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Good Ways to Lose Weight


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Good Ways to Lose Weight

  1. 1. Get Your Own Holistic Health Coach Here http://gethealthyusa.infoWhen looking for a list of good ways to lose weight, none of them should include words likeWeight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser, Nutrisystem or the Slim-Fast Diet. The facts arethe list should not include any commercial diet, because they fail for a majority of the peoplethat try them.If these commercial diet plans were a kid in school and their success rate was their grades, theywould all flunk out. I don’t care what that washed up celebrity in a bikini or that old footballplayer looking for another day in the spotlight says about the diet plan their getting paid to pimp,these plans don’t work for the majority of Americans.When you’re looking for good ways to lose weight, I take it you also want these ways to behealthy correct? There are not many commercial diet plans that are actually healthy, and any ofthe ones that sell pre-packaged meals or snacks are actually hazardous to your long termhealth. Think about it, how can you have a package that includes meat sitting on your selves,waiting to be nuked and eaten? The only way is that its full of preservatives, which inthemselves are a major cause of health issues in the U.S. today.These cookie cutter one fits all diet plans cannot possibly work, because they lack the ability tobe tailored to your needs, and end up allowing you to eat foods that your body cannot tolerateand they therefore feed your chronic illness.See what Dr. Mark Hyman has to say about a good way to lose weight.How to Heal from Chronic Illness and Lose WeightWe now know that the ONLY way to truly address and heal weight problems and disease is toget to the ROOT of the problem. You need to find the cause and then get rid of it and help the 1/3
  2. 2. body heal.In previous blogs, I told you about two major root causes of illness — toxicity and inflammation.But can you address these root causes in just 7 days?You bet!The secret is to very quickly stop consuming the things that make you toxic and inflamed — likesugar, caffeine, alcohol, junk food, and processed foods. Then you want to do things that helpyou detoxify and cool off inflammation — like eating whole, real foods, eliminating all potentialfood allergens, cleaning out your bowels, and relaxing deeply. That’s when miracles can occur.The scientific research supporting the role of inflammation and toxins in illness is overwhelming,but most doctors don’t know how to help their patients deal with it. I used to be one of thosedoctors.I was trained in conventional medicine, practiced it for 10 years, and helped many people usingthe tools I was trained to use — namely, medications and surgery. While I worked in theemergency room, those tools worked amazingly well, bringing people back from the brink ofdeath and relieving suffering.But then I realized that I wasn’t helping the some 125 million Americans who suffer from sometype of chronic illness, or the millions more who just don’t feel well.In fact, I now believe that most people walk around just accepting feeling mediocre — withsymptoms like fatigue, aches, brain fog, memory problems, depression, headaches, congestion,allergies, digestive problems, joint pains, PMS, and skin problems. These people may not havean actual disease, but they certainly have problems that rob them from feeling great.How many people do you know who can say that they feel fully alive, full of energy, and able togreet the day with joy and enthusiasm? By Dr. Mark HymanThe Only Good Ways to Lose WeightDr. Hyman is right, but the problem is finding out what foods are toxic for you… one food couldbe fine for you, but a poison to my body and without a process to find out which foods your bodycannot tolerate, and just as important, which foods your body needs more of you are justguessing.One thing that is not a guess, none the major commercial diet plans have a way to address thisissue. While many people will lose weight short term with these plans because of the portioncontrol aspect of the plan, these commercial plans will fail for the majority because they do notaddress these issues.If you want a solution to this problem and really find a good way to lose weight that is long term 2/3
  3. 3. healthy then take a look at this video we did for you. Get Your Own Holistic Health Coach Here Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Good Ways to Lose Weight 3/3Powered by TCPDF (