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Standard wordpress gallery

using the core gallery feature of wordpress -- no plugins required, just a fully featured custom theme!

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Standard wordpress gallery

  1. 1. Plasterdog ProductionsJeff McNearjeff@plasterdog.com847/849-7060WordPress Gallery Management
  2. 2. While there are many available plugins for gallery management in WordPressThe core code itself offers a very dynamic system for building a thumbnail to fullsized picture array.• Images can be displayed in a specified sequence• The number of columns presented can be set• Clicking on the thumbnail will connect to a unique page containing a full sized image• This page can contain a caption & image description informationAll of these functions can be built into the governing theme of the website viaauthoring and inserting a “image.php” file into that theme
  3. 3. Once the theming work has been done, gallery management is pretty straightforward.First, create a page or post and click on the image insert icon. This will give youthe following view
  4. 4. Select multiple (pre-prepared & optimized) images
  5. 5. Once the images are uploaded, you then can set the parameters of the gallery
  6. 6. The options available are:1) ALWAYS SET THE RADIO BUTTON TO ATTACHMENT PAGE!2) Images can be ordered by: menu order title date/time random3) This order can be either Ascending or Descending4) The number of columns of thumbnails is set
  7. 7. While you can insert the caption & description information as you build the gallery, it isoften more desirable to do this after the fact. To do this, first select the appropriate gallerypage or post:
  8. 8. When viewing the page or post via the visual editor, you will see the gallery iconbelow – click on the smaller icon in the upper left corner (avoid the delete icon!)
  9. 9. Then for each individual image click on the “show” link
  10. 10. You will then be presented with a form where you can populate the caption,description, and alternate text information!