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Social Fundraising Platforms


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Engage, Connect, and Raise More Money for your Foundation or School. A preview of two Platforms: Playtogive and Artsy Good. Presented to the South Texas Education Foundation Network.

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Social Fundraising Platforms

  1. 1. Social  Fundraising  Pla0orms     Engage,  Connect,  and  Raise  More  Money     for  your  Founda6on  or  School   presented  by  Taline  Levonian   South  Texas  Educa4on  Founda4on  Network  Mee4ng   September  13,  2012   San  Antonio,  Texas  
  2. 2. Goals  for  the  Presenta4on  q   Educate  you  about  social  fundraising   •  Trends  that  are  driving  this  movement   •  Benefits  and  what  makes  successful  campaigns  q   Show  you  2  plaKorms  to  help  you  launch  social             fundraising  campaigns  that  engage  and  connect     Leave  you  feeling  energized  q  and  full  of  ideas   2  
  3. 3. What  is  social  fundraising?  Social  fundraising  is  the  process  of    empowering  individuals  and  groups      to  raise  funds  on  your  behalf      by  allowing  and  assis4ng  them  to  communicate  and  solicit  prospec4ve  donors  from  their  own  networks  and  communi4es.     Synonyms  –  grassroots  fundraising,  peer  to  peer  fundraising,  group   fundraising,  friendraising,  crowdsourced  fundraising.   3  
  4. 4. Trends  Driving  Social  Fundraising   Budget   Internet   Constraints   Social   Millennials   Media   4  
  5. 5. 4  Benefits  Why  online  social  fundraising?   5  
  6. 6. Raise  more  money   52%    Higher  dona4ons  when  asked  by  friends  rather  than  cold  call  and   email  by  organiza4on.   6  
  7. 7. Reach  more  donors    Expand  your  reach  exponen4ally  by  geZng  your  network  to  fundraise     on  your  behalf.     7  
  8. 8. Create  a  sense  of  community    Increase  engagement,  become  part  of  the  fabric  of  your  donors’     social  media  network.     8  
  9. 9. Engage  and  connect  with  donors  People  give  to  people.  Individual  stories  are  a  powerful  way  to  make   personal  connec4ons  and  reach  donors  of  all  ages.     9  
  10. 10. Keys  to  a  successful     social  fundraiser!ü  Personal  –  create  a  compelling  story  and  message  ü  Clear  Impact  –  describe  where  is  the  money  going?  ü  Fun  –  par4cipate  in  a  fun  ac4vity  ü  Engaging  –  encourage  social  interac4on  and  offer   rewards  for  top  fundraisers.    ü  Urgency  –  create  deadlines  and  give  clear  call  to  ac4on  ü  Simple  Tools  for  Supporters  –  make  it  easy  to  reach  out  ü  Follow  up  –    thank  donors,  recognize  top  supporters   10  
  11. 11.     Play  your  heart  out  and     be  a  champion  for  your  cause   11  
  12. 12. Online  Game  Fundraiser   Playtogive  is  fun-­‐raising!     It’s  a  new  way  to  raise  money  for  chari4es  and   nonprofits  by  combining  games,  friendly  compe44on,  and  fun  into  an  online  social  fundraiser.   12  
  13. 13. How  Playtogive  Works   A  step  by  step  guide  from  start  to  finish   Ask  friends  for   Player  plays  •  Register   dona4ons   •  Donor  visits   the  games   •  Fundraising  goal   nonprofit   friend’s  page   is  reached  •  Create  &  publish   •  Par4cipants  join   •  The  min   fundraiser   •  Makes  dona4on   contribu4on  is   •  Game  winners  &   fundraiser   to  sponsor   top  fundraisers     •  Personalize   met   Nonprofit   fundraising  page   invites   Dona4on  is   Fundraiser   supporters   collected   ends   13  
  14. 14. What  kind  of  games?   14  
  15. 15. 15  
  16. 16. Personal  fundraising  pages  to  send  to  friends   and  family  and  track  personal  progress   16  
  17. 17. How  do  I  organize  my  own  fundraiser?   17  
  18. 18.  Share  your  art  and  raise  money     for  a  good  cause   18  
  19. 19. Online  Art  Fundraiser  Artsy  Good  is  about  raising  money  for  charity  using  artwork  to   connect  and  tell  a  story.     –  Art  is  a  powerful  communica4on  tool   –  Inspiring  donors  through  art  is  the  best  way  to  connect  them  to  the   cause   19  
  20. 20. How  Artsy  Good  Works   A  step  by  step  guide  from  start  to  finish   Invites  parents/ ar4st  &  asks   Dona4on  is  •  Register   permission   •  Parents/ar4st   collected   • Fundraising  goal  is   nonprofit   give  permission   reached   •  Uploads  ar4st   •  Personalize   •  Donor  views   • Awareness  is  raised   roster   artwork  with  4tle   artwork,  leaves   &  cap4on   comment,   Teacher   •  Uploads  artwork   donates,  shares.   creates   Ask  friends  to   Fundraiser   fundraiser   share  art  or   ends   make  a   dona4on   20  
  21. 21. 21  
  22. 22. A  picture  is  worth  a  thousand  words    But  add  a  4le  and  cap4on  to  your  artwork  to  tell  your personal story     on  your  fundraising  page   22  
  23. 23. Donate  in  support  of  a  student’s  artwork   23  
  24. 24. The  Dashboard  Manage  fundraiser  details,  ar4sts,  artwork,  permissions,  add  a  payment  account.  Access  communica4on  tools  and  track  progress  with  reports.       24  
  25. 25. How  are  they  different?        ª  Game  contest   ª  Art  gallery  ª  Anyone  can  par4cipate   ª  Organizer  uploads  ª  Min  contribu4on  to  play   artwork  and  invites  the  ª  Friendly  compe44on   ar4sts  ª  Badges  and  recogni4on   ª  Parental  permissions   for  top  fundraisers  and   ª  Protect  privacy  of  minors   game  winners   ª  Visual  story  telling  ª  Prizes,  incen4ves   ª  Sharing,  awareness  ª  Sponsors   ª  Discussion,  commen4ng   25  
  26. 26. How  are  they  alike?        ª  En4rely  online  fundraiser  ª  Organize  and  manage  fundraisers  from  Dashboard  ª  Social  media  tools  and  built-­‐in  email  communica4on  templates  for   organizer  and  par4cipants  ª  Secure  dona4on  forms  ª  Donors  can  sponsor  someone  or  donate  directly  to  the  cause  ª  Op4ons  for  anonymity  ª  Real-­‐4me  detailed  donor  report  for  organizer  ª  Automa4c  dona4on  receipt  and  thank  you  emails  ª  Collect  dona4ons  directly  into  your  own  account  ª  No  contracts  or  paperwork  ª  Most  importantly…engaging  and  fun  for  all  ages!   26  
  27. 27. How  much  does  it  cost?    •  Free  to  register  your  nonprofit  account    •  Free  to  create  a  fundraiser  •  No  minimums,  no  risk  •  5%  service  fee   •  WePay  charges  flat  3.5%  credit  card   processing  fee   •  Funds  are  collected  directly  into  a  WePay   account  you  assign   •  You  can  track  progress  and  withdraw  funds   when  you  want,  you’re  in  control!   27  
  28. 28. Custom  Branded  Solu4ons  •  For  organiza4ons  with  mul4ple  fundraisers  per  year  •  Custom  colors,   logo,  and  content   for  website  and   email  •  Custom  URL  •  Collect  and  manage   funds  from  mul4ple   fundraisers  into  one   payment  account  •  7%  service  fee   28  
  29. 29. Make  it  personal.  Make  it  fun.     Engage  parGcipants.   Connect  with  donors.   29  
  30. 30. How  do  I  get  started?  •  Register  your  founda4on,  school,  or  nonprofit  by  clicking  on   the  START  tab  and  submiZng  your  EIN  Tax  ID.  •  Your  user  account  will  be  given  access  to  create  fundraisers.  •  Create  your  fundraiser  from  your  Dashboard.  •  Publish  your  fundraiser  and  start  collec4ng  dona4ons.   30  
  31. 31. We  look  forward  to  working  with  you  on   your  fundraising  ideas   Thank  you!   (818)  551-­‐1227