13. The 21st Century is the Century of Games The games business has experienced explosive growth and is now 2x bigger than Hollywood and Music combined. * Source: Ubisoft estimates based on NPD, GfK, App Annie, McKinsey, PwC, Goldman Sachs ** Source: Newzoo, Q4 2017 Update, Global Games Market Report Recorded Music SVOD/VOD video Physical home video Live Music Cinema Consumer books Video games $100B $116B** **Mobile Games was US$ 50.4B in 2017 , with +23.3% YoY growth Worldwide Revenue*
  14. Opportunity: The biggest Messenger Games Co.
  15. Product
  16. A common mistake first time game founders make is focusing their seed funding pitch deck on their product
  17. Remember: you’re not selling a product, but a company
  18. PRODUCT • Product is not the focus of your deck, but should still be included • Use a couple of slides to tell investors about: • What type of game you’re building • How your game works • Get them excited – show them why it’s fun or different, and likely to succeed
  19. • First mobile & tablet game with MMO level of immersion • Real time Battles • Tailor-made for touch “World of Warcraft for mobile” January 2014 April 2014
  20. Investment Opportunity
  21. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY • Your chance to ‘ask’ for what you want • Tell investors: • How much you’re raising (your round size) • What you’ll use it for • How long it’ll last (your burn rate and runway)
  22. Appendix
  23. APPENDIX • Prepare a list of anticipated questions and place prepped slides and answers in the Appendix • Have slide numbers ready, skip directly to the relevant slide • Update your Appendix slides as you encounter new questions
  24. Singapore is a Great Location to combine the best of West & East Unique access to game talent from Japan, China, Korea and Europe Great Quality / Cost ratio Stable, supportive government with grants and tax incentives
  25. Reading List
  26. MUST READ BEFORE PITCHING Venture Deals by Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson Hot Seat The Start-up CEO Guidebook by Dan Shapiro Pitch Deck Collection From VC Funded Start- ups
  27. ADDITIONAL READING MATERIALS The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo The Venture Hacks Bible Video yourself and see how you can improve
  28. OTHER TIPS • Time pitching to 2-3 weeks • Pitch on an iPad • Take notes when VC talks • Send a ‘Thank You’ email after meeting • Prepare two versions of your deck - one for presenting, one to email • Don’t try and raise over Christmas or the summer holidays • Don’t try and raise too little • Raising more or at a higher valuation is not always better