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Playboy Energy Drink - Affiliate Compensation Plan


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Playboy Energy Drink - Affiliate Compensation Plan

  1. 1. Affiliate Compensation Plan.Registrations PacksStarter Pack: $99.00 ($50 Fast Start)1 case of PLAYBOY Energy Drink. 24 cans. (8.oz)Registration of a Starter Pack $59.00 monthly autoshipReplicated business website and back officeOnline Customer Support and Affiliate Wholesale Ordering SupportSUPER Starter: $159.00 ($90.00 Fast Start)2 cases of PLAYBOY Energy Drinks, 48 cans. (8.oz)Registration of a Super Starter $99.00 monthly autoshipPre-Qualified for 3 months at the Regional Rank in the matrixReplicated business website and back officeOnline Customer Support and Affiliate Wholesale Ordering SupportPlatinum Club Membership: $1,500.00 ($500.00 Fast Start)10 cases of PLAYBOY Energy DrinkRegistration of a Super Starter $99.00 monthly autoshipReceive customers from all corporate marketing initiativesPre-Qualified for 6 months at the National Rank in the matrixParticipate in a 5% global bonus pool (Total Sales), which is paid out monthly. This pool takes 5% of theGlobal sales of the company and divides it equally by all Platinum Club Members. (See the full description)You must maintain a monthly $99.00 Reoccurring Monthly order and have 2 personally sponsored Affiliates(active on a reoccurring monthly autoship) to stay qualified in the bonus pool. Should you drop off autoshipor fall below 2 personally qualified you will no longer be eligible for the 5% bonus pool payout.Monthly Autoship Packs:(BV is set at a1 to 1 ratio. 1BV point equals $1.00)Starter Pack: $59.00 monthly (25BV)1 case of PLAYBOY Energy Drink. 24 cans. (8.oz)SUPER Starter: $99.00 monthly (40BV)2 case of PLAYBOY Energy Drinks, 48 cans. (8.oz)*** The $99.00 Starter Pack and $59.00 monthly autoship come in either Regular, or Sugar Free drinkformulation. While the $159.00 Super Starter and $99.00 monthly autoship come in either Regular, Sugar Free ora Combo Pack***
  2. 2. How You Earn!Retail/Wholesale Customer Product purchases & Wholesale B2B: Paid WeeklyWith PureNRGFx there is no requirement for everyone to be an Affiliate. Every time an active Affiliateenrolls a retail customer for free and that customer places an order the Affiliate earns a commission.PureNRGfx will then place additional BV into the 9 Level Matrix Affiliate Payment Plan. Also all Affiliateshave a real Business to Business (B2B) opportunity because with your Affiliate monthly autoship you arecovered under the PureNRGFx Inc license agreement to sell to restaurants, bars, gas stations, localconvenience stores, and anywhere else provided it IS NOT a nationally recognized chain. These B2Bcustomers can then become wholesale approved and get amazing savings and order at our best wholesalepricing. Retail and Wholesale Payouts are as follows.Affiliate Team Matching Bonus: Paid MonthlyEach time one of an Affiliate’s personallysponsored active Affiliates earns acommission payout from the 3x9 MatrixPayout Plan the sponsoring Affiliate willearn a match against their personallysponsored checks. Affiliates can earn teammatching bonus checks on up to 4generations. When you qualify at the TeamPresident (or higher) Affiliate level you willalso be eligible to earn an additional fifthlevel.Affiliate  Team  Matching  Bonus              Personally  Sponsored   4   6   8   10  First  Level   5%   5%   5%   5%  Second  Level    5%   5%   5%  Third  Level      5%   5%  Forth  Level        3%  Fifth  Level   2%  Total   5%   10%   15%   20%  Fast Start Commission: Paid WeeklyEach time a new Affiliate enrolls in the company acommission will be paid out on three (3) levels. Themore you grow your business and enroll newAffiliate members the more you earn through theInitial Product Purchase Bonus. Each subsequentmonth following the Initial Product Payment Bonuspayout the appropriate amount of product BonusVolume (BV) will be place in the 3x9 Level MatrixPay Program.Fast  Start  Commission:  Product  Pack   Starter   Super   PCM  Price   $99   $159   $1500  PayOut          Level  1   $25   $50   $250  Level  2   $15   $25   $150  Level  3   $10   $15   $100              Total   $50   $90   $500  Retail/Wholesale  Case  Purchases:  Number  of  Cases      1  to  5  cases  6  Cases  or  More  Price  Per  Case    $59.00   $32.00  Enroller  Affiliate    $15.00    $2.00  Affiliate  9  Level  Pay  Plan     BV   10    2            Total  Payout       $25.00   $4.00  
  3. 3. 3x9 Level Affiliate Payment Plan: Paid MonthlyBV from all Affiliate monthly payments will be placed into the 3x9 Level Matrix Pay Program. Affiliateswill earn bonuses based of the number of personally sponsored active Affiliates they have and also the sizeof the business volume for products sales within their organization.PureNRGfx  3x9  Level  Pay  Program    Ranks/Generations   Affiliate   Regional   National  Team  Executive  Must  be  on  $99  Team  President  Must  be  on  $99  Team  Ambassador  Must  be  on  $99  #  of  Personal  Active  Affiliates  2  Or  $150  Retail  Sales  4   6   8   10   12  LEVEL  1   5%   5%   5%   5%   5%   5%  LEVEL  2   5%   5%   5%   5%   5%   5%  LEVEL  3    5%   5%   5%   5%   5%  LEVEL  4      5%   5%   5%   5%  LEVEL  5        5%   5%   5%  LEVEL  6        5%   5%   5%  LEVEL  7        5%   10%   10%  LEVEL  8            10%   10%  LEVEL  9             10%  Total  Possible  team  Bonus   10%   15%   20%   35%   50%    60%  Infinity  Sales  Bonus;    not  more  than  1/3  volume  can  come  from  any  one  leg            Be  Super  Starter  qualified  and  have  8  personal  active  Affiliates  and  500,000  (BV)  monthly  volume.    Earn  .5%  infinity  deep  Be  Super  Starter  qualified  and  have  10  personal  active  Affiliates  and  1,000,000  (BV)  monthly  volume.  Earn  1%  infinity  deep  Be  Super  Starter  qualified  and  have  12  personal  sponsored  active  Affiliates  and  2,000,000  (BV)  monthly  volume.  Earn  2%  infinity  deep  5% Platinum Club Bonus: Paid MonthlyThe Platinum Club is an exciting way to grow your business and earn bonuses from the total performance ofthe company. Once you become an Affiliate and have purchased the Platinum Club Membership along withthe required minimum $99.00 autoship (monthly); and you have personally sponsored a minimum of 2personally sponsored Affiliates on an active autoship you will eligible to share in the 5% Platinum Clubsales pool. The club only takes new members twice a year and you must purchase your membership duringthe appropriate time. If you fall off autoship or below 2 personally sponsored active Affiliates yourmembership will be suspended until you are qualified again.
  4. 4. The PureNRGfx Car Program:Enroll 12 active personal Affiliates and build an organization of 2500 active Affiliates with a monthlyautoship order with not more than 1/3 in any leg: AND PURENRGFX WILL BUY YOU A CAR. That’sright no payments, no allowance you get the car and the title. (2500 active Affiliates must be active for 3consecutive months) You can choose a car up to a retail value of 51KHere are 3 sample cars to choose from; however you can choose any car that is right for you. Simply BuildYour Business; We Buy; You Drive, it’s that simple.300C Luxury Series AWD Cadillac XTS Lincoln MKX AWDRetail Value: $45,200 aprx Retail Value: $46,000 aprx Retail Value: $50,070 aprx*All  income  examples  above  are  examples  only  of  the  potential  earning  possible  and  does  not  reflect  actual  earnings  which  in  most  cases  will  be  much  more  and  in  some  cases  can  be  less  depending  on  each  Affiliate’s  activity.  All  Affiliates  are  required  to  be  active  with  a  monthly  purchase  pack  of  not  less  than  $59.00  monthly  to  remain  qualified  for  most  bonuses  or  commissions*