Youtube Basics


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An overview of the tools available to any YouTube account holder

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Youtube Basics

  1. 1. Jeff McNear @plasterdog 847/849-7060 A basic overview of What you can do with YouTube tools
  2. 2. There are some pretty powerful tools available with a standard YouTube account: • Establish your own channel of uploaded videos • Attach descriptions and controls to each individual video • Allow users to subscribe to your channel • Embed videos directly in a webpage • And more …
  3. 3. When initially uploading a video to your account you are presented with a screen (at the default tab “Info & Settings”) that will allow you to: • Name the video • Attach a description (complete with an outbound link – remember to include the leading http://) • Include meta-tag information • Associate the piece with a YouTube category
  4. 4. Additional parameters can be set, including: • Privacy • Video Thumbnail • License • Comments • Comment Voting
  5. 5. You can also: • Allow ratings • Allow embedding • Allow syndication
  6. 6. The annotations tab allows you to insert 5 different types of annotations into a video: • Speech bubble • Note • Title • Spotlight • Title Any type of text can be inserted, including links to other YouTube hosted videos Only commercial and Not-for-Profit accounts have the ability to insert an external link inside of an annotation
  7. 7. A speech bubble annotation is what you might expect. You can control the position size and content of the text area, and the “tail” can be positioned by dragging the end point to your desired location on the screen.
  8. 8. The starting point and ending point of an annotation is set in the two “timing” fields, and you can control the size & color of the text - as well as the background color of the text field
  9. 9. Titles are fairly similar to notes & speech bubbles, except for the fact that the default font size is larger and that a title cannot have a link in it
  10. 10. A spotlight annotation highlights an area on the screen and will show a message on rollover of the highlighted area. The highlight and text areas have separate controls
  11. 11. A pause is inserted at a specific point in the video, and the length of the pause can be specified
  12. 12. After an annotation has been inserted, it can be edited by selecting it via the “edit existing annotation” drop-down
  13. 13. You find the unique link for the video and the embed code via the “share” icon (located below the actual video display). Unless your privacy settings dis- allow it, anyone who found your video would be able to access this sharing information
  14. 14. You can customize the embed code to control the default size of the video display. Other code can be appended to the end of the video URL to fine tune the display: • To hide search on hover: &showsearch=0 • To start video 30 seconds from the beginning: #t=30s • To hide related videos: &rel=0
  15. 15. YouTube also has some resident video editing tools available via the “edit video” link
  16. 16. On the default tab you can trim the video’s length, rotate the video itself, and adjust the fill, contrast, saturation and temperature of the picture. The image adjustments are universal across the entire video
  17. 17. The same applies to the image controls found on the effects tab
  18. 18. If desired, you can replace the audio track of the video with an alternative file via the audio tab
  19. 19. A valid subscription link for any YouTube user would be:”username”/video.rss However Google has developed a widget to embed a subscription display in a website here: open& %2Fig%2Fmodules%2Fyoutube.xml&lang=en This widget will show a revolving display of a channel’s videos, and allows for size control, border color control, and the widget “name”
  20. 20. Additional links of note: • Technically the embed code from YouTube isn’t valid XHTML, go here to get valid embed coding: • While you cannot include an external link in an annotation for a video being played directly playing via YouTube, this site will insert links that will work on embedded videos: • If you don’t want to trim your video, but would only like to embed part of that video on a site follow this link: • YouTube animation tools: • More editing tools: • Downloading YouTube videos (append video identifier to either of the following): • To download only the audio portion of a video (MP3 format):