Ponencia de Nicolla Callegaro de Venice Conected en #OMTTECH


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Presentación de Nicolla Callegaro de VENICE CONECTED sobre el proyecto de plataforma multiservicio realizada en Venecia la cual favorece la integracíon de servicios y ayuda a las ventas en temporada baja. Ponencia realizada el 20 de Enero de 2011 durante el evento OMTTech, presentación oficial de www.platma.org

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Ponencia de Nicolla Callegaro de Venice Conected en #OMTTECH

  1. 1. WEB TECHNOLOGIES FOR A CITY TOURISM Nicola CallegaroMadrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  2. 2. City of Venice 16,000,000 touristsMadrid 60,000 inhabitants20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  3. 3. //venice>connected is… A new integrated platform for managing tourism flows – run directly by the Venice City Council - consisting of an innovative online booking process of main public services at reduced fares BUY NOW Pricing strategies…Madrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  4. 4. //venice>connected is… Pricing strategies have been defined to encourage advanced booking and reduce negative effects of season peeks • Bookings can be made up to a minimum of 4 days before collecting the tickets • In order to get lower prices (online rates), you need to book at least 7 days before arriving in Venice • Prices are based upon a calendar related to the sustainability index and vary according to the tourist flowMadrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  5. 5. //venice>connected main objectives • To limit the negative effects of seasonality • To estimate tourist flows in advance in order to provide tourists with better services as well as to ensure better living conditions for residents • To foster the implementation of ICT-based flow management systems and arrivals trend analysis • To improve cooperation and dialogue between the governmental and non-governmental sectors of world tourism • To promote Venice’s less known sights and the related economic activities Economic Social Sustainable sustainability sustainability TourismMadrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  6. 6. //venice>connected services Airport transport Public transport Wedding booking Parking Museums Casino Public convenienceMadrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  7. 7. //venice>connected numbers 2010 - General • 638,100 Visits • 5,690,434 Pageviews 2010 - E-commerce Sales of 40 products generated € 3,430,761 • 6.33% Conversion Rate • 40,380 Transactions • € 84.96 Average Order ValueMadrid • 107,955 Purchased Products20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  8. 8. //venice>connected lessons learnt - To forecast and manage tourism flows allows local administrations and private operators to improve the quality and profitability of services - A strategy for involving stakeholder should be carefully designed The public administration needs to find the more effective and flexible ways to interact with the other stakeholders - Tourists and residents are very well-disposed to initiatives that promote sustainable tourismMadrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  9. 9. //venice>connected next steps • A mobile application • An immersive 360° map of the city • 10 new products/services in the online shopping cart • 300 new pages of information about Venice and sustainable tourismMadrid • A Chinese website20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro
  10. 10. //venice>connected Thank you Nicola Callegaro Venice City Council nicola.callegaro@comune.venezia.itMadrid20 January 2011 Nicola Callegaro