Search engine-optimization-(seo)-and-the-hcg-diet


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Search engine-optimization-(seo)-and-the-hcg-diet

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the HCG DietWhat does The HCG Diet have to do with SEO?I could have used any diet program as a reference point whether it be…Jenny CraigWeight WatchersNutrisystem….I chose the HCG because of it’s vast popularity lately.There is a lot of debate about how healthy the HCG Diet is. As a Holistic Health Coach, I’m concernedabout putting anything foreign into our bodies.While on the HCG Diet, there are phases when the weight loss calories are restricted to 500. This concernsme as well.One thing I am impressed with, the HCG Diet does an excellent job educating people on eating healthy,pure foods. There is an emphasis on food quality, which is very important to learn whether you’re trying tolose weight or not. In this sense, the HCG Diet compares to the Paleo Diet.Basically, try to choose foods that you could pick off a tree, pull out of the ground swims in the sea orroams the earth.The Paleo Diet is also known as the Caveman Diet……if it wasn’t available in the caveman era….…you probably want to make a different choice.That was a complete tangent and a subject for another blog postI’ve been in the weight loss field since 1994One of the biggest pitfalls I’ve seen through the years is when a client’s only measure of success is the #on the scale.Losing weight requires more than a “temporary diet”, it requires a complete lifestyle change or all the “hardwork” put into the weight loss process is defeated, the weight is re-gained.But losing weight doesn’t NEED to be “hard work”!The biggest factor in the weight loss process is the mind set. You need to set yourself up mentally and useall the tools available to you to help you succeed.One of the most powerful tools you have is self-monitoring. This is usually the one met with the mostresistance and the first to fall by the wayside as clients become comfortable in their weight loss routine.
  2. 2. Why is self-monitoring so important and so powerful?It draws on the power of your sub-conscious mind. As a Hypnotherapist, I understand the process well. Weare creatures of habit and most of us have set daily routines we follow.I CANNOT OVEREMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH!When you’re trying to change a habit it’s CRITICAL to find something that BREAKS the routine.Most of us go through our day on auto pilot.LEARN SOMETHING NEW AN APPLY IT!Get OUT of your DAILY ROUTINE!At the top of the page I included a video by Dr. Joe Dispenza that explains this in depth. If you want tomake a change, you need to watch the video and start understanding how the mind works. Learn to use itto help you vs. hinder you – I PROMISE YOU, this works.The most common objection I hear is “logging things takes too long”.My response – how important is losing weight to you on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most important.Ninety nine percent of the time, it’s a 5 or they wouldn’t be seeking my services.We can’t put a “1′s” worth of effort into something that is a “5″ in our life – PERIODIf you’re not willing to do this one step, I am not willing to work with you – PERIODSelf Monitoring takes LITERALLY less than 10 minutes a day and it’s spread throughout the day.Each time we STOP and WRITE, we’re getting our mind out of it’s normal routine and reminding oursubconscious how important this goal is.Enlist the aide of your subconscious mind, it’s the most powerful tool you have for creating new habits.So What Do the HCG Diet and SEO Have in Common?This analogy came to me this morning.A lot of people measure their success only by the number on the scale vs. taking credit for all the greatNEW habits they’ve implemented – such as self monitoring. TAKE CREDIT, pat yourself on the back! Giveyourselves KUDOS! If you’re taking the right actions, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to fail – but negative self talk orgauging the wrong thing is a recipe for disaster!When people want to learn to market online, most of them measure their success by the number of newvisitors to their site, or the number of leads they get. This is as fatal to our success as a dieter only focusingon the # on the scale.
  3. 3. If we take action towards our goals vs. focusing on what we can’t see yet (WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE),we will succeed.When we’re focusing on the NOW and we’re perceiving it as negative – we are still harnessing the power ofour sub-conscious mind – but you won’t be getting the results you’re looking for.This analogy came to me in such a big way this morning. I was listening to The Inner Circle, an audiotraining put out by the Empower Network (the site you’re on).Each day I try to listen to something uplifting, inspirational - it’s soooooo important to learn something newevery day if we want a different tomorrow than we have today (you’ll understand this if you watched thevideo above).In order to grow my business, I had to learn to market online. This can be a tough, lonely journey. I’mgrateful for the day I found a link to this site on YouTube.If you need daily inspiration and/or you want to learn more about online marketing, let’s lock arms anddo it togetherJoin Movement, let’s make a change…-PamEducation, not DeprivationContact MeThis blog post is available here