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My presentation from the 2013 Event Marketing Summit in Chicago. Learn the ins and outs of proper influencer marketing, from influencer identification to validation to collaboration, how to activate and track a campaign, and how "big data" plays an integral role throughout the entire process.

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  • Every day, YOUR TARGET engages in millions of social conversations – with one another, blogs, brands and media They chat, blog, post, pin, comment, like, tweet & share
  • A lot of times brands THINK they know their target audiences, but because they’re so blinded by demographics, they really have no idea… Social ethnography™ is essentially the process of aggregating and analyzing social conversations among your target audience, to identify real-time trends… who they are, what they care about, how to engage them, and through what channels… THIS is the holy grail of marketing. Because if you know EVERYTHING about your target, you’ll be able to engage them on THEIR terms…
  • And if our experience is worth ANYTHING, I assure you… often times a brand’s assumptions about their target turn out to be ALL WRONG… and what you thought you knew about your target is the absolute opposite of how they are actually behaving in their lives…
  • And you become the conductor…
  • Here’s where we tie it all together, and take the insights gleaned through Social Ethnography to create better event programs… because now that we genuinely know our target audience and we’ve properly segmented them… we can actually create event experiences THEY WANT TO ENGAGE WITH…
  • On that note, here is a video we made to explain CD, and how it allows us as marketers to evolve from our old school approachesI apologize for the voice on the video – it is my own… but fortunately it’s set against an Eminem soundtrack…
  • Now… I want to pivot…show you a video we created for the Acura ILX launch campaign. A few key things to note:Very small budgetNo actual event productionNo paid mediaAn influencer campaign where influencers were compensated only through experiences, not actual paymentNo owned media – all social amplification was achieved by influencers, not the brand
  • Thank you.
  • Influencer Marketing Best Practices

    1. 1. Identifying Brand Influencers The art and science behind marketing’s holy grail Jason Metz @MKTGInfluencers
    2. 2. 2 Some brands have an existing social fan base – companies like Coca-Cola and Under Armour and Patron. And typically these sexy consumer-facing brands also have their fair share of influential fans – influencers they can tap into to help broadcast their messaging and engage key audiences. But most brands either don’t have a massive built-in fan base, or they have no fan base at all (including new launches, among others). So of course, they likewise have no influencers. So how then do brands build an influencer community from scratch, which is so critical in a world where everyday consumers can significantly push the needle for perception, trial, purchase and evangelism? Introduction
    4. 4. Social Ethnography™ is our proprietary social listening platform, through which we aggregate and analyze millions of social conversations and activities taking place among any brand’s target audience, across all social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, blogs, etc. Instead of merely paying attention to a brand’s existing fans and consumers, we monitor conversations among a brand’s target audience – based on a psychographic profile we establish with that brand (i.e. Kraft Cheese wants to engage young moms who are balancing raising a family with maintaining their own independence). And instead of merely paying attention to how those people are interacting with that brand, we observe all aspects of their behavior, so we can build a comprehensive engagement strategy that taps into all aspects of their lives.
    5. 5. 8 Social Ethnography™ Trackingconsumer behavioral patternsandtriggers behavioral triggers Discover what motivates your audience: what do they love, what are their passion points, not just about products, but about everything. Apply these insights to optimize each and every piece of your marketing mix – from advertising to PR to events and media. applying insights empower your audience We don’t just engage your audience with brand messaging; we involve your audience in developing their experience with your brand. Crowdsourcing becomes a critical aspect of the consumer experience. think cohesively Rather than look at each marketing discipline in a silo, we deliver a cohesive consumer experience across all key channels, where, when and how they want to engage. METHOD
    6. 6. We identify the trending conversations YOUR target audience is engaged with, and as a result, we crystalize the things that genuinely matter to them. Pamela Schwartz No need to wait for govt to ban unhealthy school lunches. My kids prefer healthy food! #AppleADay” about an hour ago • 89 Likes • 42 Comments Jenny looks so adorable in this pic! OJ and sliced apples on the farm. Fun times ;) 42 minutes ago • 17 Likes Even farm animals want to share JK. So true though Pam—just develop good habits and bad choices aren’t made.
    9. 9. Through Social Ethnography™, we confirm your target audience’s passion points and behavioral triggers, and we identify the trending conversations across all social media channels that your audience is engaged with. And then we go one step deeper, identifying the actual people (influencers) responsible for driving those conversations. For most brands, Social Ethnography™ produces 4 to 6 very different target audience segments that should be engaged, and as a result we look to identify influencers within each of those segments. For example, we identified 5 key segments for Kraft Cheese to engage, each of who had very different behavioral triggers and passions, and very different influencers.
    10. 10. Often brands THINK they know their target, but because they’re so blinded by useless “demographics”, they really have NO idea who they’re trying to engage.
    11. 11. And if our experience is worth ANYTHING at all, many brands’ assumptions about their target audience often turn out to be ALL WRONG.
    12. 12. REACH RELEVANCERESONANCE Once we have confirmed a brand’s key target segments based on Social Ethnography and identified the potential influencers within each segment, we then use our technology platform to create a dashboard for each influencer, where we analyze all of their social platforms. We rank potential influencers based on 3 critical criteria – REACH, RESONANCE and RELEVANCE – to ensure the people we engage are best equipped to align with the brand, to reach the brand’s target audience, and to significantly influence behavior.
    13. 13. And for all influencers we deem to be viable, we create an influencer profile, which allows us to track all of their conversations and postings across all social channels, as well as the audience interaction and amplification they trigger.
    14. 14. Key parameters of a successful Influencer Marketing campaign: 1. Requires Authenticity 2. Requires Partnership & co-creation 3. Requires Context – relevant to influencers & their communities 4. Requires Sustainment – have a plan for long-term collaboration 5. Requires Experiences – no gimicks, gamification, points or badges 6. No Pay-for-Play – mutual value proposition beyond cash 7. Content is Currency – empower creation Once we’ve built our community of influencers, the next step is to activate them – to create a series of engagements and touch points FOR them and THROUGH them, to reach their audiences. There are 7 key parameters for success in influencer marketing.
    15. 15. And once a campaign goes live, we track EVERYTHING through our dashboard.
    16. 16. 18.5MM 18.5MM 24K $229K 20 20 935 $88K
    17. 17. And the brand – YOU – become the engagement conductor, because you are able to engage your most important audience segments around the passions and triggers they genuinely care about… and respond to… through the RIGHT Influencers!
    18. 18. Watch the video here:
    20. 20. THANK YOU! Jason Metz @MKTGINFLUENCERS