Langlois Christmas 2009


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Langlois Christmas 2009

  1. 1. Merry Christmas
  2. 2. CHRISTMAS 2009 During this blessed season, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Paul, Meggie and the kids!
  3. 3. CHRISTMAS 2009 Paul and Meggie Samuel John-Paul Marissa Maxwell Joseph The Langlois Family 2009 We’ve been busy this year! If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to, click on any of us to find out
  4. 4. Joseph turned 3 this year. He started pre-school in the fall and loves playing and learning with his new friends, including Anna! Click here to see more:
  5. 5. Samuel is still our fun-loving, energetic and non-stop dynamo 6-year old kid. He started baseball this year and loves playing catch with Max, John-Paul and Dad. He is in First Grade now and is enjoying school, even the homework! Click here to see more:
  6. 6. Max is pictured here at his First Communion, where he did very well and was relieved when it was over. Max is turning into a great young gentleman. He loves doing math problems and playing football. Click here to see more:
  7. 7. John-Paul is now 14 and is a funny and good-natured young man. He is still at Nova Classical Academy, in the first class ever at their School of Rhetoric, otherwise known as High School. He enjoys trampoline and is a master at Guitar Hero! Click here to see more:
  8. 8. Marissa is 15 and yes, she now has her driving permit. She’s looking forward to getting her drivers license next March and is practicing often. She is doing very well at St Agnes and is on the Cheerleading Squad. She is starting to think about college, which has Mom and Dad thinking too… Click here to see more:
  9. 9. Paul and Meggie have had an adventurous year. After leaving Best Buy, Paul worked for 9 months at Express Scripts. It was a great job and company, but Here we are at the top of the there was too much travel, Empire State Building – our so Paul just took a new role trip to NYC was awesome! at Ecolab. Meggie has been along for the ride but is very excited to have Paul back at home more often. Click here to see more: