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Klassmate it's fun to learn !


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This is the device Klassmate which I have developed for classroom teaching. Which costs 70000 INR and is portable interactive whiteboard. with Microsoft Kinect sensor.

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Klassmate it's fun to learn !

  1. 1. www.baljagat.comPresentation By: Anil SonuneAssistant Teacher, Zilla Parishad Primary School Nimkheda KhTaluka Jafrabad Dist Jalna Ph 9960650807
  2. 2. Name : Anil Wamanrao SonuneDesignation : Assistant TeacherSchool : Zilla Parishad Primary School, Nimkheda TalukaJafrabad District Jalna MaharashtraResidential Address: 1091 , Shivajinagar , Tembhurni TalukaJafrabad Dist Jalna Maharashtra 431208Phone : +919960650807Email : ,
  3. 3. Agenda1 Problem Definition2 Existing Systems in Education3 Proposed System4 Progress so far5 Future Scope
  4. 4. Problem Definition Traditional system in Alternative to Traditional Classroom Teaching system• LCD and Overhead • availability of Projectors websites, videos, animatio • Disadvantage ns, e-books, etc. • Non Interactive • Advantage • Sometimes boring. • More visual than • Little bulky to traditional system. transport. • Drawback • Non Interactive. • No Portability.
  5. 5. K-Yan and KlassmateK-Yan• A project from IL&FS (Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.) Educational & Technology Services, Prof Kirti Trivedi of IDC has developed K-Yan, A compact media product for community use. It combines the functions of: a multimedia and internet enabled PC, large format television, DVD/VCD/CD player, CD writer, video-conference device, LCD data projector, and an audio system that facilitates shared viewing and participation by users. Launched in March 2004, K-Yan is easy to use, has multilingual facilities, and eliminates the need for investing in other media hardware.Klassmate• A complete multimedia system for classroom teaching. It is a low cost solution for Interactive whiteboards as well as contains Microsoft X Box Kinect 3d sensor for gesture recognication as well as voice commands. Interactivity and portability are the key factors of Klassmate as it can be carried easily from one place to another easily. It is easy to setup and operates on Microsoft windows 7 operating system. All the components are mainstream pc components and is 20% cheaper than K-Yan.
  6. 6. Proposed System• Kinect and Wiimote based ‘All in one Projector PC’.• Kinect used for interaction from students.• Wiimote used for making interactive whiteboard.• All the things fits in a suitcase so ease of transportation.• Complete Portable and interactive multimedia Solution for schools. Klassmate
  7. 7. What is Kinect ?
  8. 8. ToolsMicrosoft Kinect is a Motion Nitendo Wiimote is the sensing input device for X- wireless game controllerBOX. Natural user interface used to play games with that supports gestures and Nitendo game consoles, has spoken commands. infrared sensor.
  9. 9. Rationale for selecting Kinect and Wiimote • No controllers or remotes. • Supports 3d ( Not possible in camera) Kinect • Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronic device. • Comes with infrared sensor. • Low cost.Wiimote • Small footprint. • Connects with Bluetooth to PC
  10. 10. Technical Specifications Klassmate• Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz Processor• 2 GB Ram• 160 GB SATA Hard Drive• DVD Writer• Onboard Graphics• Onboard Lan port• 6 USB Ports.• Built in 40 Watt Stereo Speakers.• Built in Microsoft Kinect 3d sensor• Built in wiimote• Sony EX-100 LCD Projector.• Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo.• Custom built aluminum cabinet which fits in suitcase.• Operating on Windows 7.
  11. 11. It is now possible to take the projector and computer on remote schools.Small schools is groups can make the kit and use alternatively.Ease of use. Only Plug the system to Power and Power on pc.No Messy cables.Can be projected on any plane white surface. No need of costly screens.Strong Aluminum Cabinet.Can be operated from suitcase.( When suitcase is open)
  12. 12. Project is being run by Zilla Parishad Primary School Zirpi, TalukaAmbad, Zilla Parisad Primary School Sonak Pimpalgaon. fromDecember 2011.
  13. 13. ImplementationsOne room as speciallydesigned for the Interactivewhiteboard.Teacher as per planningtakes class to room andteaches various concepts.Inverter is used whenelectricity not available.
  14. 14. positive Multiple Tests were growth of choice Each results planned 11% is question type were within observed test of 10 comparedintervals of 3 throughout marks for with last test. months. the academic each subject. year.
  15. 15. 90 80 70 60 Science 50 Mathematics 40 30 Languages 20 Social Studies 10 0 Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Graph showing progress subject wise throughoutyear. Unit tests were arranged at intervals of 3 months
  16. 16. Outcomes % age908070 80.5 7460 66.5 62.755040 % age302010 0 Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Graph showing overall progress throughout year.
  17. 17. attendance students learn increased. with fun. complex concepts can overall increase be illustrated in academiceasily with the progress. help of multimedia.
  18. 18. Sixty Seven More than 1574 teachers trained students using Headmasters and computer-aided school-in-charge oflearning tools and 35 schools made software aware in education, enhanced their capacity of understanding and Project has impacted exam results. improved Project has an indirect role in increase of enrollmentattendance, raised Meetings of parent-students’ interest teacher association at the schools have made more than 30,000 parents aware of the device
  19. 19. To develop localizededucational Applicationsfor Microsoft Surface. Touse in classroom, by next‘Face to Surface’ Project, one surface per student.Try to make Klassmatereach more and moreschool with the help ofcommunity and variousorganizations.
  20. 20. Mouse MischiefKinect in ClassroomWorldwide TelescopeGoogle SketchupInteractive WhiteboardProject KlassmateKinect with GCompris SuiteStudent feedbackTeacher feedbackTeacher feedback
  21. 21. Photo Gallery
  22. 22. Photo Gallery
  23. 23.