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Natural Remedies for Weight Loss


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Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

  1. 1. Get Your Own Holistic Health Coach Here Natural Remedies for Weight LossWhen looking for remedies for weight loss, you should be looking for natural remedies, not themagic pills or potions you see on TV that continue to promote bad eating habits.Weight gain is the by-product of unhealthy eating; your body will find and maintain its properweight with healthy eating habits. Weight lose should not be your primary goal, being a sickskinny person, is not much better than being a sick heavy person.Weight gain is a symptom of an underlying problem and your body is trying to tell you it eitherlacks something or has something in excess. This is not as much about will power or theamount of foods you eat as it is about learning to listen to your body and find out what it isactually telling you it needs.Cravings that lead to over eating are an example of not understanding what your body is tryingto tell you.Your Body is Designed for Self-HealingMany of your ills are caused by what you eat or fail to eat, and your exercise. For example,America spends more money on treating heart disease than any other illness, even though casestudies show that people who address the underlying cause of heart disease can successfullyconquer it, or at least contain it without drugs, even if you’re born with “bad” genes. That’sbecause your body was designed for self-healing. The trick to conquering illness is to listen to,feed, nurture and maintain your body as nature intended. And the secret is, even if you’re out ofshape and feeling very unwell right now, it’s not too late to start, no matter how old you are. Dr.MercolaAs Dr. Mercola says, your body is self-healing and that is with weight loss too. Your body is in aconstant state of trying to find balance and moving towards optimum health. Optimum healthincludes optimum weight, which is something your body is trying to achieve in the healingprocess.So the question is how do we allow our bodies to self-heal? 1/3
  2. 2. Natural Strategies to Help You Get and Stay WellI’m a huge proponent of natural remedies, and of natural, healthy ways of living and eating. Ihave several guidelines I like to live by. It isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it is a good start:Limit or eliminate sugars and grains from your diet. Replace them with fresh organic vegetablesand healthy saturated fats. Also make sure you get plenty of animal-based omega-3 fatsExercise regularly and correctlyAvoid chemicals, toxins and pollutants – including pharmaceutical drugs, artificial sweeteners,and genetically modified foodsLearn how to effectively manage stressMake simple lifestyle changes, such as simply watching less TV, or not at allSince food is your body’s fuel, it’s important to not only learn which foods can do the most foryou, but also to know how to prepare them correctly – such as not using a microwave – so youcan optimize their good-health features. I can’t emphasize enough the value of juicing and rawfoods – including raw dairy products, especially if they are fermented – all of which can help youstay on the program to good health.It’s also OK to experiment with your foods – some of the most nutritious – and cancer-fighting –foods come in a cornucopia of fun colors and varying tastes. From purple to green to yellow toorange and more, challenge yourself to eat a variety of colors every day – and the nutrition willautomatically be there. If you’re squeamish about juicing, start with products you already likeand work up to the more “challenging” flavors. If you do, you’ll be surprised: these foods arenot only good for you this way, but some of them can have exotic tastes and flavors.The bonus is that juicing also curbs hunger and cravings, while it helps you lose weight.And finally, if you haven’t been following a good nutrition or exercise plan already, I want to 2/3
  3. 3. encourage you to not attempt a whole life change like this all at once. Choose one or two things you want to focus on first, such as giving up diet drinks and adding just five or 10 minutes a day of vigorous exercise to your health strategies. Then add a change or two at a time, until you have a routine that your body knows and wants to follow. Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Natural Remedies for Weight Loss 3/3Powered by TCPDF (