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Cfp Broucher


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“WealthPreneurs Advisory Services” & “IMS proschool” announces the launch of CFP regular classroom training program at Deogiri College, Aurangabad.

A brief overview of the program and the course content is given below.

1) Introduction to Financial Planning*

2) Risk Management & Insurance

3) Retirement Planning & Employee

4) Investment Planning

5) Tax Planning & Estate Planning

6) Advanced Financial Planning (Case Studies)


6 months (120+ hour’s approx)

Other details

38 online tutorials

Study kit

Online Mock test

Fee Structure






Sunday (9.30-1.30pm)

For more details, CFP broucher is attached.

For further details email us at, , or call +91 800 763 9503


Warm Regards,

Devendra Pandit

WealthPreneurs Advisory Services,

In association with - IMS proschool,

Contact Number: +91 800 763 9503.

+91 810 889 7001.
Office Address: Plot No. 8, Anupam Society,
Shrey Nagar, Osmanpura,
Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
P Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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Cfp Broucher

  1. 1. Financial Planning www.proschoolonline.comCFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM and are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial PlanningStandards Board Ltd. Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the CFPCM marks in India,through agreement with FPSB.
  2. 2. Financial Planning – a rewarding career 1250 scrip’s hit upper circuit onRelationship building and quality of advice are the foundation of BSE - Business Daily from THE HINDUany flourishing Financial Advisory Service. Financial Planning group of publicationseducation imparts the requisite knowledge and skill-set, that Tuesday, May 26, 2009enables you to provide quality advice to your client on aconsistent basis and create wealth for your clients in the long Mumbai, May 25 A large number of scrip’srun. Therefore investment in financial planning education is the listed under the B, S and T categories hitmost rewarding investment for any financial advisor. the upper circuit on Monday, exactly one week after the benchmark indices hit theirAdditional rewards: upper circuits twice in the same day. 1. Holistic and process oriented approach to client’s finances Irrational exuberance among uninformed to cater to his / her long term financial goals. It ensures investors is driving many of these scrip’s retention of the client on a sustainable basis. beyond their fundamental value, said market watchers. 2. Satisfied existing clients means more referrals 3. Year on Year growth in your and your client’s net worth. A total of 1250 scrip’s hit the upper circuit on the BSE; a large chunk of them (1,183) 4. Your clients sleep peacefully and dont curse you in the even do not figure in the BSE 500 index. morning. “Definitely there are risks involved, retail investors believe that there is value Industry w ise Em ploym ent Insurance Company everywhere but only a few of these stocks are worth investing in,” said Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, Chairman and Managing Director, Bank Angel Broking. “Last financial year, these 9% stocks were hammered beyond their 14% 6% Broking House fundamental valuations.” 9% AMC The article proves that the euphoria is back and so are the greedy promoters and 5% Independent Financial rouge traders. And in all probability history 29% would be repeated. The gullible small Planner investors would be the last to join the party Self Employed and stuck with stocks of poor fundamentals 28% with deep hole in their pocket. And the Others promoters and traders would laugh their way to bank. But why do investors behave in this fashion? It s the “Get rich quickly” bug, the greed, which bites most of the stock market Avg Salary More than Rs 25 Lakhs investors. Though most of the investors would agree and acknowledge this folly but Rs.15 Lakh to Rs 25 rarely would they rectify it. They forget the 1% fact that equity investment is all about long Lakh 4% term horizon and discipline and Markets 2% Rs 10 Lakhs to Rs 15 reward patience. Instead, the investor’s 22% 14% Lakhs trades actively like a gambler and we all Rs 6 Lakh to Rs 10 know that gamblers hardly make money. Lakhs The answer lies in Financial Planning. 24% Financial planning advocates a planned 33% Rs 3 Lakh to Rs 6 Lakhs and disciplined approach towards investing. A Financial plan clearly defines < Rs 3 Lakhs the objectives of investment. Further, the investments are divided across different asset classes as per the risk appetite of the investor and portfolio is built in line with the risk taking ability and defined objectives. The Financial planning approach is sure way for investors to achieve financial freedom and fulfill his / her financial goals.2
  3. 3. Wealthpreneurs Programs:Wealthpreneurs Advisory Services in association with IMS Proschool (a leading Financial Planning EducationProvider in India) brings you financial education programs designed to suit your requirement. The programs arefocused, of short duration, at convenient timings and cost effective. The interactive online program bringsclassroom at your doorstep.Classroom Program REGULAR Classroom Program FAST TRACK - 100+ hrs of Classroom Training & 60 hrs of - 60 hours of Classroom Training & 60 hrs Online Sessions - of Online Sessions - Online Study Material - Online Study Material - Online Practice & Simulated Tests - Online Practice Tests & Simulated Tests - Excel Tutorials - Excel Tutorials - Study Kit (Concept Books & Workbooks)Live Virtual Classroom Program PLUS Live Virtual Classroom Program REGULAR - 60 hours of Online Sessions - 60 hours of Online Sessions - Online Study Material - Online Study Material - Online Practice & Simulated Tests - Online Practice Tests & Simulated Tests - Excel Tutorials - Excel Tutorials - Study Kit (Concept Books & Workbooks)Program Fees Program Fee (Rs) FP- Classroom REGULAR 36000 FP- LVC PLUS 20000 FP - LVC REGULAR 16000 FP - Distance Learning 14000* Fee is subject to change. Fee paid once will not be refunded.How to Apply for Programs?You can enroll at our office in Aurangabad.Documents Required: i. Two passport size colour photographs.ii. Self-attested photocopies of the highest qualification till date.iii. The payment has to be made by Demand Draft. The DD should be drawn in favuor of “WealthPreneursAdvisory Services.” payable in Aurangabad.Note: 1) “WealthPreneurs” reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason thereof. 2) Incomplete application forms or application forms which are not accompanied with relevant documents will not be processed. 3
  4. 4. About Certified Financial Planning (CFPCM)Certified Financial Planner Certification is an internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification. Thequalification is recognized in more than 20 countries across the world. In India, the Certification is granted byFinancial Planning Standards Board - India (FPSB).The qualification gears candidates to provide comprehensive financial advisory services to individuals. It coversinsurance, retirement planning, investment, taxation and estate planning. For those looking for a career in thefinancial services sector, CFPCM Certification provides a definite edge over other candidates. Ones expertiseand credibility as a qualified professional is instantly communicated if he/she has a CFPCM Certification. Theservices of CFPCM Certificants are sought by Banks, Asset Management Companies, Insurance Companies,Equity Broking Houses and Financial Planning firms.There are currently over 100000 CFPCM Certificants worldwide and around 450 + CFPs in India. As per industryestimates, the requirement for financial advisors will be approximately 50000 in the coming years.Benefits of CFPCM:1. Boosts your advisory because CFPCM certification would communicate your knowledge, skill set and expertise.2. Helps you align your practice on globally recognized standards and process.3. Widens the scope of services provided by you. You become one point of contact for your client for all financial service requirements.4. Wins trust & respect of client.5. Higher referrals and Higher revenue.6. Member of a professional board.7. You become part of global brand CFPCM8. You stand out in the crowd.Requirements for CFPCM CertificationOne needs to fulfill the following four criteria to obtain the CFPCM Certification 1. Examination The candidate has to pass the CFPCM certification exam i.e. he has to clear all the five papers viz. Risk Management & Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits, Investment Planning, Tax Planning & Estate Planning and Advanced Financial Planning. By passing the CFPCM Certification Examination, the candidate demonstrates to the public that he/she has the required level of competency to practice Financial Planning. 2. Education Education criterion demonstrates to the public that the candidate has acquired the necessary knowledge to become a Financial Planner. Candidate must be at least a 12th Std Pass/Equivalent. The candidate should undergo the training program education FPSB Indias approved Education Providers. 3. Experience The experience criterion builds confidence in public that the candidate understands the counseling nature of personal financial planning. The candidate has to complete 3 years of work experience either pre or post Certification exam in case he/she is a graduate. In case of non graduates the criteria is 6 years of work experience. 4. Ethics On completion of the education, examination and experience requirements, the candidate has to sign declaration for adherence to FPSB Indias Code of Ethics & Rules of Professional Conduct. 4
  5. 5. How to become a Certified Financial Planner? Process to obtain the NCFM NumberStep 1 1. Log on to www. Nseindia.comEnroll for training with IMS Proschool – an authorized 2. Click on ‘NCFM’ on the top menu bar of the websiteFPSB education provider to fulfill the education criteria 3. Select – ‘Online Register / EnrollStep 2 4. Click- “New User? Register here”NSE conducts the CFPCM examination hence you have to 5. Fill up the online form completelyregister with them by obtaining a NCFM (NSEs 6. Check the filled up form thoroughly.Certification in Financial Markets) number. You can obtain 7. Click on “Submit” after checking the form oncethe NCFM number by logging on to the NSE website. This againnumber is also required for registering with FPSB. One 8. The NCFM Number along with a user id andhas to quote the NCFM number on the FPSB Registrationform.Note: In case you have already taken any other exam fromNSE/NCFM you would already have a NCFM number, DONOT create a new NCFM number in that case. FPSB Registration Process 1. Log on to - 3Financial Planning Standard Board India (FPSB India) 2. Click on - OCMS on the right panel.grants the CFPCM Certification; hence you have to be 3. Click on - Student Registration Form.registered with it to commence the CFPCM certification 4. Fill up the online form completely.process. You can register with FPSB India by filling up the 6. Upload your recent photograph.FPSB India Registration Form online and submitting the 7. Select payment mode i.e. DD or Credit Card to payprinted copy to IMS – Proschool. the FPSB Registration fee. 8. Take printout of the completed Registration form.Step 4 9. An auto-generated email mentioning yourRegister for the examination/s directly on the NSE website Temporary Registration Number and other details willafter 60 days of registration with FPSB India. be sent by FPSB India to the email address provided by you on your FPSB Registration form. 10. Submit the print out of the completed FPSBCFPCM Examination Registration form along with following documents toThe CFP examination has been developed and designed IMS assess the candidates ability to apply Financial • DD of Rs. 10,000/- drawn in favor ofPlanning knowledge to real-life Financial Planning “Financial Planning Standards Boardsituations. Following are the five papers which the India” payable at Mumbai. (if applicable).candidates have to pass in order to acquire the CFP • One photocopy of either HSC,Certification. Graduation (if applicable), Post • Paper 1 : Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning + Graduation certificate (if applicable) Introduction to Financial Planning * mark sheet duly self attested. • Paper 2 : Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits • Proof of NCFM number i.e. print out of + Introduction to Financial Planning * the email sent by NSE. • Paper 3 : Investment Planning + Introduction to Financial Planning* • Paper 4 : Tax Planning & Estate Planning + Introduction to Financial Planning * • Paper 5: Advanced Financial Planning. Exam Registration Process - Paper 1 to 4 1. Log on to NSE website* Questions on Introduction to Financial Planning are 2. Upload photographasked in the first four papers. 3. Check seat / slot availability 4. Schedule your examinationThe candidates can take Paper 1 to 4 as per their order of 5. Make Paymentpreference. One can take maximum of two papers at atime. However Paper 5 can be taken only after the 6. Receive your Admit Card by emailcandidate has cleared Paper 1 to 4. 5
  6. 6. FPSB India conducts Paper 1 to 4 at 71 centre’s of NSE Exam Registration Process - Paper 5across India whereas Paper 5 is conducted only at 6 1. Log on to FPSB India websitecentre’s of NSE. Papers 1 to 4 are conducted daily (Mon to 2. Fill up the formSat). One can select the slot on their preference andavailability. Paper 5 is normally conducted every month i.e. 3. Check Exam Date on website:on 3rd or 4th Sat of the month. A tentative exam schedule www.fpsbindia.orgis put up on FPSB India website. 4. Make Payment 5. Receive your Admit Card by emailExamination Structure Paper 1 to 4 Type of Test Online Test Paper 5 – Advanced Financial Planning Test Duration 2 hours Type of Test Computerized Types of Questions Multiple Choice Test Duration 4 hours Number of Questions 75 Types of Questions Multiple Choice Questions based on two case Marking System Variable studies.* (40 questions - 1 Marks), Number of Questions 25-30 Questions from 2 (20 questions - 2 Marks), Case Studies (15 questions - 4 Marks) Marking System Variable (3,4,5 Marks) Negative Marks No Negative Markings Negative Marks No Negative Markings Total Marks 140 Total Marks 100 * Candidates registered with FPSB India will receive four probable case studies, 7 days in advance, from FPSB on their Email ID. Out of these case studies, two similar case studies will be asked on the examination day.ScoringThe candidates will be able to view the results immediately on their screen immediately after the exam. Theycan take a printout of their result at the test centre. Paper 1 to 4 Paper 5 Grade A - Equal and above 80%. Grade A - Equal and above 75%. Grade B - Equal and above 70% and less than 80%. Grade B - Equal and above 60% and less than 75%. Grade C - Equal and above 60% and less than 70%. Grade C - Equal and above 50% and less than 60%. Fail Less than 60%. Fail -Less than 50%. 6
  7. 7. Exam Fee 1. Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning Rs. 2000/- 2. Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits Rs. 2000/- 3. Investment Planning Rs. 2000/- 4. Tax Planning & Estate Planning Rs. 2000/- 5. Advanced Financial Planning Rs. 5000/-* Exam Fee is subject to change; hence it is recommended that the candidate checks the FPSB India websitebefore registering for the examination.Points to Remember • Candidates should carry a valid photo ID Proof to avoid inconvenience. • Candidate who register for the examination but do not appear for the examination will be considered absent. There is no refund of fees. • Request for carry forward of examination OR request for change in exam dates, change in exam & change in exam centre etc. are NOT entertained by FPSB India under any circumstances. • Students should ensure that all personal information such as mobile number and email address, provided by them on NSE Website is correct in order to ensure proper communication.About Wealthpreneurs & IMS ProschoolWealthpreneurs was launched in 2010, which partners and nurtures a vast resource pool, possibilities of whichis endless & still unearth. Wealthpreneurs is having an association with proschool an IMS initiativeAt IMS, our goal for the past 33 years has been simple - Build a long term successful career. IMS Proschool isan extension of the same mission although the route is different.Economic growth over the past decade has created new opportunities for graduates & professionals and IMSProschool is helping them to tap these opportunities. IMS Proschool’s goal is to provide relevant skills tograduates & professionals in the shortest possible time which will enable them to perform under challengingbusiness environment.IMS Proschool Success • Created over 500 Associate Financial Planners • Created over 100 CFPs in short span of 24 months • Trained over 6000 candidates on Financial Planning and Wealth Management • More than 2000 candidates who are pursuing Financial Planning Education.IMS Proschool Programs • Professional Program in Financial Modeling • Financial Planning EducationWhat makes IMS Proschool Programs unique? • Focused, practical and relevant programs. • Short duration. • Online Classroom and Regular Classroom Programs available. • Range of options to choose from • Course Content developed with inputs and feedback from industry. • Programs are delivered by industry practitioners. 7
  8. 8. Trainer to the Industry • State Owned Banks – SBI, BOI, SBBJ, IDBI • Foreign Banks – CITI, Deutsche • Security Houses –Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, Motilal Oswal, Tata Securities • Mutual Fund Companies – Sundaram BNP Paribas, Optimix. • Insurance Companies – ICICI PrudentialInstitutional Tie- ups • Partner of NISM, an initiative of SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India), to create Financial Planning proficiency among students across India. • NSE India for Financial Modeling Certificate program administration. WealthPreneurs Advisory Services WealthPreneurs Advisory Services In association with IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd In association with IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd Office Address: Plot No. 8, Center Address: Deogiri College, Anupam Society, Commerce Computer Lab, Shrey Nagar, Railway Station Road, Osmanpura, Padampura, Aurangabad Aurangabad. Pin Code : 431005 Pin Code : 431005 8