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Make an impact with your voice


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1 in 4 contact centre agents suffer from vocal health issues, find out how the Plantronics portfolio of products and services can help you minimise the risk in this area.

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Make an impact with your voice

  1. 1. Make an impact with yourvoiceRichard KennyE&A Marketing Manager, Plantronics Simply Smarter Communications™
  2. 2. Vocal Health• 1 in 4 agents in contact centres reported vocal health issues*• Wide range of symptoms – difficulty talking against background noise – coughing or clearing the throat – the voice sounding creaky and dry – failure to be heard when talking on the telephone – finding it an effort or tiring to speak on the telephone• Potential to be mis-diagnosed• Do you have an acoustic intelligence strategy in place?* IOSH: Working voices: an epidemiological study of occupational voice demands and their impact on the callcentre industry, 2012, Hazlett, Moorhead & Duffy Make An Impact With Your Voice
  4. 4. What’s wrong here? Make An Impact With Your Voice
  5. 5. Everything in its right place• Simple tips – Get your microphone in the right place – Corner of mouth, approx 2 fingers width away – Audit your contact centre regularly – Make sure voice tube is present – Replace these regularly Make An Impact With Your Voice
  6. 6. Speech Intelligibility • The sounds that make speech ‘intelligible’ are consonants • Consonants generally quieter than vowels in natural speech • Speech systems need to emphasise 2000 – 4000Hz to ensure maximum intelligibility 6 Make An Impact With Your Voice
  7. 7. Noise Cancelling• Microphone based technology designed to reduce unwanted noise that a caller hears• Simple, robust technology built into the headset microphone• Enables agent to talk more naturally when noise levels are higher Make An Impact With Your Voice
  8. 8. Stand up for your rights• Sitting is very inefficient for your voice• Compresses lungs, restricts vocal cords• Standing up helps you deliver more power, more authority – “opening up the airways”• Wireless headset gives you more freedom to stand up and talk Make An Impact With Your Voice
  9. 9. Background Noise Make An Impact With Your Voice
  10. 10. (Don’t) Bring the noise• Simple Tips – Don’t hold team meetings in the contact centre – Don’t use sound effects (bells, klaxons, whistles etc.) to signify large orders – White noise generators? – Furniture & carpets make a difference Make An Impact With Your Voice
  11. 11. Overall Conclusions• Real cost to the business of taking voice for granted – Overused voices can’t tell customers how good your service is• Train, train & train again• Simple solutions – Hydrate well – Make agents voices heard by setting up headsets correctly – Quieten the background noise – Walk & talk Make An Impact With Your Voice
  12. 12. Simply Smarter Communications™