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  2. 2. Hi! My name is Dennis Crowley. I will tell you why FaceBook Places are boring and Foursquare is real game.@ playcer
  3. 3. Play with this awesome iPhone application. It’s really interesting to see where you are (if you don’t know and where your friends)! Another Big Thing – our Tips! You can find these really cool badges!! You can become a Mayor or be on the top (but only 1 week)@ playcer
  4. 4. You can Even wash-house check-in here. could be an interesting Place! Only check-in here. +1 and you happy! You can check-in here!! But the best idea – to become Mayor of this Place – forever!@ playcer
  5. 5. You can Even wash-housecheck-in here. could be an interesting Place! Only check-in here. +1 and you happy!You cancheck-in here!! But the best idea – to become Mayor of this Place – forever!
  6. 6. @ playcer
  7. 7. Gaming everywhere! Even on Bus stop Even for cats@ playcer
  8. 8. Web 3.0 is the Age of Influence
  9. 9. Game and sex is at the heart of human activity. 40% of FaceBook users play games every day. 175M Americans play in games. Tthe number of hours that gamers world-wide have spent playing “World of Warcraft” alone adds up to 5.93 million years@ playcer
  10. 10. Is it new Reality? This is not World of Warcraft. This is Reality. It’s my territory and you can’t be a Mayor here! Mace of Mark 139 gold 8 power 10 magic Pavel D.Marc Z. Great Orc, 70 levelSuper Orc, 170 levelMayor of PARC Mayor of Vkontakte
  11. 11. What is Playcer? Play World of Warcraft, in reality, or create your own game: add your own quests, awards, artifacts, virtual characters. Earn gold, level-up, improve skill, discover new places and meet real people!@ playcer
  12. 12. Playcer 101 • Challenges and Places • Artifacts and rewards • Levels and Points • Builder, API, Platform@ playcer
  13. 13. Challenges (Quests) Think about challenges like Quests, Trips or Routes. It’s a task which you have to complete. Challenge is a route consisted of series of places bind by one story. By doing actions in each place you are approaching to small victory. You are going to the Big Victory by doing small challenges. We use this term because non-game routes/quests are also very important for Playcer Universe.@ playcer
  14. 14. Artifacts, Gold, Rewards • Artifacts – items which you can find in different places or on the streets. You can collect them, exchange, sell or use for completing tasks. • Gold - game money. You can find gold by accident or earn by doing challenges. • Reward – as any loyalty system or check-in service Playcer has own system of rewards and engagement instrument.@ playcer
  15. 15. Levels and points • Levels and points is a measuring tool of your success. By doing challenges or other actions you can earn points and reach new levels. Higher levels disclose new abilities!@ playcer
  16. 16. Home page Profile Progress Bar Activity Stream Map Nearby places@ playcer
  17. 17. Check-in • “Check in” is boring in existing location services. We suggest next generation of location and social services where dynamic is more important than static. Our “checkins” reflect this concept. • After checkin you can find item, gold, earn points or meet Virtual Characters and Talk to them (as in a real games). Creator of Challenge choose what you should do here. Some actions are available only after checkins and have some special items.@ playcer
  18. 18. Place Challenge@ playcer
  19. 19. @ playcer Builder, API, Platform
  20. 20. As on YouTube million people share own videos As Playcer will contain millions of peoples’ voices It’s really important: SCVNGR allows creation only paid unlimited quests. It couldn’t get all advantages of wikinomics and crowdsourcing. Foursquare doesn’t have@ playcer an ability to add creative content.
  21. 21. Builder Playcer allow you to build your own Challenges, Places, Artifacts, Rewards, Virtual Characters by using web-interface. You can create a short story or very long one, add different tasks or puzzles, order, define complexity. Also you even can create Virtual Character that will be on the streets and will wait to speak to travelers. Playcer is the mediator between real and virtual life. Only you can define what this Universe will be like! You can use Playcer to create travel trips, tell stories, create fun games, play in Dozor, Encounter with our state-of-the-art interface.@ playcer
  22. 22. API and Platform Next step – is API and building Platform for developers. API allows to create own features more flexible, intellectual and interesting. 1 2 3 Web builder: create API: create own Platform: own own challenges, features, server, scripts, real-time, rewards, places, logic, rules - a wide Game as a Service NPC, etc. variety of games.@ playcer
  23. 23. Business Model• Virtual goods and virtual money• Branded challenges, items, etc.• Location-based advertising• Commission from Developers @ playcer
  24. 24. Business ModelVirtual money: users will pay for buying virtual goods and to improve theirprogress, buy virtual food (like in SecondLife for example). Expectedglobal revenue generated by the virtual goods industry in 2010 is $7,3B feature and partnership: companies will be able to create theirbranded quests (challenges) and pay us for promoting. Additionalfeatures: branded pages, items, places and analytics for improving andhandling game dynamics. ($1M is revenue of SCVNGR, .Commission: after launching API developers and designers can createcustom-built games (like application on Facebook) that will be built inPlaycer Universe. Also Players will spend money in games – developerswill give commission.Some notes about markets of social games - @ playcer
  25. 25. Competitors Users FundingFoursquare 5M $21.4Mis a LB social network that incorporates gaming elements.Gowallais a LBS that helps people keep up with their friends, sharetheir favorite places, find and exchange items, discover ~500K $10.4Mthe world around them.Booyah 3.1Mis dedicated to creating new forms of entertainment to $29.5M (MyTothe masses by bringing together elements of the realworld and the digital world (Real-World Gaming). wn)SCVNGRis part game, part game platform. Playing SCVNGR is all 800K $19Mabout going places, doing challenges and earning points.Parallel Kingdom unk unkLocation-based MMORPG
  26. 26. But PLAYCER - is Not just quests, game or platform! New paradigm… Game dynamice for real life
  27. 27. FutureExperts anticipated that game dynamics and gamification wouldalso be applied to health care, financial services, transportation,government, employee training, and other activities. Main GlobalGoal of Playcer – generate challenges mostly in this area.
  28. 28. Playcer makes Foursquare look like Justin Bieber’s song!@ playcer
  29. 29. @ playcerContactVitaly 905 285-6996