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30 Days of Betsy Plank


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It’s no secret that the late Betsy Plank was, and is, a public relations legend. As a longtime professional and advocate for PR education, her impact on the industry still resonates today. At The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, we continue to channel Betsy’s spirit and passion as we develop and recognize current and future leaders, mentors and role models in the public relations industry.

As an added bonus to the Center's annual Betsy Plank Day, which occurs the first Thursday of April, we presented the first‐ever installment of the 30 Days of Betsy in 2016 to continue celebrating Betsy’s life and legacy throughout the entire month of April.

Thirty Days of Betsy Plank provided daily doses of advice, insight and inspiration from the First Lady of Public Relations herself by pairing fun facts about Betsy’s life and career with some of her most famous quotes and pieces of advice.

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30 Days of Betsy Plank

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