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The magic cat_eye


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The magic cat_eye

  1. 1. You are entering now a magic world......
  2. 2. in one single moment....
  3. 3. … .you will be a witness of something very special!
  4. 4. you are witness of ....
  5. 5. an incredible illusion .
  6. 6. the illusion of my sharp eyes
  7. 7. This is a normal program, but you will see that …
  8. 8. ....I can read your mind through this screen!
  9. 9. Here below you will see 6 different playing cards. Take one card in your mind. Only ONE card. Do not touch the card and DON’T click with your mouse. Now I am able to read the card in your mind.
  10. 10. Take a strong look into my cat eyes and concentrate yourself into the card you have chosen.
  11. 11. I cannot see which card you have chosen, but I do know exactly which card you have in mind!
  12. 12. Watch it! Your card has gone now!!!
  13. 13. Surprised ?
  14. 14. See You !
  15. 15. Send this message to others to surprise them.
  16. 16. With many greetings from me sudheeshplathottam.