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Media Pack May 2011


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media pack

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Media Pack May 2011

  1. 1. Advertising Media Pack delivering fast and clear construction services to your desktop
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction• Advertising Options• Rates• Reporting• Contact Us
  3. 3. IntroductionThe Plant Hire Directory has been developed to allow the construction industry aportal to assist them to locate relevant services and hire of equipment throughoutthe U.K.This Media Pack allows you to look at opportunities for your organisation whereyou will be able to advertise at a low, monthly cost and generate openings forsales revenues.The website has also been developed to allow “trades people” the opportunity toplace advertisements for their individual services. Be these plumbers, builders orplasterers. These types of businesses tend to get lost inside other similarportals such as Yell, as larger budgets negate their ability to compete with largerindustry leaders.A range of packages are available and we can now explore these further on thefollowing pages.
  4. 4. Advertising OptionsThrough strong brand developmentwe have a foothold in the “onlinesearch” sector that delivers greattraffic for our “directory”subscribers. Directory Listings arean exceptionally cost effective way ofgenerating a profile for your businessand we will explore this option a littlelater in this pack.In addition you may wish to advertiseyour business in more prominentlocation.As a result we have developedvarious options for your organisation.Please read on for more information.
  5. 5. Advertising - DirectoryStandard Listing Ultimate Listing• All contact details listed • All contact details listed• Location plotted on the map • Location plotted on the map view view• Management area for your • Management area for your listing listingAdvanced Listing • Link to your own website• All contact details listed • Ability to upload your own• Location plotted on the map company logo for display on view your listing• Management area for your PLUS !! listing • Top of the list in searchPLUS !! results• Link to your own website • Highlighted listing to draw• Ability to upload your own more attention company logo for display on your listing
  6. 6. Advertising Options - SizesThe size of your advertisementis related to the monthly cost.The larger the size the greaterthe cost. This follows a similarmethod of advertising that youmight have been used to withorganisations such as theYellow Pages.However, we are able to offeryou good locations, with goodsized advertisements atrelatively low cost with willprovide you with a greaterreturn on your investment.
  7. 7. Advertising Options - SizesBanner: 468 x 80 pixelsPremium Box: 300 x 450 pixelsStandard Box: 220 x 335 pixelsLozenge Box: 130 x 200 pixels
  8. 8. Advertising Options – Solus OptionsSolus advertising is where youradvert will be the only one thatappears on the page. Due to thenature of our website, we canallow a single advertisement toappear on each category.Therefore if you are a justlooking at targeting “whackerhire” we can provide youradvertisement in that location andstop anyone else advertising inthat position.The cost vs. benefits are clear –block your competition beforethey do!* The red box highlights “Solus” advertisinglocation.
  9. 9. Advertising Options – Shared SlotsIf you are happy to advertisewith other suppliers we canplace your business on a pagewith other similar businesses.However we only allow 4organisations to appear on anyone page at a time. Thisensures that your advertisementreceives great visibility andimpressions.
  10. 10. Advertising Options - FormatsWe allow three types of advertisement formats on the website. Theseare:• JPEG• GIF (or animated GIF)• FlashThere are physical size and pixel limitations we ask you to adhere to.All advertisement slots will be allocated a pixel size and we will onlyallow a maximum of 100kb per advertisement.If you are unsure as to what this means please for details.
  11. 11. Advertising RatesAll of our advertising rates are based upon a monthly fee. This allows you tomanage your cash flow more effectively and get the most out of your advertisingbudget. Our current rates* are as follows:Directory Listing• Standard Directory Listing: £9.99 per month• Advanced Directory Listing: £14.99 per month• Ultimate Directory Listing: £39.99 per monthAdvertising Options• Banner Advert: £175 per month• Premium Advert: £200 per month• Standard Advert: £75 per month• Lozenge Advert: £50 per monthTo speak to one of our advertising team, or call 07837 924404.* Rates as of May 2011, subject to change. Please contact us for our latest rates. All rates are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.
  12. 12. Reporting OptionsWe believe that it is very important for you to view the success ofadvertising on the Plant Hire Directory. Therefore we have thefollowing available to our advertisers:• Monthly traffic statistics emailed to you every month• Administration application to allow you to manage your directory listing• Invoices available online and via email
  13. 13. Contact UsIf you are interested in learning more about our advertising opportunitiesplease feel free to contact us by any of the following