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Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight


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Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight

  1. 1. Get Your Own Holistic Health Coach Here http://gethealthyusa.infoWhen looking for diet plans for women to lose weight, you going to find many options includingthe top commercial diet plans like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser andNutrisystem. All these plans have a program tailored towards women based on the calorieintake differences between a man and a woman. A fairly active woman who weighs 120 poundsneeds about 2,000 calories per day. A man in the same age group and similar activity level whoweighs 170 pounds will need closer to 2,800 calories each day.Some of these plans address the different nutritional needs of a woman from a man, but eventhis is not enough. You should not be looking for diet plans for women to lose weight; youshould be looking for a get healthy plan that also helps you lose weight.Diets need to be tailored for you personally; it is not enough to have a diet plan for womanbecause every woman’s body has different needs and no one fits all commercial diet plan hasthe ability to address your specific.Read what By William Wolcott Founder of The Health excel System of Metabolic Typing andauthor of The Metabolic Typing Diet has to say. 1/3
  2. 2. First and foremost, there is no one diet that is right for everyone, i.e., there never has been andthere never will be a universally healthy diet.Second, the only healthy diet is the one that meets one’s genetically-based requirements — notwhat some book or diet expert says is right. Eat a diet that is right for your metabolic type andnot only can you stay healthy but you can reverse degenerative conditions as well.Third, there are no good foods and there are no bad foods, except in terms of foods that areright or wrong for your genetic makeup. Think meat is bad for you? Then how do you explainthe Inuit (Eskimo) who eats up to 10 pounds of meat a day, yet there isn’t even a word in theirlanguage for cancer or heart disease. Think a high carb diet is bad for you? Then how do youexplain the Quetchus of South America or the East Indians who have lived for countlessgenerations on a near vegetarian diet? Think dairy is bad for you? Then how do you explain theSwiss whose ancestral diet was largely based on dairy and rye?Your body is designed to be healthy. Good health is your birthright. The ability to experienceradiant health is part of the genetic code built into every cell in your body. What you need to doin order to reclaim your birthright is to understand what your body needs as opposed tosomeone else’s, in order to function the way it was intended it to. In short, you need to eat rightfor your metabolic type.In a previous era, before the age of modern transportation, cultures were isolated and peoples’metabolic makeup and corresponding dietary needs were very clear. But in today’s day andage, due to extensive intermingling of cultures, we’ve become a true “genetic melting pot.” Inthe U.S. in particular, most of us have many different ethnic and hereditary influences. As aresult, few of us have a distinct ancestral heritage or readily identifiable dietary needs.http://mercola.comWhen looking for diet plans for women to lose weight, you going to need more than acommercial diet plan!I would not go as far as to say there are no bad foods, because in today’s modern food chainthere are many added ingredients that should be avoided. The more processed the food themore preservatives and dyes will be found in the foods that are linked to many health issue fromCancer, Alzheimer’s, Children’s learning disabilities and type 2 diabetes just to name a few.The point he was trying to make, is these commercial diet plans that restrict carbs or are highprotein diets will not work for everyone, they will only work if that is what your body needs.There is no possible way you are going to find that out at a Weight Watchers meeting, becausethey are not trained or equipped to deal with your bodies’ individuality. They are focused onpoints, which is basically portion control. Yes their new Point Plus programs tries to direct youtowards the healthier whole foods, it still has no answer to the fact that your body might not dowell on the zero point fruits and veggies because that is not your nutritional type and these zeropoint foods could well be the complete opposite of you your body needs.Counting points, calories or fats is not the answer when looking for diet plans for women to lose 2/3
  3. 3. weight, the only answer is to find out what your body really needs to get and stay healthy, which in return will include weight loss. You will not find this out, by reading blogs, books or articles like this… Take a look at our home page to find out how you can get on the right track towards total health. Get Your Own Holistic Health Coach Here Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight 3/3Powered by TCPDF (