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Chris Boyd at Platform Houston


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Chris boyd founded apptitude, a mobile app design and development studio, in 2012. His company helps companies, entrepreneurs and nonprofits launch apps for ios, android, and the web. Chris has been building applications for over ten years for companies such as continental airlines, wordpress, and hearst corporation. His favorite tools are objective-c, ruby on rails, and javascript.

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Chris Boyd at Platform Houston

  1. 1. Who am I? ● Chris Boyd, Founder at Apptitude. ● We make apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Web. ● Started company in 2012, NOLAbound. ● Companies + orgs with large projects that don't want or need full time developers. @chrisboyddotnet @apptitudenola
  2. 2. Houston Zoo’s Mission • Be a zoo for all • Deliver an outstanding guest experience • Promote conservation awareness and action • Inspire broad community support
  3. 3. Houston Zoo Kids! ● 2D seek-and-find game for ages 4-10. ● Cross-country team: Illustrator, designer, developer, QA, stakeholders. ● Required: Desktop support for classrooms. ● 100% HTML5, CSS, JS. ● Several awesome plugins: ○ Stellar.js ○ jPlayer ○
  4. 4. Stellar.js ● Super easy parallaxing. [demo] ● Just separate your layers, give them a background-ratio, and presto! ● This is the JS: $.stellar();
  5. 5. jPlayer ● Probably my favorite jQuery plugin. [demo] ● Makes HTML5 audio programming super fun like jQuery: $(“#player”).jPlayer (“play”); ● Bind to events like start, stop, timestamp. ● Very cross-platform, cross-browser, and codec friendly.
  6. 6. Spritely ● Makes animating sprites dead simple. [demo] ● Cross-browser, mobile-friendly. ● Lightweight, highly customizable. ● $('#snake).sprite({fps: 12, frames: 8});
  7. 7. Thank you!