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Fastpitch on Dec 4th


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Plankick is presenting @CoworkJax #Fastpitch on Dec 4th. Come check us out and 4 other startups pitching their ideas.

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Fastpitch on Dec 4th

  1. 1. plankick Create, share& discover events! @plankick!
  2. 2. Post  Event/   Concepon   Validaon  Organizaon   Event  Lifecycle   Creaon   Discovery/   Sale   Promoon  
  3. 3. We  learnt  from  jax365  –  1.  Dumb  down  things,  make  it  simple  for  simple   events,  powerful  for  the  PROs   •  Powerful  ckeng  plaNorm   •  Custom  quesonnaires   •  Promoon  codes  2.  Social  discovery  maQers   •  Who  is  going   •  Which  friends  are  going   •  Tapping  into  social  channels   •  1  click  publish  to  FB  –  invite  all  FB  friends  is   a  click  away  
  4. 4. 3.  PROs  want  to  make  money,  we  help  you  do   that   •  Event  Store,  sell  your  swag     •  Promoon  tools,  QR  codes  etc.  4.  Branding  MaQers   •  Themes  let  you  brand  the  event  page     •  Custom  Widget  to  sell  ckets  directly  from   your  website/  blog  
  5. 5. 5.  Event  Stream   •  Instagram,  twiQer,  Y  interacon  in  real   me   •  Post  event  validaon,  ROI  validaon   AND   Event  Discovery   There  is  no  soluon  that  provides  event  creaon,   discovery  and  promoon  in  the  same  plaNorm    
  6. 6. TEAM  Founders  have  sold  startups  for  over   60MM    
  7. 7. GROWTH  •  2nd  NE  Florida’s  top  startup  •  40K  in  Revenue  w/  30  days   of  launch    
  8. 8. Next  Steps     Raising  Capital   Looking  for  Interns  –  markeng,  biz  dev,  social  media,  design,  engineering